Best Google Adsense Plugins for website monetization

Best Google AdSense plugins for website monetization in 2020

Google Adsense is one of the most effective ways for making money online.

While other online business needs a lot of marketing techniques, Adsense oriented website is all about visitors!

Generating income with your website using Adsense monetization is as simple as setting up a website. Once you have created a website, you would need to work on building visitors, and after that, you could start using Adsense.

There are some great ways to do this. You could start with- creating hard-to-copy content, using Adsense compatible themes, and by Social media marketing. All these things not only help to get an Adsense account easily but also save it from getting banned.

Once you have created a clean website and built-up visitors, you can start using website monetization. If you are not sure about visitors boosting, consider reading our post on increasing visitors.

Here is our pick on Best Google Adsense plugins for website monetization.


Ad Injection

Ad Injection is a FREE plugin for monetizing websites.

While it has limited features, you could still have some great options. For instance, it offers you to put your ads anywhere on your page.

You can place it within the post, or in the widget area, without coding skills. Ad injection helps you enable/disable your ads to save you from resetting ads.

Rotation feature allows the user to change the place of ad banners so that to show different ad content. Also, you can change alignment without any CSS knowledge.

Quick Features

  • Easy Ad placement
  • Ad enabling for instant display

WP Ad Center

WP Ad Center

WP Ad Center – WordPress ads plugin is an actionable plugin that provides dynamic features for monetizing your online business. It is highly-supportive and works with all advertising networks.

WP Ad Center helps setup unlimited campaigns and tracking CTR with ease.

Also, you could easily place banners in the widget area and in-between the content. Interestingly, this plugin would get you an in-depth analytics for your whole advertisement campaign.

Read our Post on Ad Center Usage

Integrated PayPal for automated payments and multiple banner sizes makes Ad center swifter for users.

Quick Features

  • Automatic Payment
  • Powerful stats
  • Unlimited Banner options

AdCenter download link

Easy Plugin for Adsense

EZ Plugin for adsense

Easy Adsense is another simple and easy plugin for advertisement management. It’s a free plugin and has limited features. It is designed for beginners with no Adsense knowledge.

It has other regular features, like Adsense management and quick ad placement. You can use Ad customization for changing banner size.

Quick Features

  • Easy Ad Placement
  • Customizable ad banner

Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro Plugin

If you want a more functional plugin with easy ad management, Ads pro is for you! This premium plugin allows the user to create unique ad banners directly from your dashboard.

This plugin offers more versatility feature. You can put Adsense on your WordPress in more than 15 ways. Being fully-responsive like Ad center, you won’t have to worry about your mobile oriented visitors.

Additionally, it has regular features for showing ads based on geo-targeting and user interaction.

To start selling you would just need to schedule their appearance and you could monetize your website without much effort. Also, to make it different from others, they added over 24 ad templates for boosting your sales.

Quick Features

  • Pre-built templates
  • Geo targeting
  • Shows ads for specific time frame

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads

It’s a freemium, easy to use ad insertion plugin. You can use it for displaying ad inside content, widget area or any other place in WordPress.

This plugin enables you to display ads on tags, categories, author and more. You could easily setup and get started with Advanced Ads plugin, all you need is Adsense code.

Premium Geo-tracking extension is available for targeting specific locations. There is also ad tracking addon which is not available with AdSense, but it does works with other networks.

Quick features

  • Geo targeting
  • Paid Addon available

Ad rotate Plugin

Ad rotate plugin

While most of the plugins do have Ad content- enable/disable option, it becomes boring after a time. It is, thus, necessary to have an automated ad rotation feature and this is where Ad rotate helps you.

Ad rotate is a popular plugin for effective ad management. User Interface is simplistically designed for providing you easy monetization without coding.

You can use it with all Advertisement networks and could easily setup automated ad-cycles.

Quick Features

  • Compatible with All networks
  • Automatic ad cycles

Quick Google Adsense

Quick Google Adsense

Last WordPress plugin in our list, Quick Google Adsense is a highly functional extension for monetizing your site. It is one of the highest rated advertisement plugins.

This free plugin is specifically designed for Google Adsense. However, it does works with other advertising networks as well. You could use shortcode for adding plugin inside the post.

It has multi-language support for powerful performance.

You would, however, do need to work a bit on Ad banner parameters. This feature is to help you select the exact banner location.

Quick Features

  • Google Adsense oriented
  • Highest rated

Over to you

So that was our collection of best in the market plugins for monetizing your website. While we have already listed the important features that will help you decide, you can choose any of them based on your business type and website needs.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use free plugin, you could go for Ad injection or Easy Adsense plugin. Both of these are simple and easy. You can easily look over, manage your ad banners.

Go for WP Ad center or Ads pro plugin if you want a dynamic plugin that’ll give you a good ROI. These premium plugins offer smart Adsense analytics which is necessary for building strategy.

WP Ad Center also provides automated payments and unlimited advertisement banners.

Just getting started with Google Adsense? Read everything you need to know here

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