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GDPR Cookie Consent WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, GDPR Cookie Consent is a WordPress Plugin that helps you get consent for tracking website visitors using cookies. This is necessary to comply with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws.


This GDPR Cookie Consent plugin makes it really simple to get cookie consent from website visitors. It comes with the following features:

Auto-scanner for Website cookies

You can manually add/edit cookie information in both free and pro versions of this plugin. But the pro version comes with an additional handy feature. With a click of a button, it scans your WordPress website for cookies, classifies them and shows them to your website’s visitors.

3 ways to present cookie notice

With the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin you can show the cookie consent notice in 3 ways:

  • Notice bar (either top or bottom of the screen)
  • Lightbox modal popup
  • Floating widget

Fully customizable cookie notice

You can customize all aspects of the cookie notice including buttons, colors and text content to match your website’s design.

GDPR Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent Log

The plugin also saves a log of the consent given by website visitors. This log is presented like WordPress posts or pages. And comes with sorting and search features.

Check out this Udemy course and learn how to build EU GDPR data protection compliance from scratch!

Script blocking

Depending on the user’s consent, you can block common third-party scripts such as Google Analytics, etc.

Third-party cookie audit table

The GDPR Cookie Consent plugin can also generate an audit table of third-party cookies on your website. For example, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. This table can then be displayed on any page of your website using a shortcode.


You can also choose to show the cookie consent notice only to a specific geo-targeted audience.


The WordPress Privacy Policy plugin is available in both free and premium versions. The free version of the plugin is available in the official WordPress plugin directory. The pro version can be purchased from WPeka WordPress Plugins Club.

Pro Pricing Options

1 Site3 Sites10 Sites
$17 / year$37 / year$67 / year

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