Ninja Outreach: The Awesome New Tool To Make Your Outreach Easier

Why do many blogs and online ventures fail?

Well, there are quite a few ways to answer that question, but one reason why so many tend to hit rock bottom is because people tend to not treat them like a real business venture.

The fact is that many don’t realize that it’s not enough to just have a blog or a product to make money from it. As is the case with any new businesses, there is a lot of hard work that goes into to getting people to come to you.

In fact, the best bloggers and online entrepreneurs recognize the need to treat their web related ventures as real businesses which is a large reason why they do well.

Now, it’s easy to say, “View your blog as a business,” but’s it’s another thing to understand what someone means by that or how to apply that in this context.

To help with this conundrum, ask yourself this question:

If the internet didn’t exist, how would you get people to learn about your business?

It’s sort of hard to come up with an answer to that, right? But, really, think about it. How would you do that?

Wouldn’t you do what you could to forge relationships with others who could pass your information along? Wouldn’t you try and connect with others who had more connections than yourself and who could and would honestly recommend you to others?

Many brick and mortar type businesses still rely on this older method of marketing, but just because your business lives in the digital space doesn’t mean that this kind of relationship building is old hat.

Actually, it’s rather important if you want to earn backlinks and land guest posts on reputable blogs in your niche.

The difference here, though, is the way in which you connect with others who can help promote your blog or product.

That marketing method, when placed in an online context is called, Blogger Outreach.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach is just a fancy phrase. The real idea behind it is to reach out to bloggers or influencers in your market niche in order to forge relationships which are mutually beneficial.

Through this method, you can connect with top blogs and blog or site owners in order to inquire about things like guest posts or promotional opportunities to get your product, name, blog, or business in front of an audience relative to your own.

Ninja Outreach: A Tool to Make Your Blogger Outreach Simple


Now, if you felt like going the long road, you could certainly go about your Outreach method by doing long hours of searching for blogs and bloggers via Google Search, analyzing the blogs you found to see if they have the right audience for you, if they accept guest posts or if their reach is really as good as you hope it is.

Or, you could take the easy way — using Ninja Outreach. (hi-ya!)

Ninja Outreach a Blogger Outreach tool. It has a ton of features to help you save time and make the most of it while you search for the best blogs for your outreach strategy.


  • Discover SEO, traffic and engagement metrics
  • Quickly find out if blog accepts or do sponsored posts, giveaways, guest posts or product reviews
  • Use advanced filtering to trim the fat on the blogs that aren’t up to par with what you’re looking for

Using the Ninja Outreach, you can save your prospects and even email them directly from within your dashboard which saves you even more time.

Price for Ninja Outreach tool starts at $19 and they even have a free Chrome Extension which also packs a serious punch.

Today is the day to take your blog more seriously, to reach for the stars and then reach farther.

Ninja Outreach is a great tool to help you build great online relationships and find blogs that can spread the word about you or whatever else you feel like talking about.

Try Ninja Outreach for Free | Get the Free Chrome Extension

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