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How To Create SEO Happy Images In WordPress

Though our ideas of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) actually is has changed with Google’s Panda updates, there are still some best practices that every internet marketer or blog owner can and should put to use.

Many WordPress users have a sort of “Secret Weapon” that is a great white hat SEO practice when done right, yet many forget or don’t know how to put it into practice.

Just what is that weapon? Why, your photos of course!

Below is a super easy and quick “How To” post that will get your photos SEO ready.

How To Make Your Photos SEO Ready In WordPress

The first major step towards a Search Engine Optimized picture isn’t what you think it would be. The first step  is to actually to check and make sure that your photos are not too large. 

For example, do you have photos that are 3000 pixels x 4000 pixels? Unless you’re using a CDN, this is WAY too big. Even something like 1000 pixels can be too large.

If you’re using photos in your blog post and you resize them to say, 550 pixels to fit in the content area, then you should edit your photos to be that size already. Large images bog down your page load speed which is now a major factor in page rank for Google.

To help optimize your photos and help with even better page speed, it would also be good to use a plugin to help this along.

Smush.it by WPMU Dev

Use Smush.it by WPMU Dev To Help Page Load Speeds

The plugin, Smush.it ,is a great plugin for reducing an image file size for better on page loading performance. (I recommend it because I use it and love it!) Now, let’s covers how to create an SEO friendly image.

1.) Enter A Relevant Keyword In The Title How To Create SEO friendly Images In WordPress
Though Google has yet to state that the title of WP images plays a factor in any Ranking. It doesn’t hurt to stay proactive. Plus, this will help you find the photo again if you label it properly.

2.) Use A Relevant Keyword In the Alternate Text Area Add Alt. Text To WordPress Pictures For SEO
This part is the section that counts most as we do know that this is how Google will categorize your photo and help tell it what your photos and your posts are about. Why does this matter?

Because the spiders and bots that crawl the web can’t actually see your photos. They can only see the information that is given about them. This, and the following areas, will help with categorizing them.

3.) Add A Short Description 

Adding a Description to WordPress Photos Helps With SEO
Help things along by adding a description of the photo is about. Use the keywords that are relevant to your article, but avoid Keyword Stuffing. Keep it natural like you would a post.

4.) Add A Caption To the The Photo

Adding a Caption To WordPress Photos

This Is An Example Of Adding A Caption

This isn’t always necessary, but it’s still a nice touch.

SEO is far from dead, it’s just changed a bit. If you’re a WordPress user, don’t forget to use your secret weapon and get a jump of ranking your website.

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