Top 6 heatmap tools for your WooCommerce website

Top 6 heatmap tools for your WooCommerce website

If you ever wanted to know what users do when they visit your WooCommerce website, then using Heatmaps is a great idea. Using a Heatmap tool, the website owner can easily understand the behaviour of visitors.

For instance, it is easy to visualize if visitors are scrolling down the page or they leave the website before looking at the other contents.

Similarly, a WooCommerce website owner may want to know if visitors are clicking on a specific button. These questions are easy to answer when there is good Heatmap software at your disposal.

It definitely comes handy if you are using a website to make profits because the Heatmap helps evaluate visitor behaviour that basic tools such as Google Analytics are unable to explain.

Go through the list of top 6 Heatmap tools that will help WooCommerce website owners convert more visitors.



HumCommerce is a free e-commerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool. It provides behavioural analytics (Heatmaps, visitor session recordings, etc.) in addition to traditional analytics (traffic source, Traffic data, etc.).

With HumCommerce, you can generate three types of heatmaps – click, scroll, and move.

Click heatmaps show areas where your visitors click on the most on your website. They track which area of the website is well received by the visitors and which aren’t. Scroll heatmaps visualize how far down your visitors are scrolling the page. Move heatmaps gather data based on the movements of the mouse. It acts as a complementary feature with click heatmaps which helps you understand how your visitors really use your website.

HumCommerce is running a lifetime deal where they’re giving away their pro plan ($49/month) for a one-time fee of $49.

It’s probably the best e-commerce analytics tool out there.

Crazy Egg

Crazy egg logo

Crazy Egg is one of the most popular heatmap tools for the purpose of tracking visitor behaviour on the page. The technology offered by Crazy Egg is useful for website owners who are comfortable visualizing and interpreting complex data. Basically, the tool offers multiple ways to look into visitor behaviour, which is extremely helpful.

The monthly payment plans for subscribers start from only $9 a month. Even the basic plan will allow subscribers to get their hands on detailed reports, which includes rich features such as Heatmap reports, Scrollmap reports, Confetti reports, and Overlay reports, among various other attributes. For more advanced users, they can track up to 100,000 visitors on 50 active pages for a mere $49 per month. In fact, Crazy Egg offers a 30-day trial to let website owners evaluate the powerful product.

Lucky Orange

lucky orange logo

If you are new to the concept of Heatmaps, it may be better to utilize the services of the extremely user-friendly interface of Lucky Orange. Just like Crazy Egg, this tool also offers a variety of features that can help gauge the behaviour of website visitors.

However, Lucky Orange take things further by providing analytics such as live sessions and visitors recordings. As a result, subscribers can easily view the behaviour of website visitors in real-time.

Lucky Orange also offers multiple payment options. The basic plan starts with only $10 a month, which includes most features such as live sessions and visitor recordings. If you manage a large organization, then it is possible to track up to 1 Million visitors on 25 different websites for only $100 a month. In fact, Lucky Orange offers a free 7-day trial without requiring a credit card.


clicktale logo

For website owners who want something different and even a more powerful interface, ClickTale is the answer. It offers an advanced version of Heatmaps. Unlike Crazy Egg or Lucky Orange, the product is designed for large corporations or popular web pages that have at least 500,000 views every month. Accordingly, a potential user of the tool will need to talk to a consultant about their specific requirements. The final price of the software will also depend on the type of usage and the number of visitors that are to be tracked.

This industry-leading software is different from its competitors because it allows website owners to investigate visitor behaviour using conversion funnels, form analytics, and session playbacks. When combined with the Heatmap, these heatmap tools are a powerful remedy for identifying and answering a lot of questions that other Heatmaps are unable to answer. Using the software, managers can investigate complex user behaviour to increase conversions and amplify return on investment.


inspectlet logo

This product can be used as an alternative to enterprise products such as ClickTale. Unlike ClickTale, InspectLet is designed for an average website owner who requires Heatmaps and live recording sessions without paying exorbitant amounts. For instance, the most basic price level is free of cost, which will allow website owners to track 1000 visitors.

Even the free version will allow subscribers to record visitor sessions and utilize the full strength of its Heatmap Suite. The Heatmap Suites includes eye-tracking, scroll, and Mouse-Click Heatmaps for up to 10,000 page views every month. The only downside is that subscribers will need to pay $39 per month for 50,000 visitors in order to scale up. Upgrading to the next level usually means allocating more capital per month.


Mouseflow logo

MouseFlow is another very powerful product, which is similar to InspectLet in many aspects. It also lets website owners integrate session playbacks and Heatmaps to understand the visitor behaviour.

However, the basic plan starts with $29 per month for 10,000 page views. This may seem expansive compared to some of the other tools that we have discussed; however, MouseFlow offers advanced analytics, which includes uncovering path analytics, mobile support, psychological analytics, and much more. It is easy to suggest that MouseFlow falls between InspectLet and ClickTale.

Therefore, if you want to use advanced filters and Heatmap visualizations, MouseFlow is very attractive software in a reasonable price range.

Conclusion: Which heatmap tools is perfect for you?

Regarding Heatmap tools described above, it should be noted that each of the tools is different from the other. The decision to use a specific software will depend on how much data you are comfortable analyzing. And how much you are willing to pay for it. As these are powerful heatmap tools that can help crunch a lot of visitor numbers, just remember to pay only for what you intend to use.

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