Codester Review: A WordPress Marketplace

Codester: A WordPress Marketplace For Themes And Plugins

Over the last few years, WordPress has been enlarging its arm to support both the users and the core developers. Again it’s predicted that WordPress is empowering almost 35% of the web. This is why the number of WordPress users is increasing rapidly, with thousands of plugins, themes, and WordPress websites being launched on a daily basis! 

Most beginners feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a theme or a plugin for their WordPress site. There are thousands of free and paid options, each looking better than the other. 

Codester HomePage

You look for an option that goes in line with your expectation, fits your purpose and ensures a better users’ experience. And, how much time you can spend on your search also matters a lot. Many times you want to combine a theme with a number of addons for better functionality and a stunning outcome. Codester is a platform where developers and designers can buy and sell various ready-to-use web development assets   

We will review Codester here and look into its features and advantages in detail. By the end of this review, you will get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform. You will also get a clear idea about how it can be used to get the maximum benefit.      

What is Codester? 

Codester is a unique platform where you can find the best WordPress themes, plugins, mobile app templates, and buy scripts under a single umbrella. Developers & designers can find ready-to-use components for their projects at an affordable price at this theme market which drastically reduces their production cost and time. On the other hand, They can also market the WordPress theme to generate passive income. It is one of the best online marketplaces to buy themes and plugins. 

What does Codester have to offer?

Codester is one of its kind marketplace. There is no other place where you can find so many examples of themes or plugins displayed on a single page.  

Here is a list of all the products that you can find in Codester – 

Scripts and codes 

Scripts & Codes

Codester offers you a large variety of nicely coded scripts for different purposes. WebsiteScripts are available for many different languages like CSS, C#, C++, PHP scripts, Java Script, Python, Ruby, and many more. There is a vast diversity if you dwell deep into scopes and functionality of the scripts and codes. 

App templates 

App Templates

There is a wide array of more than 600 mobile app templates available in Codester for different developmental functions. All the templates are sub categorized  on the basis of platforms or purpose like Android, iOS, Ionic, Corona, Builbox, Titanium etc. each template comes with complete source code. 


Codester Themes

The marketplace contains a wide range of themes made for different CMS platforms. The most common platforms include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and many more. Here, you get niche specific themes designed for various purposes.      


Codester Plugins

Codester gives you access to a large number of plugins. If you are planning to increase the functionality of your website, just visit the marketplace, you will get hundreds of addons. However most of the plugins are for WordPress and Magento. But you will get a few options for Joomla and Drupal as well.   


Codester Graphics

Codester has more than 400+ premade Graphics packs for designers and developers. These packs range from logos, icons, 2D game designs, product markups, UI and many more. 

What are the advantages of Codester?

Here are some key advantages of Codester – 

Good selection of items 

Coderster features the items on display as per the preferences of the users. You get exactly what you look for within minutes. It is quite obvious to find at least one product as per your choice in the featured section. Because these items are showcased keeping the demand of the time in mind. If you don’t, you can always navigate to the other sections. Seldom does Codester disappoint any buyer.     

Rich description and display 

Everyone wants to know about the features of a product before making the final purchasing decision. A product description is the only way to satisfy this need of the customers. Codester knows this well. You find sufficient information about the products that are on display on the site. Apart from that, the images are so appealing and illustrative that they communicate a lot about the products. 

Flash Sale 

If you want a quick search, the Flash Sale option is for you. Under this category, you find the products that are on a deal for a short period of time. Within a few seconds, you find your best product at a reasonable price in this section. All the products carry around a 50% discount for a short period. Products from all categories are displayed with effective pictures and necessary details like the price and reviews.      

Affiliate programme 

If you don’t want to take part in direct selling, Codester has something different for you. It is their affiliate programme. If you are a blogger or product reviewer, you may go for this option. Join their affiliate programme, mention their products in your blogs, put an affiliate link and get a flat 10% share on every referred sale. There are social sharing buttons on every page. Your affiliate link automatically gets shared when you log in. You just need to click the  “Share” button to earn your commission. They also send you zips of their readymade banners and logo. You can use them on your content if you wish to. No additional fee is charged for this.       

Healthy community 

There is a community forum that allows all the members to interact with each other and voice their views publicly. It develops a healthy community. If all the team members stay in contact, every member gets to know a lot of things by just visiting the forum page and interacting with others. Sellers also get an idea about the performance of their products by listening carefully to what the other members say about it. 

Well defined membership terms and conditions 

One of the best features of Codester is its transparency and user-friendliness. All the membership terms and conditions are well defined and rules are clearly explained. After reading the terms and condition page, you get a clear idea about everything. There is no scope for any confusion or ambiguity. 

Active support team 

How many times have you seen customer support “tips” that are vague and totally useless for your business? Codester offers real, actionable solutions instead of ambiguous catchphrase

One of the most sought after features of Codester is its support team. Any moment you get stuck, contact them and within a short span of time, the issue gets resolved. No matter whether you are a buyer or seller or a member of the affiliate programme, Codester treats everyone equally. 

What are the disadvantages of Codester ?  

In Codester, you can get app templates and programmes scripts in abundance but the themes are somehow limited in variety. On the other hand, If the users wish to know more, they are left with only one option, to contact the support team or the developer. Or else they need to go for an online search.Codester emphasizes code and scripts over themes, so it could be an idle website to only list your WordPress plugins. 

Who can sell on Codester? 

Codester- Become a Seller

Codester is for everyone. Anybody interested in selling their  WordPress products may use the platform to reach his target group easily. The only condition is you need to take membership by creating an account and accepting terms and conditions. 

The greatest advantage of selling at Codester is it does not demand any exclusivity. You can keep selling your products on your website simultaneously. The other major benefits are – you get a flat 70% share on any sale and no minimum number of sales required to continue the membership.  

Final Thoughts…

Nowadays, there is a neck to neck competition among the online marketplaces. There are thousands of eCommerce sites to offer you tons of themes or plugins in case you wish to buy one.

But, if you wish to find the right product in a short time, Codester is your ultimate destination. Here, you get everything under a single roof and the items are categorized as per your convenience. On the other hand, if you are a developer, no need to go anywhere else to get a suitable component. Here you get a wide range of items at an affordable price.

So, if you are in an urgent need of a theme, plugin, or component, there is hardly any better option for you.   


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    A very nice blog. Codester is probably a great alternative to Themeforest


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    I got a lot of help in my freelancing life through this blog I am very grateful to the blog and thank you for writing such a beautiful blog I will be grateful to you for helping me



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