how to increase conversions on landing page

How to Increase Conversions on your WordPress Website with Landing Pages

What is your ultimate aim from a Landing Page? Yes, it’s conversion.

It’s the primary step which guides your visitors to try out your product. Your sales depend on how effective your Landing Page is, in converting your visitors.

In this article, we’ll discuss the essentials as well as Design Tips on how to increase conversions on landing page.

Landing pages are where fortunes are made and visitors are won over. Designing an effective web page is both an art and science. There are numerous WordPress landing page themes in the market which can be used to create a suitable landing page. Here are tips on how to increase conversions on landing page for your WordPress website.

Essentials of a WordPress Landing Page

How to increase conversions of WordPress websites with Landing Pages

How to increase conversions of WordPress websites with Landing Pages?

Before using Premium WordPress templates for landing pages, it is important to understand the basic function or essence of a landing page.

What do we understand by the term landing page? It’s surely different from a normal WordPress web page. It doesn’t have sidebars and footer which is a common feature in normal web pages. The concept of a landing page is to provide an unhindered and focused presentation which immediately calls for action from a visitor. It does not provide information in a void. Instead, it describes the salient features of a product or service and invites or tempts visitors to make a purchase.

The diction and voice of a landing page, therefore, differs greatly from a normal WordPress page or post.

WordPress blog themes have been specifically designed to facilitate the creation of effective landing page. Keywords play a crucial role in their design since traffic to this page is driven by the search words. Email marketing campaign may be made more effective when associated with a landing page leading to better conversations.

Landing page as an advertisement copy

A landing page acts as a billboard on a highway. It attracts attention using various techniques. However, the most important ingredient of a landing page is the content or copy.

WordPress landing page themes must have suitable templates which can be directly incorporated and used. This will reduce the time in developing effective landing pages and will lead to standardization. Time tested methods to attract audiences can be easily adapted to suit specific products or services.

Content optimization for a landing page

Premium WordPress templates should be able to optimize landing pages using target keywords. You must remember that a landing page should be highly focused on sales. This means that a visitor must immediately figure out the salient features of your products or services and take a call, without researching further. Use of specific keywords can push sales and lead to a fruitful transaction.

Importance of design of a landing page

Here you are not dealing with an ordinary page. The fate of your product is directly related to the aesthetics and layout of your landing page. Use of subtle colors with eye-catching, large and clear fonts, form a big part of a landing page which leads to great conversions. You should have an uncluttered layout which a visitor can easily navigate using buttons which are accessible.

As you know, the design of the landing page does all the work, so here are a few tips on how to design a landing page.

How to increase conversions on landing page with design

Use hero images

Hero images or videos on the landing page works like a magnet. It says everything and people tend to love images more than text.

Shopify uses hero image and minimal text that makes their page clear and effective.

shopify landing page

While using images on your landing page, don’t just pick any image from the internet. Also, make sure you include your product or service along with hero image.

Same applies to adding videos on the landing page.

Use contrasting colors

Pointing out contrasting color in the whole palette is human’s nature, and that’s how our mind work. We tend to look at the color which stands out the most, and that’s what landing pages should try to implement.

This type of landing page is effective when you have only one product to offer or are trying to focus on just one. The call to action button on such pages play the most important role, as that is what you want the people to click on.

Personally, I feel Firefox has mastered this and created one of the best landing pages using contrasting colors.

mozilla landing page

When I first saw the page, my eyes were just drawn to the green button in the whole blue scheme. And it worked great; I ended up downloading the latest Firefox version.

Call to Action (CTA)

It is obvious that every landing page will have a CTA, but not every landing page gets conversions.

If you have your CTA after you scroll down the page, the chances are that you have missed loads of opportunities. You need to make your CTA visible and reachable at the first place on the landing page.

One example that we can look at is Neil Patel’s landing page. On his landing page, there’s a logo, one line of text, and the CTA and all comes in the visible part of the page. You don’t need to scroll down or anywhere else to find the CTA.


neilpatel landing page


Minimalist landing page

Landing pages should have minimal content yet being more focused marketing. You see, all the examples that I have shown here and will be showing have more or less a minimal design. And to be frank, they look great and are much more effective than a textual landing page.

Buffer is currently using one such simple landing page. They have loads of blank space on the page and more emphasis on their product or service. Using minimalist WordPress themes to create landing pages is a must.

buffer landing page

Responsive Design

This is a no-brainer because as much as 51% of traffic on all sites is viewed on mobile phones and tablets.

Responsive design will ensure that your website looks perfect on all kinds of devices. It will help in improving your website ranking as Google is now in favor of mobile-friendly websites.

Check out: how to make your WordPress theme responsive.


Your landing page is one of the most important element of your website. It will help you to generate revenue and also help you build an email list to help you generate revenue.

There is no straight path to increase conversions on landing page, but a continuous effort and proper strategy can help you achieve the desired conversion rate. You’ll have to keep testing different landing pages to see which one yields the best results!

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