Taskade Review: All-in-One Task Manager To Manage Your Workflows

Taskade Review: All-in-One Task Manager To Manage Your Workflows

Workflow management is a challenge for a big organisation especially if your team is working remotely. Planning and execution of projects need a lot of time as bringing together all the collaborators by sending them invitations manually requires lots of pre-planning Keeping track of every single development sometimes becomes tiring as it involves lots of repetitive tasks.  Often, you look for a way that may relieve you from all these hassles and make your organisation work more smoothly and efficiently.  

This is where a task management app comes into the picture. It automates the entire business project management process and thereby improves productivity. You don’t need to put much effort to maintain the record of the workflow as all the things are stored in the database almost automatically. You just need to make some configurations in the web app you are using. 

Taskade Homepage

Taskade is a modern yet simple user-friendly web application for workflow management. The flexible and feature-rich task manager allows you to manage your to-do list easily, collaborate with teammates in real-time, create and manage projects even through mobile devices, and finally reach higher goals. 

In this article, we will review Taskade, a task manager tool and take a closer look at its features and benefits. Read on!

What is Taskade? 

Taskade is a popular team management tool. It is an all in one solution for real-time collaboration and organization for remote teams that offers you all the features that you need to manage a virtual working team. With this, you can chat and coordinate with your team members from every corner of the World to get your work done, no matter wherever they are. 

Taskade Review

The mission of Taskade is to bring your team tasks, notes, and communication into one unified workspace so that your team can get work done together, faster, and smarter. It helps the teams to function well and grow in a competitive environment with a  modern and virtual workplace by cutting down all the unnecessary friction in goal setting,  planning, organizing, and decision making. What makes Taskace different from the rest is that there is no maze of functionality or context switching between multiple tools here. 

Features of Taskade – 

1. Creating and managing a project

Taskade allows you to edit and manage due dates of your projects, assign tasks to your co-workers and add files and images to chat. You can reorder the tasks by just dragging and dropping the checkboxes. There are options to move a project to a completely different workspace with just a few clicks.  

2. Manage your workspace

A workspace is simply a collection of various projects and work notes. You can create unlimited workspaces with Taskade. This feature allows you to collaborate with people in real-time. You can send invitations to the people you think will be helpful for you and add them as members to your workspace. 

3. Collaborating with the Team Members 

Taskade offers you full control over the notifications you receive for every project and workspace. You can create a project and share it with your collaborators instantly. Each project has chat boxes on the right side. You can use these for project conversations. You can have unlimited video conferencing. 

4. Create a Taskade Project on your mobile 

The most important feature of Taskade is it allows you to create, edit and manage projects using your smartphone or tablet.  You can filter projects by tags. There are options to create and use templates and subspace via mobile.  

5. Taskade Chrome Extension

You can manage your tasks through your phone or tablet with Taskade. It allows you to create tasks, rearrange or edit them and automate repetitive tasks. You can collaborate with your team members and discuss the projects live using your phone. 

6. Taskade Premium

Taskade comes in both free and premium versions. The pro version, Taskade Unlimited costs $15 annually or $9 monthly. It offers you lots of extra features the key ones being  advanced team permissions, file attachments, and custom workflows

Do I need a Task Management Software?

1. Exclusive  team project management 

Taskade Review Team Workspace

When you are working remotely, project management is a challenging task. Taskade allows you to establish your team goals by getting the work done on or before time with its powerful tools that defy the differences of timezones. The app is designed to let you create a project to translate your ideas into ventures, set team goals, and keep a track of weekly tasks. 

2. Healthy team management tools 

Taskade Review Team Management Tools

If you have set a big goal and are working in a team, the team spirit is the force that keeps you going. If all the members of the team are not happy and there is no healthy relationship among the members, it is difficult to grow and achieve higher goals. You need some mechanical devices to channelise your communication properly. Taskade helps you to do that by offering you the best team management tools for holding team meetings, webinars, set project outlines, product roadmaps and many more things.    

3. Seamless communication 

Taskade Review Seamless Communication

Communication is the thread that unites a team and inspires its members to move forward towards the team goal. It is such a powerful device that can change any situation in minutes. Taskade can facilitate both group and individual communication. While through a group forum, you can communicate to the whole team to hold the members together, through channels like personal emails, you can communicate to individual members if a need arises to motivate them or address their grievances.    

