SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery – CartBoss

SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery – CartBoss

CartBoss is a text messaging solution for recovering abandoned carts, that works on complete autopilot. Text messages are already prepared and translated and custom text messages can also be added.
Integrating CartBoss in websites is a 5-minute process as we have a WordPress and Shopify plugin already prepared. The only thing needed is to install the plugin on the site and connect it via the API key.
Each message can be customized regarding the time delay and the value of the offer you want to give.

A few important features, that make CartBoss a great solution:

  • Automatic language detection
  • Dynamic text messages
  • Pre-filled checkout form
  • Automatic coupon/special offer generation on the site

Currently, CartBoss offers these types of special offers/messages:

  • Basic reminders about items left in the cart
  • Percentage/Fixed discount
  • Free shipping
  • No COD fees
  • Custom coupon codes

Although the CartBoss user dashboard offers a statistical overview of each message and website, UTM tracking has also been embedded, so that advanced analytics can be done via Google Analytics or other similar tools.

There are no signup fees or subscriptions – you only pay as you go, meaning that you pay for only the text messages that you send. Click on the button below to learn more about the pricing-

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