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Wpeka x Alidropship review

AliDropship Review- A Powerful Plugin For Your Dropshipping Business

Often, dropshipping advertisements are competent enough to assure financial wealth and success without investing too much. However, those who are familiar with this concept would know it isn’t easy to deal with. Thus, to accelerate the process for vendors and make the business handling easier, there seems to be no lack of tools, courtesy to the similarity of dropshipping with systematic eCommerce. Keeping this in mind, AliDropship is one such tool that can help substantially.

The plugin comes from the basket of AliExpress, which is a part of Alibaba – a large group from China. As per some reports, almost 33% of online retailers use dropshipping as the primary method of fulfilling orders. 

AliDroship Homepage

Several such suppliers distribute their products through AliExpress, and then they’re resold by third-party foreign dropship entrepreneurs. Therefore, AliDropship is one such platform that allows you to create a dropshipping business by selling AliExpress products. 

AliDropship plugin is worthwhile and appropriate for any marketer who is looking forward to running a successful dropshipping business with higher mobility. 

After all, with the help of a precise plugin, selling reliable and high-quality products on the online store becomes much easier. In this Alidropship review, we’re going to outline the features and the worth of this tool while covering the following segments: 

  • What is AlidropShip?
  • Features of Alidropship plugin
  • Installation & Activation
  • Pricing
  • Alidropship vs Shopify
  • Is it the right fit for you? 

What Is Alidropship Plugin?

For dropshipping businesses based on WordPress and WooCommerce, AliDropship is one powerful solution. Fundamentally, the primary functions of the AliDropship and WordPress combination, such as product import, pricing automation, auto-order fulfillments.

This one-click plugin is developed by drop shippers for drop shippers and has the potential to turn the entire WordPress website into a completely functional online store with essential dropshipping options.

So far, more than 50,000 online stores have been built with this plugin. Thus, if you aren’t looking forward to investing efforts and a huge amount in a platform, you can use this plugin and get Alidropship hosting along with it. 

How Does It Work?

To explain the Alidropship custom store development method in a layman’s language, AliDropship connects WordPress stores and enables you to navigate through AliExpress and choose products. Once done, the selected products are automatically sent to the shop along with the product details, such as pictures, titles, descriptions, and more.

After you have downloaded the plugin, go to your Dashboard – Plugins -Add New and upload the zip file you have downloaded to your computer.

Add AliDropship Plugin

When you have successfully uploaded the plugin, the Alidropship tab will appear in the sidebar menu within the dashboard. You need to have a high performance hosting provider which meets certain requirements: php 7.1 or higher and ionCube Loader.

Once the plugin is installed go to Appearance – Themes – Add New.

AliDropship Themes
Image source: AliDropship

AliDropship Woo plugin supports the AliDropship Woo theme and the most popular WooCommerce theme such as Flatsome, Shopper, Shopkeeper, and Storefront.

Now click Activate to activate the selected theme and proceed to Alidropship to enter your license key. 

Activate AliDropship Plugin
Image source: AliDropship

This way, all you do is copy products from AliExpress and showcase them in your store, set up personalized and preferable pricing. And, whenever you sell a product, you buy the same from AliExpress and get it shipped directly to the customer’s address.

Here are some important links that you can check out for better understanding:

Important Features of AliDropship Plugin

  • Free Updates and Support

One of the primary features that we liked the most is no-cost updates and support. Buying the plugin enables you to claim complete after-sales support. Along with that, you can also count upon life-long free updates with consistent new features and options. 

  • One-click Import from AliExpress

The plugin has ensured to make the process as easier as possible. Thanks to its one-click import feature, all you’re required to do are visit, look for items, and import them directly to your online store. Instantly, the product details will appear on your site, including its variants, images, descriptions, and other necessary details.

  • Compatible with WooCommerce

Completely compatible with WooCommerce, the plugin helps you relish varied themes for your store and improve the functionality of your site with additional Woo plugins. These themes and extensions can further help in implementing efficiency in your working methods. 

  • Full Automation

For additional ease of operations, the plugin supports an array of automation features. Right from fulfilling orders to tracking orders seamlessly, there is a lot that can be done within minutes. Furthermore, its price automation feature uses an advanced pricing markup formula that helps you apply changes to prices instantly.

  • Built-in Themes

And then, the plugin also has a number of inbuilt themes, available free of cost. From the given options in their demo store, you can choose the one as you please and develop a mesmerizing online portal.

Pricing of AliDropship Plugin

What makes it a considerable plugin is that it doesn’t come with the hassle of monthly or yearly payments. Priced at $89 for a lifetime the client receives 2 versions of plugin: for WP and for Woo. The plugin can be purchased by giving a one-time payment. Moreover, from AliExpress, you can also get a 12% cashback system along with an exciting 30-days money-back guarantee.

AliDropship Pricing

Once you’ve paid for the plugin, you can also vouch for life-long free updates and support. And as far as supporting payment processors is concerned, AliDropship allows you to use PayPal, Stripe, 2CO, and PayU amidst others.

AliDropship vs Shopify

Undoubtedly, when two well-known and accepted platforms are at a rival, comparisons ought to happen. The main difference between AliDropship and Shopify is the platform. AliDropship works with WordPress and WooCommerce. Jotted down below are some of the pointers that can help you figure out whether AliDropship is better than Shopify or not.

  • The Fee Structure

One arduous thing that comes with a variety of plugins and platforms out there is the recurring fee structure. Whether after every month, six months or a year, you may have to pay again, right? And, the same goes for Shopify. 

The platform comes with a monthly recurring fee as the basic plan starts from $29/month. On the other hand, AliDropship comes with a one-time payment, and you wouldn’t have to pay again and again.

  • The Amount to be Paid

Again, since Shopify demands a monthly payment, which may substantially vary depending on the plan that you’ve purchased, AliDropship is much cheaper in comparison. Thus, going with Shopify will always land you on the expensive side. 

  • Additional Apps

If you have used Shopify or at least know about it, you’d obviously know that this platform has a completely different store from where you’d have to purchase additional apps, if you’d want any. However, as far as AliDropship is concerned, every dropshipping app is available free of cost; thus, not expecting any buck extra from your pocket.

  • Ownership

With AliDropship you’re the complete owner of the store, you can promote, operate and manage the store what you want and in any time you want. Want to pause the store for a month? Ok, no problem. Want to sell it? Ok. With Shopify the store is yours only if your subscription is active. If you want to pause it you should pay the monthly fee anyway. If you want to sell it you should wait and pay fees while somebody buys it.

Is AliDropship Right for You?

Now the question that arises is if this plugin is appropriate for you or not? Therefore, if you’re a seller or a marketer who’s looking forward to investing as low as possible, this plugin turns out to be extremely economical.

AliDropship works with WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress is free, many people have websites based on WordPress. So if the client for example has a WordPress blog it’ll be very easy for him to turn this blog to an ecommerce store with AliDropship. 

Moreover, since it doesn’t compel you to purchase any add-ons, everything available is free of cost that will help you manage your online store with one single tool. And then, the advantage of not having to pay any recurring fee is always there. 

Lastly, one of the best things about this plugin is that it doesn’t ask for any commission. This way, irrespective of the profit amount you earn, you’d never have to share anything with AliDropship. 

Our Verdict

From our experts, considering the advantages that the Alidropship plugin provides, it has got a whopping 4 out of 5 stars. Check out the complete rating mentioned below-

Ease of use5/5
Value for money5/5

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