Switch your WooCommerce host if you see these 6 signs

Switch your WooCommerce host if you see these 6 signs

Switching your WooCommerce host can often be a horrifying task especially if this your first store. You need to make sure that the best hosting provider hosts your ecommerce store. Whether you get 100 visits in a month, or 100 million, make sure that you check out multiple hosting companies, before sign up to one. AND REMEMBER, a low price does not always mean you are getting a great deal.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to show you the 6 signs that are clear indicators why you need to switch your web host immediately.

Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Provide Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificate provision

In 2017, Google made some major changes and insisted users install SSL Certificates on their websites to make sure that the visitors are visiting secured websites. In addition, Google also ranks websites higher in its SERPs if they have installed SSL certificate.

So if your current hosting provider does not offer you free SSL certificates, then it’s time to change your hosting provider.

Your WooCommerce Store Goes Down Regularly

Your WooCommerce Store Goes Down Regularly

Uptime is a very important factor for any WooCommerce hosting solutions. If your ecommerce store goes down regularly, you could lose your visitors day by day. It doesn’t matter what you have done before they will never come back. Ensuring uptime is the high responsibilities for any web hosting.

If you face this issue, then you should consider moving your web hosting provider to cloud-based hosting that ensures 99.99% uptime.

The Pricing Model is not Clear

The Pricing Model is not Clear

If you can’t understand the pricing model of the hosting company you cannot calculate your business revenue. In that case, you could never ensure that your profit margins and also you could never ensure that how you could increase your sale and revenue.

Nowadays, Pay As You Go pricing model is the most cost-effective solution for all the large web hosts to pay for the resources they consume. This means, most of you pay for a whole bunch of resources which you never use. Billing is one of the areas where unscrupulous hosting providers could do serious damage to your finances.

Customer Service

Customer Service

This is the very valuable to build your ecommerce store. Everyone needs a little help sometimes especially when they are new to web hosting. This is where they should provide you with best possible assistance and to give you all the support you need when your facing technical hindrances or the service they are providing is not working correctly.

If you can face the customer services issues you need to change your hosting provider and choose the best hosting who can provide you 24/7 support without additional cost.

Your Store Is Too Slow

Your Store Is Too Slow

This is really important to keep in mind because the website speed really highly correlated with both bounce rates and exit rates. The bitter truth is every visitor comes to your website and you just have 3 seconds to catch the attention of your visitors. And if your store does not load within 3 seconds, most of the visitors close the tab and will perhaps not return. So first you need to ensure that what is your web load time. You can check out the load time with multiple tools and also look for Load WooCommerce Stores In 249ms, Thanks To The Best Hosting For WooCommerce.

Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Contribute to Your Success

Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Contribute in Your Success

If you are running your ecommerce store well definitely your requirement is too high. You need to be a good security, high bandwidth, and much more. Many hosting providers, particularly shared and dedicated hosting providers fail to increase the allocated resources. One of the best choice to increase your revenue and growth your sale which is managed cloud hosting, this is the better solution to increase your customer and high your sale.

Final Words

You need to make sure the hosting you have used is better for your ecommerce store or not. If the current hosting is not fulfilling requirement and features, then you should change your hosting provider.

If you are thinking to switch your hosting provider then it’s time to give Cloudways – managed WooCommerce Hosting a try — where you can easily fulfil your all requirements. In fact, you can choose the multiple cloud infrastructure providers with 48+ global data centres and allow you to create a WooCommerce-based ecommerce store in just one-click.

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  1. Collins Agbonghama

    January 23, 2018 at 3:56 am

    One mistake a lot of WooCommerce users make is hosting on shared hosting which always adversely affect their site loading speed and performance. I can’t recomment a manage web hosting like WPEngine and Kinsta enough.


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