create beautiful slideshows, smooth transitions, effects and animations

MotoPress Slider:WordPress slider plugin with live visual editing

Sliders play a very important part in having a visual impact on your visitors. They can redirect your visitors to a landing page, showcase various products right on your homepage if you have an eshop, highlight the services that you have to offer to your future clients, give a sneak-peek at the best posts of our blog and much more. The role of sliders is really vital for any website.   Which is why you need to put in a little more thought into choosing  a WordPress slider plugin than you normally do.

There are thousands of slider plugins for WordPress sites to choose from. We today present you with the review of MotoPress Slider – A WordPress slider plugin with the ability of live visual editing and responsive layout which enables you to create sliders, galleries and slideshows with smooth effects and layers.

MotoPress Slider – Create beautiful slideshows, smooth transitions, effects and animations. Add text, link, images or video within layers into slides & independently animate each layer.

What MotoPress Slider has to offer?

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

MotoPress Slider - Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Being fully responsive your sliders look perfect across any device with any screen. MotoPress Slider is well optimized even for touch devices which makes it easier to attract visitors of your website. All sliders have retina ready controls and mobile ready layouts (touch and mouse swipe navigations). You can even choose to have a full-width slider.

Impressive Style Editor

MotoPress Slider - Style Editor

The plugin provides a convenient and impressive style editor for layer objects like text, image, button and video. Forget having to manually add custom CSS code to elements; just select a layer, choose the element and modify its style right at the preview area.

Slider Preview On The Go

MotoPress Slider - Slider Preview

No need to refresh a page/post to preview your sliders. Choose from 3 preview modes – Desktop, Tablet & Mobile; preview your work right from the working area.

Insert Slider Shortcode From WordPress Editor

MotoPress Slider - Add Slider Shortcode

Add sliders using the Slider button containing your newly created sliders right from your default WordPress editor. Select a required slider from the drop down list and insert it into a post, page or any custom post type provided in your theme.

Multiple Slide Animations & Easing with Customizable Duration

MotoPress Slider - Animations & Effects

MotoPress Slider offers over 25 animation effects, 20 transition effects and gives you complete control over duration of each animation. Customize the animation effects of each individual layer as per your desire to get that stunning and smooth slider. Option to show a slide for a particular duration is also available by setting it up in the Visibility tab of each slide.

YouTube, Vimeo & Self-hosted Videos Support

MotoPress Slider - YouTube & Vimeo

Add Youtube or Vimeo or Self-hosted videos as a slide or as a background just with a few clicks. Always stay ahead of your competitors by showing off all the advantages of your products or project.

Slider Initialization By Scroll And Delay

Placed your slider in the middle of a page/post and worrying that your visitors might miss something? Just head over to the Slider Settings -> Appearance tab and check the Initialize slider on scroll option. Now the slideshow will start only after your visitors scroll down to your slider. Want to delay the initialization of the sliders then simply type a delay in milliseconds for slider to run in the Appearance tab.

Unlimited layers with image, video, text or custom content

Build unlimited sliders with unlimited layers containing images, videos, text or custom content to represent anything you want to highlight about your products, services, business and projects.


MotoPress Slider has the remarkable drag and drop functionality which makes it absolutely user-friendly.  Just create a slider, add a few slides, customize the slides’ content with simple drag and drop, choose desired effects and you are done! Preview your work right from the working area and a stylish slider for your WordPress site is ready. No need for any coding. Period!

MotoPress Slider Plugin Settings

Upon activating the MotoPress Slider plugin you’ll see a MotoPress Slider menu added to your WordPress Dashboard which will contain 3 options – MotoPress Slider, Settings & License.

MotoPress Slider - Slider Settings

The Settings option offers you to disable the slider for certain user groups on your WordPress site. Check the respective groups from whom you want to hide the slider menu and restrict them from adding a new slider on your site. Remember this only hides the MotoPress Slider menu from the WordPress Dashboard and has no changes to the visibility of the Slider button on the default WordPress editor.

The License option is where you add your license key for MotoPress Slider that you have purchased.

Finally the MotoPress Slider option which provides an overview of all the sliders you have created on your WordPress site.

MotoPress Slider - Sliders Overview

Create new sliders or modify existing ones; the overview offers general information about slides and sliders settings which is convenient to operate. Use the Import & Export button to import / export sliders to be used on other websites using the MotoPress Slider plugin.

MotoPress Slider Plugin Interface

When you create a new slider you are presented with the following interface :

MotoPress Slider - New Slider Settings

The New Slider Settings include general settings, control settings & appearance settings. All these are global settings for the slider that is being created. You will create slides for the new slider in the next interface after clicking the Create Slider and the New Slide button in that order.

MotoPress Slider - Slide Settings

Each tab (General | Color | Image | Video | Link | Visibility | Misc) is straightforward and user-friendly so that you can mould the slide to your requirements. You should not have any problem creating multiple slides for your slider. Start adding elements like text, images, buttons and videos by clicking on the respective add buttons. Drag and drop the elements on the slide area and customize the content as you want in the layer settings tab. In case you get stuck somewhere use the documentation to get started.

The Cost of MotoPress Slider

MotoPress Slider offers three pricing plans – Personal ($19), Business ($49) and Developer ($99). After one year you can use the slider as long as you need, but for future updates and technical help, you will need to renew your license. The varying factor among the plans is the number of websites across which you can use the plugin.

MotoPress Slider - Pricing

Choose the best license depending on your project. If you are a WordPress blogger then the Personal pricing plan should suffice for one WordPress site, for a business running upto 5 websites go with the Business pricing plan and for using MotoPress Slider across unlimited WordPress sites the Developer’s licence would be the best choice.

Remember that MotoPress Slider requires a minimum of WordPress 3.5 and PHP 5.2.4.

Final Thoughts

MotoPress Slider is an easy to use solution to build beautiful slides in minutes with awesome visual effects without touching a single line of code. With intuitive drag and drop interface, swipe navigation and responsive layout the plugin is worth checking out.

MotoPress Slider


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Summary : A WordPress slider plugin with the ability of live visual editing and responsive layout which enables you to create beautiful slideshows, smooth transitions, effects and animations. Add text, link, images or video within layers into slides and independently animate each layer.

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