4 AdSense Themes for WordPress in 2020

Who would say no to easy income? We start a blog and most of us would like to monetize it. Yet, very rarely do you see a blog that is making money optimally. Either because the ads are not placed at the right places or they are victims of ad blindness.

Fortunately, WordPress developers have developed many themes that specifically focus on making more money for your blog. Almost all of them are responsive, have Google AdSense recommended ad placements and offer social networking integration. They are all easy to install and access using your dashboard’s side panel. And they all promise super-fast load times.

Unfortunately, all of them also don’t satisfy aesthetically. Most of them are extremely simple and offer very little maneuverability in terms of layout and other appearance options.

The trick then is to bring you options that overcome the two drawbacks while offering you the basics. At the same time, you should be able to use the ad blocks easily, customize them as you like and it should optimize income. Keeping these constraints in mind, I recommend the following themes.

1. CTR Theme Plus

Over and above the basic customization options CTR Theme Plus offers –

  • Ad randomization
  • Lots and lots of AdSense options
  • Intuitive backend

Ad randomization: Ad blindness is becoming more and more of a problem with every passing day. As regular users of the web, our brain is training itself to ignore ads or whatever looks like an ad. CTR Theme Plus attempts to combat that by randomizing the placement of ads. It allows you to change the layout of the site, including the ad positions and sizes. No other theme offers this feature.

Lots and lots of AdSense options:
CTR Theme Plus Adsense Options
None of the other themes give you a choice of so many layout options, that too with the facility to track layout performance.

Intuitive backend: A clean neat way to find your way through the customization options, it divides the CTR Theme Plus (accessible from the sidebar as a separate option) Settings into three sections – General, AdSense and SEO. This makes the change of theme a breeze while giving you a lot of choices.

Additional features:

  • Option to hide ads: You can hide ads for traffic coming through from specific domain names. This makes your blog reader-friendly.
  • Enable Google search engine: You can easily create a search widget and make money on AdSense on search results of your site too.
  • Over 10 sub-themes: You can tinker around with the layout, number of columns, colors by using one of the sub-themes CTR Theme Plus offers.

2. HeatMap AdAptive

The HeatMap AdAptive WordPress AdSense theme offers many options for ad positions.

Friendly backend: While it might be difficult to locate the option, once you know that you have to add a widget called “HeatMap AdAptive Ad”, it is very logical. The widget lets you pick where you’d like the ad to show and all you have to do is stick in the ad code from AdSense and you are ready to go!
HeatMap AdAptive Ad Options

Layouts and Color Schemes: HeatMap AdAptive does have four options for the layout of sidebars which might sound too few but are more than enough to suit most purposes. In addition, it gives you two options for color schemes in the basic version and about fifteen more color scheme options in the premium version.

3. TruePixel
While TruePixel has only two layout options and the ad placement options aren’t the most intuitive, it gives you enough appearances options to make it worth your while. It has some cool inbuilt features too.
True Pixel Backend Options

  • Set any color scheme
  • Choose from over 60 backgrounds and you can pick your custom background
  • New typography with lots of font options
  • One of the themes that offer logo and favicon options and has Adsense integration
  • Have a home page slider.
  • Pick a pagination type to make your site sticky.
  • Use Lightbox option for images
  • Customize the header of your blog

4. Adsticle
Adsticle focuses on giving you options for different ad sizes. It does give a few customization options. So, it is your best bet if you want to keep things simple and just want a quick way to optimize your ad revenue. Also, it is a free theme.
Adsticle Ad Options

Other than the above there are innumerable themes out there that integrate AdSense. “My theme shop” itself has many. But, the options they give for ads is very limited and generic. There are a few themes that give a few more options but not a whole lot more.
My Theme Shop - General

Depending on what you are looking for then, the four themes mentioned above should give you a wide range to pick from as far as revenue optimization is concerned. But if you want to use AdSense with your own theme, instead of the above-given themes, you can use a plugin – WP Ad Center.

5. WP AdCenter
With WP AdCenter you get complete control over how your ads are created and displayed. You can display image banners or ads from ad networks like Google AdSense,, and Amazon advertising.

WP AdCenter


  • Display responsive ads anywhere on your WordPress website using a Gutenberg block and simple shortcodes.
  • Display image banner ads.
  • Display ads from ad networks including Google AdSense, Amazon Shopping Ads,, and more.
  • Create unlimited ad-zones to display single or multiple ads.
  • Unlimited advertiser accounts.

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