Social Media Engagement Techniques That Work

Billions of people are on social media today, and the number is only going to increase in the coming years. An essential marketing plan of any business these days requires them to adopt Social Media Engagement Techniques since they help you reach your audience. Whether your goal is to grow your audience or spread awareness, you have to engage your target audience.

Here are a Few Social Media Engagement Techniques that can guide you to promote your products:

Play the Tag Game

Social Media Engagement - Play_Tag_Game

You should have a goal in mind before launching a social media campaign. Start by creating a plan for making your presence felt on social media. It is important to identify your target audience and ways to connect with them in addition to determining what you want to accomplish. Let’s take the ALS Bucket Challenge, which became quite the hype in a short time. The idea behind the challenge is increasing awareness for ALS, and over 17 million people participated, helping raise over $100 million. This shows the importance of incorporating a call to action in your messages on social media.

Personalize Your Approach

Social Media Engagement - Personalize_Your_Approach

Learn more about your audience, what would enjoy and how they respond. First, decide the social media channel you will use to reach out to your audience and then discover which hashtags they use and the topics they care about. Communicate with your audience instead of just listening to them. They’ll tell you what they like once you show you’re interested. You can launch a social media campaign they’ll love once you find out what makes your target audience happy.

Put the Product in Your Fans’ Hands

Social Media Engagement - Put_Product_In_Fan's_Hand

Being social is the core goal of social media, therefore cultivating relationships with your followers and fans is important. In order to launch a successful media campaign, this step is crucial. Take a step back from selling your brand and share for the sake of your social media campaign. Your audience will stop listening to you if you force your brand on them.

What you can do instead is let your audience choose your product. Just share your product in a unique and fun way. You can establish a relationship with your audience by offering them a chance to showcase their creativity and letting them link it to one of your products.

Include Games, Contests, and Giveaways

Social Media Engagement - Games_And_Giveaway

There is no denying the power of free contests and giveaways. People like receiving prizes and it boosts social engagement on any platform of your choice. For instance, to win a free product from your brand, you could ask the people on your page to share their favorite story about your brand. You can also use games to engage your audience. Try and Utilize Games like Hangman and Mad Libs. Games like “Ask the Next Friend” or “What Your Best Guess is?” are suggested by Hootsuite, since they can be implemented easily and would help you generate buzz on your social media account.

Show Your Personality

Social Media Engagement - Show_Your_Personality

Your customers want to see a breathing, living person behind the logo or the business person. How would you go about it? For starters, you can share something personal about yourself with your followers, like your favorite book or hobby. You can also tell your followers about a typical day in your life or maybe recommend products or blogs your audience may find informative. However, don’t be self-absorbed and go on and on about yourself. Do not reveal too much, just enough that your audience finds you repeatable.

Be Visual

Social Media Engagement - Be_Visual

Visual content and social media go hand-in-hand. There are some serious benefits for using graphics or images on social media. Using images on your Twitter can boost the number of re-tweets by up to 85%. You can create an infographic or share an infographic (that would also save you money) your followers would share and enjoy. You can add behind the scene pictures of a new product, sharing images from an industry event or highlight your team members in a funny video.

Hold Q&A Sessions

Social Media Engagement - Q&A_Sessions

Question & Answer sessions are a great way to provide your followers the answers to their questions and offering information to potential customers who are unfamiliar yet interested in your brand. It opens a direct line of communication strengthening the connection between your clients and you. To help make your brand more relatable, you can set up Q&A sessions with higher-ups, like the CEO or hold a meeting yourself. Moreover, these sessions also prove useful for letting your audience know about your products.

Conduct Polls & Surveys

Social Media Engagement - Conduct Polls & Surveys

People on social media are willing to provide you their opinion. An excellent way to engage your audience would be by gathering useful information from your audience by conducting surveys and polls about your services and products. It helps build loyalty and trust by letting your customer base know you care about their opinion, and it subsequently strengthens your reputation and brand identity. However, keep your surveys short and straightforward to get more people to respond.

Engage Through Social Issues

Social Media Engagement-Social_Issues

Companies should not shy away from major social issues. Consumers find companies supporting a social cause or taking a stance on important social issues more relatable. Posting about social issues would help strengthen your reputation and will certainly boost engagement. NBC, Macy’s and Univision severed their business ties with Donald Trump after he made inflammatory remarks about Mexicans since it opposed their opinion.

Respond Quickly and Thoroughly

Social Media Engagement - Respond_Quickly

Respond quickly to people’s comments on your social media profiles. Taking a while to reply indicates that you’re either inactive on your social media account or worse, do not care. If you’re going to ignore their questions, people would hardly bother asking you, and it would drastically hurt the level of engagement you can generate.

However, once you do respond, don’t just simply reply with Yes or No, as it’s off-putting and rude. Your answers should be helpful and informative.

These are some useful ways of engaging your target audience on social media and converting them into good leads and loyal customers.

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