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Top 6 Lead Generating Ideas Using Content Marketing

Are you finding it difficult to generate leads through content marketing?
If so, then you might just not be doing it right! Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing strategies but it needs to be implemented correctly in order to yield a great ROI. A few years ago, content generation was easy and marketers would simply need to post an article, stuff it with keywords, and call it a day. This is no longer the case. Search engines have doubled-down on low quality, keyword-packed, duplicate content that provides no value and these sites don’t generate quality leads. Today, content marketing requires thorough research, skill, and unique ideas. If you plan accordingly and implement a great content marketing plan, you will be able to generate targeted leads that are ready to buy when they hit your website.
Unfortunately, it’s not easy to come by great ideas that can capture and hold audience interest. If you want your content marketing campaign to be successful, you need to create interesting and engaging pieces that offer valuable information, and sometimes, simple articles just don’t cut it. Here are some ideas that can help you generate ideas for your content marketing strategy.

lead generation using content marketing - how to videosHow-To Videos

Some of the most popular ways of lead generation using content marketing are videos on YouTube, and other social media sites are a help or how-to videos. There’s always someone looking for information on how to assemble, choose, or use a product. Such videos address a real problem and provide meaningful help to your prospective customers. They bring in a significant amount of organic traffic from people who want to research products and services or simply need help with something.
For example, a construction company can create a few how-to videos on easy DIY projects. These videos will help prospective customers but also showcase the skill and expertise of their employees. How-to videos and content are an effective way to show your competence and gain your audiences’ trust.

According to Dr. James McQuivey, a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words, so it’s wise to invest some time and money on such content. These videos will only generate leads if they’re well planned and executed. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose a topic relevant to your industry and make sure it’s interesting.
  • Research the content thoroughly and collect as much connected information as you can.
  • Organize the information so it can be presented clearly in a video format.
  • Invest in a good camera and audio equipment because viewers won’t wait around to watch a blurry video with poor or scratchy audio.
  • Keep the video concise and contained. It’s easy to ramble and move off the topic.

These points will help you create a lead generating how-to or help video. You can post it on YouTube, Facebook, and your website to ensure it reaches the maximum number of people.
lead generation using content marketing - interviews and conversations

Interviews and Conversations

People always want to hear the thoughts and opinions of successful people in the hope of learning something meaningful and utilizing it in their lives. That’s one of the reasons why interviews and conversations are very attractive pieces of content. You ask an influencer in your industry to sit down and have a chat with you and post this content on your website.
This influencer can be a well-known CEO or business owner or even an Internet personality or blogger. For example, if you’re a part of the tech industry and work on developing hardware or apps, you can ask tech influencers to sit down for an interview with you. Bloggers and tech reviewers like MKBHD or Unbox Therapy command tremendous influence and conversations and interviews with them can draw a considerable amount of leads.
Such influencers are available in every industry, whether it’s technical, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, cooking, or books, etc. All you need to do is reach out to these influencers and choose a medium. You can also create textual, video, or audio content in the form of podcasts.

lead generation using content marketing - live-conversationWebinars or Live Conversations

Webinars and live video conversations are also very effective forms of content, especially if you choose the right topic. A webinar is essentially a web-based seminar that includes a presentation, lecture, or even a workshop that’s transmitted over video-conferencing software. You won’t even need to download the new software now with the advent of YouTube and Facebook live video. These platforms are easy to use and will give you access to a large audience.

Many brands have successfully used webinars and live conversations to generate more leads and bring organic traffic to their websites and social media platforms. If you choose a great topic and announce it early, you’ll create a sense of anticipation in your potential audience. You’ll also give them time to share the news of the event with their social media platforms to draw more people in.
After a webinar, you can host a small Q&A session with your audience to engage them personally. This will help you establish a great rapport with your audience. Webinars and live conversations aren’t just great pieces of content, but also an effective way to establish your authority and reputation in the industry.

lead generation using content marketing - e-booksCreate EBooks

Ebooks are long and require a considerable amount of research, but they also offer great returns. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the number of eBooks in the US is expected to reach 112 million by 2020. This is a $8.7 billion dollar industry and it’s only expected to grow in the future. A great, well-written, and well-researched eBook and help you tap into this market and bring new audiences into your fold.
Your eBook needs to provide value and discuss topics in detail. Unlike blog posts and other such pieces of content, great eBooks have nearly 10,000 to 20,000 words. It’s more difficult than you realize to discuss a topic in detail, gather facts and statistics, and make sure it’s presented in an engaging and interesting manner. An eBook can help you reach three distinct goals:

  • eBook content will provide valuable information to your target audience.
  • It will showcase your knowledge and authority in the subject matter.
  • Audiences willing to download your eBook will provide their email addresses to you.

eBooks also stay in circulation longer than blog posts and articles. In fact, you can use them for several months if not years if you keep the information in it up-to-date. Many brands and companies use eBooks to help them establish their authority and bring in leads. Annual reports and statistics are a great example of such books.
For example, the recent 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report published by Social Media Examiner brought in a large number of leads immediately after it was released and will continue to do so for as long as people need access to a comprehensive and detailed report like this.

lead generation using content marketing - transparent contentTransparent Content

Have you ever wondered why autobiographies are so popular and while so many successful people write them? It’s not just to sell books and earn money, but to break down walls between the writer and the reader. Such transparent content gives your audience a view behind the curtain and people are always intrigued by it. This adds a layer of transparency and honesty to your interaction with your audience and can increase leads by a considerable margin.
Transparent content isn’t always about sharing insights into your success. You can also share insight into your failures. For example, content based on the failure of your first business venture and what you learned from it will make a compelling piece and draw attention from your target audience.

If you present the information well, such transparent pieces don’t compromise your reputation or cause any harm to your business. They’ll help your audiences learn from your mistakes and provide valuable information based on personal experiences. This personal experience also adds a different flavor to the content because everyone is unique and faces unique struggles and challenges. Transparent content is also one of the easiest pieces of content you can create when focusing on lead generation using content marketing techniques.

lead generation using content marketing - advice for challengesAdvice on Challenging Tasks and Problems

People always want to find simple and easy ways to overcome challenges so why not give them the means to do so? Content that provides solutions to a challenging task or problem is very popular and can easily attract attention, especially if it’s in an infographic form. This medium is easy to read and understand so you can present complex data and numbers in a simple manner. If you find a good question or problem that’s relevant to your industry and come up with a solution, you’ll be able to draw a large number of leads.
For example, Moz recently published an article on How to Appear in Google’s Answer Boxes. This is a very relevant question in today’s marketing atmosphere because Google’s Answer Box is considered prime real estate and it’s a difficult challenge to get content here. Most audiences will flock towards such articles because they provide solutions to very real and challenging problems.

Fulfilling a need is an excellent way to generate leads and create durable pieces of content. If you choose the right topic and problem, your content will remain relevant for years to come.

If you want to focus on lead generation using content marketing you need to think outside the box and create content that’s unique, detailed, and well-researched. You should provide something that will be valuable to your audience, as it will encourage them to provide their contact details and convert into sales and long-term clients.

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