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How to add Meta Description in WordPress

How To Add Meta Descriptions In WordPress

Want to add a meta description to your website? Don’t know how to move forward? We have brought here a detailed step by step guide about how to create a WordPress meta description.

A good meta description increases your click-through rate. You can achieve high click-through rate with few conversion boosting plugins. It has its own impact on SEO rank as well. Our article is a beginner’s guide. Hope after going through the article, you’ll be able to add a meta description to your WordPress site easily.   

What is a meta description? 

A meta description is an HTML tag. It’s a short description that summarises the content of a webpage. Users would click and visit your site if this description is relevant for their search. In the search engine result page (SERP), search engines would usually show you the same meta description as the one you’ve updated on the post/page. The part marked in the red in the SERP screenshot below shows the meta description displayed in Google Search.

The part marked in the red in the SERP screenshot shows the meta description displayed in Google Search.

How to add meta description in WordPress?

Usually, Google will display the appropriate description to show based on the user query and the text content on your page. In case you want to have finer control, You can easily add meta description in WordPress with some popular WordPress plugins. 

The right social metadata, including optimized images, helps content to spread, which often leads to increased links and mentions. When sharing your WordPress posts on social media, first, ensure that your WordPress site has the right social sharing metadata for every social network.

Here we will show you how to write a  WordPress meta description using three different plugins: 

Using Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin for optimization. It is available in both free and premium versions. To add meta description to WordPress sites here are the steps you need to follow – 

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Install & activate Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO on WordPress.com
  • Scroll down and go to Yoast SEO section 
  • You will find a new tab  “Enter your focus keyword”
  • Click on the “Edit snippet” button 
Edit Snippet
  • Add SEO title & meta description in the respective boxes 
  • Click on Close snippet editor
  • Your meta description is created  

Using Rank Math SEO

Rank math is a professional WordPress SEO plugin. It comes with many advanced options to add meta description to WordPress. Using this plugin, you can create a meta description following the steps below – 

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard. 
  • Install & Activate  Rank Math 
Rank Math SEO Plugin
Go to Titles & Meta
  •  The Titles and Meta options will appear. Here is a list of all the tabs in the Title and Meta Settings 
List of Tabs
  • A search box will appear on your screen.
Search Options
  • You can type the name of the page or section there for which you’ll write the metatext.    
  • A box will appear on your screen. 
Set Global Meta
Image Source: rankmath
  • Add the details there and save. 
  • Your metadata is ready.  

Global meta allows you to go for further setting options like No index, No follow etc. With these settings, you can fix the way in which you want your pages to appear in search results.     

Using Jetpack

Jetpack is a powerful plugin by WordPress. It is for SEO, security, performance, and site management. With the professional version of Jetpack, you can create your WordPress site description within a few minutes.    

Jetpack by WordPress.com

After you install and activate the Jetpack SEO plugin, all you need to do is to follow the steps below – 

  • Go to Settings -> SEO in Jetpack.
  • In the SEO description box, you can customize the meta description for each page
  • In the front page “meta description box” customize the meta description for the front page.
  • Your meta description will be created. 
Front Page Meta Descritpion

How to add meta descriptions for products to your site?

WordPress allows you to create additional meta descriptions like product descriptions on your site. Here we will show you how to create additional meta descriptions using Yoast SEO – 

  • Go to your dashboard  
  • Go to SEO -> Search Appearance 
Go to Search Appearance
Add meta to homepage and front page
  • Go to Content type 
  • Content type lets you create one meta description for the  pages and another one for products 
  • The settings on this page will allow you to know which type of content will appear on the search result and what their description will be. 
Yoast SEO
  • You can use any variables of your choice to fill the template. They can be names of products or title of pages etc. in this case, enter your product name. 
  • Add the product description in the respective section. 
  • Make sure to add exclusive features of your product and use focus keywords 
  • After you have entered all the necessary details, click on “Save”. 
  • The meta description for your product is created.    

Tips to improve your meta description using Yoast SEO

The premium version of Yoast SEO allows you to check the effectiveness of your meta description. It comes with a Focus Keyphrase option. You can improve the quality of your meta description following the steps below – 

  • Type your description in the Focus Keyphrase field. In the synonym section, type the synonyms of your key phrases to improve your readability.  
  • Optimize your description following the descriptions in the Analysis Result section. 
  • It will turn green after you enter all the recommendations indicating your readability is now improved. 

Tips to create a good meta description 

  • Keep it short and simple 

Meta description in WordPress means short snippets. Try to keep it within 160 characters.  Also, simple language is the key to viewers’ engagement. Make it descriptive with simple words.  

  • Use active voice and make it actionable 

Use active voice as much as possible. The visitors should feel that you’re addressing them directly. They should come to know at a glance what they will get if they click on the link and feel like clicking on it.   

  • Add CTA

A strong and catchy call to action compels the visitors to click on the link and to your pages. Meta texts are in most of the cases simple sales texts. So, use very appealing words like “Click For a Free Trial”, “Grab The Offer Now” etc. 

  • Use focus keywords 

Keywords in meta description makes it relevant for the User’s search intention. Having the correct keyword will make the read and click on the link. Ensure to have your primary keyword in the meta description Remember the text here is to communicate to your user why they should visit the website. Having too many keywords dilutes the communication and makes it difficult to read So, use only focus on your primary keywords to get relevant traffic from SERP.  

  • Make sure your meta text matches your page content 

Have clarity of thought on what your page content is about. With the text message, your potential customer should get a complete picture of what to expect on the landing page. Make sure that your meta description is not misleading. If it’s not relevant to the landing page, it will increase your bounce rate. Google may also penalize your website if it’s found that you’re doing any tricks to increase your click-through rate.   

Importance of meta description for SEO

Meta descriptions draw viewers to your site from search engine rank pages. They serve as ad copies for your pages. But they are not as important for SEO ranking as they are for click-throughs. However, if your meta texts satisfy search queries of viewers, you may get good SERP positions. 

Characteristics of a good meta description

  • Length 

The optimal length for meta descriptions is 155 – 160 characters. But the length may vary depending on the topics and situations. It can be further stretched up to 300 – 320 characters. It is advisable to make the meta description in WordPress long enough to describe a page properly. 

  • Tone 

The meta description on a WordPress site should reflect the house style and tone of your brand. You should always be careful about your brand image while writing the meta description.  

  • Keywords 

Add WordPress keywords in your meta description to get a better SEO rank. But, remember it is a short snippet. So, use some strong keywords which are of high volume. Avoid using too many keywords.  

  • Value to readers 

A strong meta description should tell the viewers in what way they will be beneficial if they click on your content’s URL. So, state clearly what they will gain or learn if they visit your pages.  

Examples of Meta Description


Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, offering the safest, quickest electric cars on the road and integrated energy solutions. 

Tesla SERP

What’s Unique about it?

It is very short, merely 22 words. It conveys clearly what the company produces and represents. And, also the brand value. 


Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of the breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos, just for you. 

Reddit SERP

What’s unique about it?

It conveys the mission of the company, “The best of the internet” and also gives a clear message about the product. It addresses the viewers directly.


675 million+ members | Manage your professional identity.

LinkedIn SERP

What’s unique about it?

It describes clearly what LinkedIn is all about. Also, tells people clearly what benefits they’ll have if they join the LinkedIn network. 


Hope our article helped you to learn how to add meta description to WordPress websites. If you are feeling confident, don’t wait, just move ahead. You’ll create a classy meta description in a few minutes. 

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