WordPress Testimonial Plugin

How to use WordPress Testimonial Plugin

WP Testimonial Plus is a WordPress Testimonial Plugin to showcase testimonials on your site in a sophisticated & elegant layout.

WordPress Testimonial Plugin


1. Download the wp-testimonial-plus.zip file & unzip to plugins folder located at
2. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins

activate WP Testimonial Plus

3. Activate WordPress Testimonial Plugin.
4. Add a new page / post to add a WP Testimonial Plus layout to your site. Click on Create Testimonial button.

WordPress Testimonial Plugin button

Managing WordPress Testimonial Plugin

WP Testimonial Plus, the WordPress Testimonial Plugin will generate the shortcode automatically based on the layout & it’s settings as you create them. It provides an option to enable / disable the auto-play slider to scroll through the testmonials.

Testimonials : Showcase testimonials by users about your site with the Testimonials layout.

WordPress Testimonial Plugin  layout
Name : Name of the testimonial writer.
Designation : Designation of the testimonial writer.
Testimonial : Testimonial text.
Image : Profile image to be displayed in the layout. Click Upload to upload an image.
No. Of Testimonials : Specify the number of testimonials to display per slide.
Autoplay : True | False. Enable / disable the auto-play slider.

Click Ok to generate the shortcode. Paste this shortcode in any post / page to embed the WP Testimonial Plus layout.

WordPress Testimonial Plugin Demo

So that’s pretty much what you need to know in order to use WordPress Testimonial Plugin effectively. If you know of any other tips that I may have missed, do let me know by leaving a comment here.

Display testimonials beautifully by users using WP Testimonial Plus on your WordPress site.

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