4. Pre-designed templates 

Taskade Review pre designed templates

Taskade offers you hundreds of pre-designed templates created for different purposes. Just click on the templates, add your details and add the page to your site to create a new project or any other thing like a team. There are many categories of templates. In each category, you will find at least four to five templates.  Here’s a list of five major categories amongst the 15+ that you can find on Taskade – 

  • Team management 
  • How to 
  • Remorse work 
  • Design
  • Engineering 
  • Easy portfolio management 

Knowing individual members thoroughly helps a team leader to manage his team in a better way. Taskade has lots of features for this purpose. Within a few days, you can have an idea about the attitude, values and preferences of the teammates. Other than that, the team leaders can monitor the status of all the current initiatives and projects in real-time with detailed portfolios. They can organize projects into portfolios so that the members can see their status, then put more efforts to proactively address new issues, at-risk work, explore new ways and finally, report updates to the organisation to make the achievements known to everyone. 

5. Good compatibility   

The biggest advantage of Taskade is its compatibility with a wide range of the latest devices and operating systems. Here are the platforms and devices that Taskade supports – 

  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • macOS
  • Windows 
  • Linux 
  • Chrome 
  • Firefox 
  • Edge 

Price and plans 

Taskade has three different plans, including a free plan. The free plan supports  10 projects per month whereas, with the premium plans, you can go for unlimited projects.  The beginners can start with the free plan and then upgrade to a premium one. There are two different premium plans – $5 per month and $9 per month.  

Both the premium plans are specifically designed for professional uses. The plan that is available for $5 is for small businesses or startups. The new aspirants who are new to the field and still have a long way to go to attain their goal should go for this plan. You can use it for managing non-profit organisations as well. Be it social, cultural, religious or any other kind of team, Taskade has something to offer to each group. You will find a set of useful tools here to get your works done.    

The other one, which is available at $9 per month is for medium-size businesses and agencies. It comes with all that you get in the free and the other plan with some additional features. Taskade is still yet to explore the avenues that lead to large and global corporates but they have many such features which can easily make it fit for bigger organisations as well. 

Here is a detailed comparison of the plans – 

Free $5 / Month$9/ Month
Members Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Projects  10 Unlimited Unlimited 
File storage  100 MBUnlimited Unlimited 
Share with guests  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Subspaces Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 

Why is Taskade one of the best task management app? 

With the advancement of technology, people of the world are coming close to each other. As the digital divide is becoming narrower the world too is getting smaller. Today you can easily connect to a person sitting far away in a completely different time zone for the accomplishment of a mission. 

Taskade Review

The app allows you to create a project about anything under the sky. You can set a due date for every single task and hold live discussions for better collaboration. You can even upload media files like images and videos. This feature lets you make things clear to your teammates in case they are stuck somewhere. This feature is helpful for the newcomers also. Seeing things visually, they can get a clear picture of the entire project. There is no need to spare time for conducting an orientation session to make them familiar with the project, team and work culture. 

The most exciting feature of Taskade is it allows you to create your own templates. You can go to any extent to play with your creative ideas. It helps you to establish your brand image and do everything in accordance with that. You can be in line with your brand philosophy for every single thing. No technical knowledge required to use the app. All the features are self-explanatory. Just download the app and the rest will happen automatically. At the very first sight, you will get a clear idea about which you need to press for what purpose.    

 Here are the thighs that you can do with the help of Taskade – 

  • Create beautiful task lists, notes, and outlines
  • Share and collaborate with others instantly
  • Invite and add team members to workspaces
  • Chat and work together in real-time
  • Create unlimited nested outlines
  • Easy one-tap editing projects
  • Tag projects to organize and prioritize
  • Assign projects to multiple team members
  • Real-time syncing across your phone, tablet and computer
  • Beautiful and minimal interface
  • Elegantly simple, free to use

Our Verdict

Taskade allows you to automate repetitive workflow. It not just saves your time and energy but also helps you to get a maximum result with minimum effort and resources. With a small team, you can establish many big things.    

According to our experience, we provide an overall rating of 4.75/5 to Taskade. Below-mentioned is the rating in detail that you can check for better understanding. 

Ease of Use5/5
Value for Money5/5


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