Most user friendly WordPress sites

10 User-Friendly WordPress Sites

WordPress has evolved a lot from what it was earlier. It is no more just a collection of content and posts. It has evolved to be one of the best platforms for celebrated brands to keep in touch with their customers and potential customers. Its ease and simplicity is enhanced through its innumerable plugins and themes, which give a wide array of options to customize your site or blog just the way you want to have it. To prove it, hereunder, we have gathered examples of 10 user-friendly WordPress sites that you must look at. You can build great user-friendly WordPress sites.

1) Travel Portland

This is a simple yet elegant WordPress site. It is about tourism in Portland, US, which encourages people to visit here and explore the city. Monthly events and the best attractions are placed strategically throughout the site. A responsive theme is used on this site based on Zurb’s Foundation Framework. Mapbox, Storify, Choose Culture are some of the API used in the site for better user experience.

2) I Shot Him

With an impressive interface, I Shot Him, has nailed its rank on the chart. Being a design studio they have selected a well suitable layout for their site. The creative their profession is, the equally creative their site appears. It is exceptionally simple and intriguing and requires less to no efforts to understand the site once you land on it.

3) Worry Free Labs

Worry Free Labs is an agency based on providing the best UI/UX designs and development on mobiles. Based out of New York, its founder Jason Curry feels to setup a responsive site, nothing is better than WordPress. You can effortlessly navigate from its site, to its blog to its featured work and anything else that you would like to see out there.

4) Toronto standard

Toronto Standard, news based website, uses HTML5 and CCS3 on the site. They wanted a highly responsive site, so the agency in charge of setting it up chose WordPress. It is an easy to use site and no hard and fast rules are applied to it.

5) Harvey Nichols

A fashion brand should depict fashion in every walk of its occupation. Its website, thus, had to be charming. Pod1, an agency who undertook the task of developing their website wanted to make their online presence a sensation, and they came out exultantly. This website is a live example of a strong CMS site. With its huge images throughout the site, it has proved how well WordPress has worked for its loading.

6) Little

An exceedingly colorful and extraordinary website, Little, is a user friendly website. Its life size images, fit for retina screens are impressive in itself. Navigation from one page to another is made extremely effortless. They say, at Little, within their walls everyone is a designer in their own right. This is aptly proven by the website they have presented.

7) Tornobambino

Tornobambino always updates itself with themes and plugins most suitable for itself. It has mastered the CMS and has developed a fully responsive site. It customizes its plugins efficiently and puts forth a customer satisfied, highly impressive site.

8) Jess Marks Photography

Jess Marks, a wedding photographer says WordPress is the smartest option for CMS. Its ease of use and proficiency is remarkable. A simple layout and navigation with the use of various plugins has made it a highly efficient website.

9) Work by Simson

Work by Simson, a design studio, is has always preferred WordPress as their CMS. This site works as their portfolio and blog. Usage of extensive plugins and themes from time to time has kept it abreast with the new updates of WordPress. It is very effective for its users and capable of attracting a considerable number of eyeballs.

10) Branded07

A minutely detailed blog, designed by Rob Palmer is a very graceful and stylish blog. For all of its content, it has tailor made layouts. The selection of a perfect theme to the use of effective plugins it has made a mark everywhere. With its charming styles and pleasing look, it has an appreciable audience.

These examples of WordPress sites showcase how efficient as a CMS WordPress is. It can be molded, twisted, turned, and fully customized.

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