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Extended Gallery Effects

Extended Gallery Effects Plugin

Add pleasant hover effects to your WordPress galleries. Expand the native galleries without using annoying shortcodes. Add icons, effects, animations, and custom fonts.


Hover effects

The native galleries of WordPress are good but they can be better! Extended Gallery Effects will let you make cool hover effects without using shortcodes or custom blocks.

Square images

Make your WordPress galleries like Instagram. With this plugin, you can simply choose whether to use the default layout or force the images to be all square.

Caption alignment

Choose the alignment of the captions both vertically and horizontally.

Caption behavior

Choose whether your captions should be always visible, hidden, or maybe visible only at mouse hover.


Make your own library of effects or use the ones included with the plugin.


With Extended Gallery Effects you can now add icons to your captions and improve the effectiveness of your call-to-action.

670 Fonts

Make your captions look better at choosing the perfect font. The plugin will let you choose all Google Web Fonts.

No shortcodes

You don’t need to pollute your website with shortcodes or custom blocks. Extended Gallery Effects just add new features to the native galleries keeping your contents clean and usable even if you uninstall the plugin.


A valid license will entitle you to our premium support. Lifetime licenses will grant support forever!

GreenTreeLabs is developing high-quality plugins for WordPress since 2013 and its plugins power 100,000 websites!


Annual Pricing

1 site3 site20 site
29$/year 69$/year299$/year

Lifetime Licenses

1 site3 site20 site


Extended Gallery effects can be purchased from here.
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