My 3 WordPress Pet-Peeves

Pet-peeves. We all have at least one.

When the hubby leaves the toilet lid up. When we see someone biting their nails. When there is toothpaste left in the sink.

Anyway, back on topic. Like everyone else in the world, I have things that irritate me but when it comes to WordPress and just things online in general, there are 3 things that drive me nuts whenever I notice them and now I get the chance to get a small rant about it.

Deep breath in… And away we go.

Number One: When Someone Can’t Spell WordPress

To be honest, I never thought about this much. However, Mark Jaquith–yes, the Mark Jaquith–was kind enough to point out my grammatical error and now it’s something that I can’t help but notice.

It’s not wordpress, word press, Word Press, or the often used but always wrong rendering, WordPress.

It is none of these.

WordPress is one word, and should always, always be written in this CamelCase format. That meaning, W is always capitalized, P is always capitalized and it’s always a one single word. How would anyone take you or I seriously if we were talking about WordPress and we couldn’t even spell it correctly?

I made that error (*smacks self in face repeatedly*) and someone was kind enough to bring it to my attention. This is me extending that kindness.

Number Two: Admin Username

This one is something I’ll see and cringe.

Admin is the default username that WordPress assigns someone when setting up a blog. Never use it.

A few months back there are a big uptick in WP sites being hacked, and this was part of the reason for it. If someone has your username, they’re halfway into breaking in the back door of your website. If you stick with the username, “admin”, you’re making it easier for people to hack your site.

In short: Don’t use “admin” as your username.

Number Three: Poorly Coded Themes and Plugins

It’s frustrating when you I read rave reviews about certain themes and plugins, only to find in my testing them out that they well… aren’t so great after all. Some even have malicious code, though that really is a slim number.

There are many great free plugins out there as well, but I’ve found that many are too heavily coded. After I decided to add a plugin to my websites, I always run a performance check afterwards to see what the effect might be. On more than one occasion, I had to get rid of a plugin due to poor placed Javascript or other reasons.

I wish that there was a higher standard site by the minds behind WordPress when it came to being able to place a theme in the WordPress Theme and Plugin Depository. There are so many that are slow, crappy and coded with bad motives.

It’s enraging really.

Whether this will change one day, I’m not sure; hoping for a day when it does.

What are your guys WordPress pet peeves? Don’t be shy and comment below.

photo credit: smwright via photopin cc

One Comment

  1. Dave Naylor

    July 30, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    “What are your guys WordPress pet peeves? Don’t be shy and comment below.”

    Without a shadow of a doubt, OptinMonster. You arrive at a WordPress site and start reading an article then BLAMM, that damned popup interrupts the reading flow. Sadly, it’s running on this site too. It may be good for business but it’s terrible for users.


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