Top 12 Slider Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Having the right elements and features gives your website an edge over your competitors. User-friendly interface, catchy and to-the-point content, beautiful images, and easy navigation are some of the basic requirements of a good-looking site. And one of the important segments of the website is image sliders. Image sliders make it easy to showcase your products and services with amazing alterations and a variety of effects. To make the slideshow more effective and elegant, modern image slider plugins for WordPress also come with descriptions and text along with layered animation.
Having some image slider plugins would do good for your website.

How to choose a slider plugin?

How to choose a Slider plugin?
  • Ease of use 

The first thing you need to check while selecting a WordPress slider plugin is whether it is easy to use. If you are not comfortable using the plugin, lots of work will get hampered. If you are not a technical person, go for a plugin that is simple and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. 

  • Responsive 

You must make sure that the plugin you are using is responsive. Nowadays most websites are responsive because people use their phones more for browsing purposes. So, the site design must adjust to the small screen sizes. If your slider is not fit for all devices, it is a drawback for you. 

  • Good speed 

Speed is an important factor in the case of a slider plugin. If the slider slows down it decreases the loading time of a website causing irritation for the viewers. If they switch to some other site, it’s a big loss for you. So, you must go for a fast plugin. 

So how do you go through hundreds of slider plugins and check for all of this? Well, you don’t have to. We did the research for you and below are our results for the best WordPress slider-



Slidecdeck is a responsive and simple WordPress slider plugin. It comes with many easy-to-use features which let you create impressive and eye-catching sliders on your own. It has a blazing fast speed. Hardly any plugin will make you build a slider so fast.  

The plugin comes with 35 pre-designed slider templates to give your slide an attractive look. It has 20 unique designs. It allows you to pull content from external websites. 

Slidedeck works well with any gallery plugins and themes. You can schedule your sliders and customize almost every element of your slides. It is a beginner-friendly plugin.    


  • Product slider 
  • Testimonial slider 
  • Post slider 
  • Image slider 
  • Video slider
  • Woocommerce Integration 


It is available in both free and premium versions. There are three pricing plans – 

  • Personal – $25 1 site 
  • Business – $45 3 sites 
  • Agency – $95 unlimited sites 

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is a feature-rich WordPress slider plugin. It comes with 180+ pre-designed templates,  slide libraries, and varied control elements. You may add customizable background colors and gradients to your slides. Absolute positioning allows you to drag any layer to any area of your canvas. You may add a video to the background of the slides. 

Smart Slider is fully responsive. You may change the black point values and add new back points to adapt to your website or any specific device. You may hide layers, slides, and even the whole slider if you need it. The pro versions offer you different types of animation and effects. 

The plugin is SEO-friendly and translation-ready. It works well with most of the latest WordPress plugins. The pro versions are eCommerce ready. It is user-friendly and easily customizable. 


  • Drag & drop editor 
  • Image optimization 
  • Image cropping 
  • Colour management 
  • Community group 


The plugin is available in both free and premium versions. There are three printing plans – 

  • Single domain – $35 for 1 site 
  • Business – $150 for 10 sites 
  • Unlimited – $250 for unlimited sites 


Soliloquy - Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Soliloquy is a dynamic slider plugin. It comes with attractive pre-built templates to customize your responsive slider. You may have the display of the slides in a full-screen lightbox mode to catch the eyes of the viewers. 

The plugin allows you to create slides from blog posts, social media images, testimonials, and many more. You may turn any slider WordPress into a responsive carousel. There are options to speed up the slider creation. You may add custom CSS and different styles to your WordPress sliders. 

Soliloquy is a professional slider plugin for WordPress. It is easy to use. It comes with excellent features to convert your site into a classy eCommerce store in minutes.  


  • Drag & drop builder 
  • WooCommerce integrated 
  • Social media integration 
  • PDF slider 
  • Schedule slider 
  • Disable right-click 


There are four different pricing plans – 

  • Personal – $19 for beginners 
  • Multi – $49  for mid-level professionals 
  • Developers – $99 for technical persons 
  • Agency – $249 for business websites 

Meta Slider

MetaSlider WordPress plugin

Meta slider is a modern slider plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create stunning responsive sliders in minutes. You may create different types of slides like video, image, carousel, and post feed.   

The plugin comes with a number of free professional slider themes. You may schedule your slides and make them appear only on specific dates and times. There is priority support.  

Meta Slider is a developer-friendly plugin. It is integrated with 3.5 media managers. It shows its functionality through various WordPress filters and actions. It is compatible with most of the new WordPress add-ons. You may customize it exactly the way you want.  


  • Image slides 
  • Video slides 
  • Animated layer slides 
  • Thumbnail navigation 
  • Live theme editor 
  • Gutenberg compatible 


The plugin is available in both free and premium versions. There are three plans – 

  • 1-2 sites – $39 
  • 5 sites – $ 59 
  • 20 sites – $ 89
  • Unlimited sites – $189 

Master Slider

Master Slider is a responsive and touch slider plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create an image and video slider that will fit all devices in minutes. It has smooth hardware accelerated transitions. With this, you can have touch transitions with pure swipe gestures. 

The plugin comes with HTML5 valid and clean markups. Users may manage slide shows with a powerful autoplay time option. It has an easy-to-use admin panel. There are options to customize user panels and capabilities.  

