how to get google to index your website

Do you want Google to Love you?

Is it your distant dream that Google indexes your blog post the second it is live?

I’m sure most of you’ll dream of the Googlebot permanently residing on your website, but c’mon isn’t that a little too unrealistic? There are other ethical ways to get Google to index your site quickly, even if you’re not a big shot like Wikipedia or Flipkart.

Without beating around the bush, let me give you a list of top 10 ways How to get Google to Index your website?

1. Create More Content

Create more Content

Google looks for unique content each time it crawls the web. If you give it the same content every time, it will think n-times before paying you a visit again.

In this period, if you give it some new content, it will come back speedily. Keep updating new content as frequently as you can and try to maintain the quality of the posts.

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2. Post Blogs at Regular Intervals

Post Blogs at Regular Intervals

As per multiple studies, Googlebot crawls sites based on their activity trends. Hence, it is obvious that a website which get updated regularly is more likely to get crawled than the website which is get update once a week.

It can be a possibility that Google‘s advanced machine-leaning mechanisms play a vital role to actually learn the way websites work and then crawl them depending on the obtained results. Crawling rates seem to drastically differ when we post blogs every day to that when we do it once a week.

3. Distinct Content is Key

Distinct Content is Key

Having distinct content on your website has a powerful impact on the crawling rates.

Distinct, Unique content can get Google either to crawl your website multiple times or can even reduce or eliminate it from crawling your website.  In case you’re a copy-paster, Google will identify you and will slowly reduce the speed of crawling your website. This has happened after the Caffeine update.

4. Use Google+ to Share Content

Use Google+

There can be a drastic improvement in the promptness of getting indexed if you share your websites on your Google+ profile. A lot of people have been telling me that they’ve managed to get new pages indexed pretty quickly, even if they’re from fairly

Google+ is not just another social networking website. It is a surreal experience for most of its users. As it is owned by Google themselves, they get faster access to whatever is posted on Google+ than any other platforms or social networks. This is the primary reason that most marketers prefer promoting their content on Google+.

5. Fix Crawling Errors

Fix Crawling Errors

Fixing all your crawl errors can make your site faster and channelize your performance and everything can go on smoothly. This can make your website more ‘crawlable’. If the server has been giving you a lot of problem, you will have to switch it for your own good.

Keep giving Googlebot reasons to crawl your website.

6. Include High Quality Links

Include High Quality Links

Many SEO experts believe that inclusion of high quality backlinks can lead to improvement in the crawling rate and your website can be easily indexed. Use the Webmaster tool to limit the frequency of crawling web pages according to PageRank.

Tweak all the pages on your website which have low quality and high PageRank as they can be penalized. Get atleast decent links on your website to improve the crawling frequency.

7. Get more Social Shares

Get more Social Shares

It is a fact that Google spiders can’t crawl the content which is not publicly shared or available. But, Googlebot is able to crawl people’s profile on social networks and retrieve information. This means, they will find all the data which has been shared either on your Twitter or Facebook handle. Getting a decent amount of shares for your posts can help your website in getting crawled easily.

Apart from social networking websites, bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon or Digg can also help in the indexing process.

8. Learn about your Crawl Rate

Learn about your Crawl Rate

Google crawls some parts of your website at a time. You should find out how much of your website has been crawled till now. For this, you can use the Webmaster tool.

All you need to be worried about is the crawl stats trends. If it is going upwards all the time, it’s all good but the moment this graph goes down, go through this entire article once again and try implementing each point.

How to get Google to Index your website

9. Host your Website on a Reliable Server

Host a Reliable Server

Using a server with high uptime is very important. If Googlebots visit your blog during your downtime, the crawlers will take that it’s your speed and it will set the crawling speed accordingly.

The next time you update something, you might not get indexed sooner. Choose an effective hosting server for better results.

10. Include a Sitemap

Include a Sitemap

Google relies a lot on the Sitemaps. Submitting a sitemap can prove to be a game changer for you. It can make your site get discovered faster by Googlebot. If you use WordPress, you can use the Google XML sitemap plugin to create a sitemap and register it to the Webmaster tool.  Google XML sitemap plugin to generate dynamic sitemap and submit it to Webmaster tool.

A higher crawl frequency will have many perks like getting indexed the moment your content is published. This can lead to more search traffic and can make the content go viral.

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Which tips have you followed to make Google love you? Please comment to let me know.

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