Top 5 free plugins for adding pricing pages to your WordPress site

One of the most important aspects of a business website is the pricing page. WordPress currently hosts a large number of websites on the Internet, which is lucky for anyone who needs something like a great pricing page. WordPress comes complete with a seemingly never-ending list of plugins, all made to help you make your website better. Some of the most popular WordPress plugins are those that will help you to create or give you a quality pricing page.

We’ve put together a list of five of the best WordPress plugins that will help you add a pricing section to your website.

  1. Pricing Table Ready: This WordPress plugin offers a customizable interface with a lot of useful features and five templates. However, it does put a link on your site showing where the plugin came from, so this may not be the right choice for everyone. This plugin is responsive.
  2. The IND Pricing Table: This plugin offers a wide range of customizable options including the ability to add as many tables, rows, and columns to your pricing page. It also allows you to change the width and height of the rows and columns, change colors, and add gradient. You can also add icons to your pricing page. However, the icons available don’t look as good as you might expect and this website pricing plugin isn’t responsive.
  3. Kento Pricing: This plugin allows you to customize color, add multiple rows and columns, and choose a background image. However, with this WordPress plugin, you can only add one table to your website pricing page. This is another responsive plugin.
  4. Easy Pricing Tables: This website pricing plugin is, just as it’s name suggests, easy to use. You can also add multiple rows and columns as well as highlight any single column. It’s not as customizable as some, but it does allow you to control the border and some of the buttons and colors. This plugin is responsive.
  5. Pricing Table: This WordPress plugin offers three templates in the free version. It also offers a highly customizable interface while remaining easy to use. It’s templates are sleek and highly professional in appearance. While it is not responsive, this plugin does offer unlimited rows and columns as well as the use of shortcode.

When it comes to a website pricing page, you want to choose something that not only fits your website and looks professional, but is also a good fit for you and your abilities. It’s a good idea to look around at a few and even test them out before putting any serious work into one or choosing one that will permanently go on your website.

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