Master Slider works with any theme and it is compatible with most of the new WordPress plugins. It is well documented and beginner-friendly. No coding knowledge is required to use this.   


  • Drag & drop creation
  • Cross-browser compatible 
  • Touch swipe navigation 
  • Built-in cache boosting 
  • Smart memory management 


Master slider is a free plugin. 

Slide Anything

Slide anything WordPress plugin

Slide Anything is a responsive slider plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create responsive WordPress sliders with anything as content. It comes with many sliding options and new transition effects. You can edit each slider separately. 

Slide Anything has the feature to customize the background of any slide. You may design your slide backgrounds with CSS background-position, size, and repeat settings. The pro version allows you to hide slides and thumbnails if you wish to. 

Slide Anything is easy to use. It offers any setting options. You can reorder the slides facility with a drag & drop interface. 


  • Touch & drag support 
  • Lazy load images 
  • Infinite looping 
  • Slide link features 


Slide Anything is a free plugin. There is a pro version also available at $10. 

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution is one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins. It allows you to create sliders and carousels, hero headers, and content modules. You can even create a whole website using some add-ons.  

The plugin comes with many pre-built templates, attractive images videos, and icons to design your slides nicely. There are in-depth animation settings. You may add multiple animation steps to each layer of animation.

Slider Revolution is a professional plugin. But it comes with structured documentation and video tutorials. So, anybody, even the beginners may use it easily.  It is very hast and easily customizable. 


  • Visual editor 
  • Animation effects 
  • 200+ Templates 
  • 20 + Add ons 
  • Media asset library 


Slider Revolution is available at $29 

Layer Slider

Layer Slider WordPress plugin

Layer Slider is a responsive slider plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create responsive customizable sliders easily.  With this, you can create images, videos, and HTML content sliders.  You can set slider amination for each slide in the slider. 

Layer Slider supports GOogle fonts for layers. It supports WordPress shortcodes. It has advanced navigation buttons for slider navigation. You can set and manage the order of the sliders in the slider. 

Layer slider is SEO-friendly. The pro version allows you to slider appearance customization and layer color customization. It is well documented and easy to customize.  


  • Visual slider builder 
  • Drag & drop editor 
  • Image, video & ext layers
  • Live admin preview
  • Animation effects  


Layer Slider is a free plugin. There is a pro version also available at $23 

Royal Slider

RoyalSlider - Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Royal Slider is an image gallery and content slider plugin. It comes with 4 unique skins. You can easily edit them using  CSS. It is a photoshop file included plugin. Its full-screen feature has native HTML5 full-screen support. It is ideal for a high-resolution photo gallery. 

The plugin has features for permalinks. It allows linking the slides to any URL. you can place image scrollers anywhere on your pages. It doesn’t vertical scroller or default browser zoom. It even works when javascript is disabled. 

Royal Slider is a professional WordPress slider plugin. It is used mainly by corporates and agencies. It is not very beginner-friendly. But the plugin is well documented. Anybody can use it. 


  • Touch swipe navigation support 
  • Hardware-accelerated CSS3 transition  
  • Lazy loading 
  • Memory management 
  • Optional keyword navigation 


Royal Slider is available at $24 

Flex Slider

Flexslider WordPress Slider Toolkit by WooThemes

Flex Slider is a feature-rich slider plugin for WordPress. It comes with iOS swipe gestures, CSS3 transitions, and Callback API. it supports multiple slides. There is customizable configuration support for small file sizes. 

The plugin has hardware accelerated touch swipe support. It is compatible with the latest version of jquery. It is a developer-friendly plugin. It requires some configuration for installation and customization. 


  • Semantic & simple markup
  • Cross-browser compatible 
  • Custom navigation options
  • Horizontal & vertical slides 
  • Fade animations  


Flex Slider is available at $49 

Slider by 10 Web

Slider by WD

Slider by 10Web is a responsive WordPress image slider. It comes with features for image watermarking landslide import and export options. It has 25+ transition effects and 30+ layer effects. 

Slider by 10Web is SEO-friendly and fast loading. It ensures better viewer engagement and user experience. The premium version allows you to create multifunctional sliders.    


  • Unlimited sliders 
  • Multiple layers 
  • Advanced transitions 
  • Social sharing buttons 
  • Parallax & carousel support 


Slider by 10 WB is available in both free and premium versions. There are three plans – 

  • Basic – $20
  • Standard – $30 
  • Advanced – $40 

WP Slick Slider 

WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel

WP Slick Slider is an advanced WordPress slider plugin. It comes with 30 image slider designs, 33 slider variable-width designs and 90 pre-defined designs. It has custom CSS plugin setting options. There is WP Bakery page builder support. 

The plugin is responsive and multilingual ready. It comes with advanced shortcodes with shortcode parameters. It is accessible with arrow key navigation autoplay, dots, arrows etc.  

WP Slick Slider is responsive and developer-friendly. You need a bit of coding knowledge to customize this. This is designed for professional use.


  • Drag & drop slide order change 
  • Navigation support 
  • Gutenberg block enabled 
  • Multiple slider parameters 
  • RTL support 


WP Slick Slider is available in both free and premium versions. The pro version is available at $53

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