WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

How to use WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

With WooCommerce 2Checkout (2CO) Inline Payment WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin addon, you can add the 2Checkout payment gateway to your WordPress site.

You can setup both – one-time and recurring payment models.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin

Installing WC 2Checkout Inline Payment plugin:

It needs following four Plugins to be installed and activated .
wc-gateway-2checkout-inline-checkout.zip , woocommerce.zip , woocommerce-subscriptions.zip

1. Download the wc-gateway-2checkout-inline-checkout.zip file & unzip to plugins folder located at

Download the woocommerce.zip file & unzip to plugins folder located at

Download the woocommerce-subscriptions.zip file & unzip to plugins folder located at

2.Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins

3. Activate these Plugins .

4. GoTo WooCommerce Settings-> Checkout -> 2Checkout – Inline Checkout and enable 2checkout-inline-checkout_enabled and enter the Account Number and Secret Word . You can get Account Number and Secret Word from your merchant account .

Please click on the image to view the enlarged version.


5. You can set redirect URL as http://your_site/?wc-api=WC_2Checkout_Inline_Checkout_Gateway
in your merchant account .


6. You can add the product under the product data type as Simple Subscription . Enter the fields as per the requirement of the product .

7. You can allow the users to purchase the Subscription products via 2checkout on your site and can check in the the sells tab in your merchant account . It will look as


So that’s pretty much what you need to know in order to use WooCommerce 2Checkout Inline Payment plugin effectively. If you know of any other tips that I may have missed, do let me know by leaving a comment here.

WooCommerce 2Checkout Inline Payment plugin is up & running in few simple steps.

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