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10 Must Have Plugins For Your Business Website

WordPress is a simple, manageable, and accessible Content Management System (CMS) that is popularly used for websites and blogs. One of the things that make WordPress a reliable platform is its feasibility to extend the solutions limitlessly and easy maintenance tasks. With an array of plugins, themes, and extensive support, it is pretty difficult to overlook WordPress’s appeal. 

With the help of these top 10 must-have WordPress plugins, converting any regular website into a versatile one is a seamless process. These plugins help add new functionalities and features to the site. However, since plenty of plugins are available out there, choosing one out of all could be a hassle. 

Here, you can find a well-researched and curated list of the top 10 must-have WordPress plugins for every business website. Let’s have a glance. 

Importance of Top WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are software components that have been written in the PHP language to integrate extra features into the site. These plugins help streamline the process of incorporating elements to the site without compiling any code line. Also, these plugins can be both complex and simple. 

And then, whether you wish to pay for them or not would be your choice as plugins are available in both free and premium versions. Additionally, plugin API offers a significant set of hooks and filters that enable developers to edit the existing functionality and add new ones. 

Developers can also use WordPress content types, taxonomies, and content types that allow users to keep a variety of content. 

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

Here is a compilation of the best WordPress extensions that you can use on your business website:

1. Thrive Leads

Must have WordPress plugins - Thrive Leads

The first one in the list of must-have WordPress plugins, choosing Thrive Leads will help you build a mailing list faster than before. With an ultimate increase in conversions, switching to this plugin will help you accomplish various tasks. Apart from a mere list-building solution, this tool also looks after conversion optimization.

The plugin combines almost every type of opt-in form in one plugin. Furthermore, with a seamless drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create alluring designs. By showing targeted offers based on tags, categories, and posts, you can quickly boost your conversion rate. 

Top 10 WordPress plugins- WP Legal PAges

This awesome plugin allows you to comply with the legal policies, irrespective of your location. Not just these pages save your brand reputation but also avert economic loss.

To help you out, WP Legal Pages is one such WordPress plugin that aids in developing legal policy pages. Available in freemium version, this plugin has 25+ automated legal policy templates. 

Moreover, it supports multi-language translations, enabling you to set up the pages in varying languages, including Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and English. 

3. Social Warfare

top wordPress plugins- social warfare

One of the most used WordPress plugins, with social warfare plugin, you can easily add lightning-fast, beautiful share buttons to your WordPress website. The plugin concentrates on the aesthetic design appeal to make your site look gorgeous and customize the colors as per your preference.

The plugin supports a works-out-of-the-box setup that makes it easier to set up social sharing buttons. Considering that the plugin is lightweight and lightning fast, it will make your site load faster. 

best wordpress extensions -GDPRc ookie consent

Complying with the EU GDPR’s cookie consent and other rules and regulations is one of the essential steps to take. To help you out in that sense, this WordPress plugin comes ahead with the best of features.

With a completely customizable cookie consent bar on the website, you can get visitor consents with ease. Also, you can display a completely customized notice with a Do Not Sell link on the site. The plugin also supports WPML; hence, translations will not be an issue anymore. 

5. WP Smush


Optimizing images is one of the essential steps to make your website load faster. WP Smush is one such plugin that helps you with the same. Be it compressing the image or resizing the same, using this one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs can improve Google page speed. 

If you want, you can also optimize and compress up to 50 images just with one click. The plugin lets you set up the maximum width and height of the images. While uploading the media, you can quickly detect images with the incorrect size, leading to the slow speed of the site. 

6. WP Raffle

raffle press

One of the best ways to attract the audience and retain visitors is by launching a giveaway or a contest. With the free version of WP Raffle, you can generate almost 500 unique raffle ticker numbers and recycle them as well.

On the other hand, taking the pro version can allow you to generate unlimited unique raffle ticker numbers. On top of that, you can completely configure the number format as well. 

7. Hello Bar

Hello bar

Looking forward to converting visitors into subscribers, leads and buyers? If yes, Hello Bar can help you in this process. With this plugin, you can design attractive, beautiful popups for the site, which will eventually help retain more users.

You can create these popups in the form of sliders, modals, and bars. Easy-to-use, this plugin is highly customizable. With the plugin, you can also target users by their visits, locations, devices, and the pages they visit.

8. HumCommerce

Must have WordPress plugin - HumCommerce

If you have an online store that is not generating enough customers, it’s time you go deep into the reasons behind this. And, with HumCommerce, your finding can become easier and quicker. 

A free WordPress plugin, HumCommerce is one of the best WordPress extensions. It automatically evaluates your website traffic and creates a report of the issues preventing visitors from buying. With this tool, you get a complete list of user session recordings that showcase the issues coming up whenever a customer wants to buy something. From there on, you can fix those issues and increase your conversion rate as easily as possible. 

9. MailChimp

Best WordPRess extensions- MAilchimp

With email marketing generating satisfactory results, having a reliable tool to help with this activity will keep you on the positive side. With MailChimp, you can combine your audience data, insights, and channels to reach the goal faster with a single platform.

This inbuilt marketing tool helps boost sales to a great extent. With this plugin, you can build emails, landing pages, social ads, postcards and a lot of other things – right from one place. 

10. WP AdCenter

Must have WordPRess plugin- WP AdCenter

When it comes to monetizing the website by displaying ads, the WP AdCenter ad manager plugin is the one to choose. With this tool, you can seamlessly display unlimited ads from a variety of popular networks, such as, Amazon Ads, Google AdSense, and more. 

Apart from that, this tool also lets you host custom banner ads on the site. With third-party advertiser accounts, you can let other people showcase ads on your website. Amidst other positive features, you get ad placement, ad network integration, inbuilt stats and reports, and much more. 

Wrapping Up

When you start with your business website, being in a dilemma so as to which plugin to choose could lead to a problematic situation. To avert these issues, you can go through the plugins mentioned above and understand their features well before choosing one. 

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  1. Pasquale Mellone

    June 23, 2021 at 9:13 pm

    Thanks for writing this article. Personally, I would add at least an SEO plugin, Rank Math or Yoast, and an optimisation one, WP Rocket. Among the plugins that you mention, I would replace Mailchimp with Mailpoet.


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