How Do I Find Search Terms In Google Analytics?

Is your Google Analytics not showing search terms or search queries?

Do you want to know how to find search terms in Google Analytics?

One of the biggest annoyances for webmasters was when Google Analytics stopped showing search terms, instead showing a “Not Provided” message to webmasters who wanted to check where their search traffic was coming from and for which keywords they were getting ranked in Google.

Many of them started asking, “How do I find search terms in Google Analytics?”

This is probably the screen you saw when you tried to see search terms in Google Analytics.

Google Webmaster Tools Integration

In this article, we’ll show you the process for using Google Analytics to track search terms, by integrating Google Webmaster Tools with your WordPress website or blog.

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How To See Search Terms In Google Analytics

Here’s the step by step process that will show you how to see search terms in Google Analytics.

First login to your Google Analytics dashboard and click on the “Property Settings”. The screen below is what you will see.

Property Settings In Google Analytics

Then scroll down and click on the “Adjust Webmaster Tools” button.

Property Settings In Google Analytics 2

You’ll be taken to the Webmaster Tools Settings below, where you need to click on the “Edit” link to add your site.

Webmaster Tools Settings

Here, you’ll see a screen titled “Enable Search Console data in Google Analytics”. Click on the button inviting you to “Add a site to Search Console.”

Add a Site In Google Webmaster Console

You’ll see a popup that says “Add a web property to Google Analytics”.


Click “OK” to proceed, and you’ll be directed to a console where you’ll be invited to add your web property.

You’ll get a popup prompting you to enter the URL of the property you want to add. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to a page with instructions on how to verify your ownership of the URL you just entered. This is the page you’ll see with the recommended method of verification.

Verify Recommended Method

However, we’re not going to use the recommended method of verification (unless your website doesn’t run on WordPress and you want to do it via FTP).

Instead, click on “Alternate methods” and select the option to verify ownership using your Google Analytics account.

Verify Alternate Method

Now, keep this window open and login to your WordPress dashboard.

Install any one of the plugins below to connect your WordPress website or blog with Google Webmaster tools.

Easy Google Webmaster Tools

Verify Google Webmaster Tools

If you’ve used the Easy Google Webmaster Tools plugin, it will have added a new link called “Webmaster” in your WordPress dashboard.

Easy Google Webmaster Tools

To get Universal Analytics tracking code for your website, go back to the Property Settings in your Google Analytics dashboard and click on the “Tracking Info” link. Then click on the “Tracking Code” link to access your code.

Tracking Code

Copy and paste the entire tracking code into the plugin field above and save your changes. Once you are done, return to the verification page below and click the “Verify” button.

Verify Alternate Method

Your Google Analytics web property should then appear in your Search Console and you’ll get a message stating that your website is now linked to a Google Analytics web property.

Google Analytics Web Property

In a little while, your keyword data will start showing up in your Google Analytics dashboard and you’ll have unlocked all the search terms in Google Analytics that you could not see earlier, including landing pages and impressions in Google search results.

Search Queries In Google Analytics

How To Use Your Search Terms Results

Once you start tracking search terms in Google Analytics, there’s a lot you can do with these results.

• Do an SEO Audit

You can see exactly how many impressions and clickthroughs your website is getting in Google search results and for which keywords it is getting ranked.

• Improve Your CTR

You can keep track of your rankings, and if you see that a page is getting a lot of impressions but no clickthroughs, it could mean that your Title Tag is not enticing enough. These results can give you the information you need to tweak your Title Tags and improve your CTR (click through ratio).

• Boost Conversions

If you see that there are certain keywords for which you are getting many clickthroughs, but are seeing no conversions from those pages, you might need to rewrite your page copy to boost conversions.

• Rank For The Right Keywords

If you see that you’re ranking for a lot of keywords, but they have nothing to do with your business or your products, and are not giving you the branding and sales you need, you may have to rework your entire SEO strategy and write better copy or start creating more content for the terms that you want to rank well for.

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Whatever results you find in Google Analytics for your search terms, you can use them to improve your marketing strategy and results in the long run.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial that shows you how to find search terms in Google Analytics. Let me know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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