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Are you planning to include live streaming on your website? Struggling to find out how to do that? Nothing to worry about. We have brought here a collection of 12 popular WordPress Live Streaming plugins. The list includes both free and premium plugins for audio and video. You can simply go to your WordPress Dashboard.  Click on the plugin button. Click on Add new. Search for the one you need. Click on the install button and then click on activate. The plugin you chose will appear on the plugin section of your dashboard. So, go through the list quickly and the one best for you!

Easy Video Player

It is a modern plugin and comes with 8 predefined skins. It allows users to make videos privately with a password option. A small advertisement pop up window can be added on top of the video. The advertisement will be played when the video is paused. With its 360 Degree option, users may choose any video from anywhere. 


  • Multiple CSS Colour Options
  • Google Analytics Compatibility 
  • Compatible with any WordPress Theme
  • Supports All Devices 
  • Custom Post Type Supports 

Price – $ 49

Did you know?

Any personal data from the EU contained in live streams as metadata, video images, or otherwise, will fall under GDPR.

Generate GDPR complaint policy pages with WP Legal Pages to avoid any penalty…

MultiLive – Multiple Live Stream Broadcaster Plugin

MultiLive - Multiple Live Stream Broadcaster Plugin

 MultiLive Live steaming plugin allows you to go live on live multiple live streaming websites simultaneously. It lets you pre-record the videos and after which you can go live directly on your website to increase views.  MultiLive’s easy-to-use interface lets you embed the live streaming video and publish it as a blog. 


  • Stream multiple videos at once
  • Save your live streaming
  • Detailed plugin activity logging
  • Manually post live videos for older posts on your blog

Price- $39

YouLive – Live Stream Broadcaster Plugin for WordPress

YouLive - Live Stream Broadcaster Plugin for WordPress

YouLive is a Live streaming video tool, where you can go live with pre-recorded videos on YouTube. You can go live directly on your channel or create a live event for the stream, to increase views. This live streaming plugin is the best fit for increasing your channel views in no time. You can also embed the videos directly into your blog posts and publish it. 


  • Broadcasted videos are saved directly to your youTube vidoes library
  • Customizable title and description of the generated live video
  • Create Live events and increase the user engagement

Price – $39

FaceLive – Live Stream Broadcaster Plugin for WordPress

FaceLive - Live Stream Broadcaster Plugin for WordPress

FaceLive lets you go live on Facebook with pre-recorded videos. It is ideal for increasing your facebook page engagement in no time. You can log in to your account and create a live event for the stream. The broadcasted videos will be saved automatically to th Facebook video library. 


  • Target specific audience for the live videos, using geo-location targeting
  • Automatically like and comment on the generated live streaming events
  • Customize generated live video’s title and description
  • Detailed plugin activity logging
  • Manually post live videos for older posts on your blog

Price- $39

WP Stream

WP Stream is one of the most popular WordPress live streaming plugin among professionals. It allows users to broadcast live events for free beside paid videos. It can also be used to sell tickets or recording videos with the help of WooCommerce.


  • Comes with informative video tutorial and documentation 
  • Videos can be monetized based on subscription
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Users can change website customers on pay per view basis 
  • Lots of things can be set up on websites like training classes, musical concerts, etc.  

Price – $ 19 


Flow-Flow is ready to use social media plugin. It is an ideal plugin for sharing social media updates on websites. It comes with an eye-catchy layout for social streams like Carousel, Wall, and others. It has an attractive lightbox for image display. There is an approval system. Users can use it for previewing posts before publishing. 


  • Visual composer integrated
  • Supports 16 sources including 14 social networks
  • WPML Compatibility 
  • GDPR Compliant 
  • CSS3 Animation 

Price  -$ 36 one time payment 

Elite Video Player

It is a perfect plugin to add responsive and customizable video players on websites. It supports almost all platforms like YouTube, Google Drive Vimeo, etc. Users can create their playlist by mixing different videos in one playlist. One may add attractive shadow effects to the video player. 


  • It allows users to display GIFs or Images instead of video. 
  • Users may mix images with video in the same playlist
  • Comes With 12 pre-built Scrollbar Type
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Users can add their pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads and pop-ups. 

Price – $ 45

 bzplayer Pro

It provides video players with responsive and modern designs. Apart from live-streaming, it has features like Social Sharing, Theme Builder and Advertising. It supports all devices and browsers. One may put his Logo Image on the video player. The quality of YouTube videos can be adjusted. 


  • Supports all popular live-streaming formats.
  • Comes with 15 different themes 
  • One may resume playback from where they left
  • One may enable age restrictions depending on video content
  • Playback speed can be adjusted 

Price – $ 20

It is a modern WordPress live streaming plugin with a global outlook. Users may show subtitles the way they want by using WebVTT or SRT input files. 


  • Supports all formats
  • Share Buttons can be added
  • GDPR Consent can be shown on embedded videos 
  • Has VSAT/VPAID, Popup Gallery and video slider on offer
  • Videos can be organized into Categories 

Price –  $ 47.88 Annually

Livestream Social

Live stream social is a special plugin for people who love networking. This plugin has all the features one needs to share display videos on social networking sites. Users can easily display or broadcast live streaming across their social media accounts like  Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Hitbox, Mixer, and Azubu. 


  • Can be used by just entering the URL Stream
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Automatically Matches the Video Schedule
  • Users may play videos of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hitbox, Twitch

Price – $ 20 


Kast is a beautiful SHOUTcast HTML5 Sticky Radio Player for WordPress. It allows users to stream a live radio station to their website for visitors. Multiple color options are available. One may add a non-sticky widget at any place on the website. 


  • Comes with two different types of themes
  • Audio Player supports different formats like MP3, OGG, AAC, AAC+
  • Compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • Supports all types of SHOUTcast versions
  • Written in Javascript

Price –  $ 189

Native Web Radio Player

This is an HTML5 Live Stream WordPress Plugin. It allows users to play all MPEG-Audio and AAC-Audio Systems on their websites. Users may create a cross-platform radio system into their web pages. 


  • Complete documentation
  • Written in JavaScript 
  • Option for adding a mute button in the player
  • Has draggable volume slider
  • One may create their fonts

Price – $ 22

Video Whisper

With this Plugin, one may broadcast videos from different sources like IP Camera, PC Webcam, mobile, desktop encoder apps, and video playlists. It allows users to display live channels in the web players on WordPress Websites with tips, chat or HTML5 HLS  for mobile. It is freely downloadable from the official WordPress website. A premium version of it is also available.


  • Live Video Channels
  • 24/7 IP Camera Support
  • iOS transcoding support for iPhone, iPad Playback
  • Limited broadcasting and watch time per channel 
  • Channel setup and management page in the front end 

Free Live Stream – Live Video Streaming with Hapity

Free Live Stream – Live Video Streaming with Hapity provides the users with an embedded YouTube player. One can use the shortcode to automatically embed any live stream from a YouTube channel ID. It is freely downloadable from the official WordPress Website. 


  • Options to set up YouTube player width and height 
  • Different dark and light theme color
  • Hide / Auto Hide Player Control
  • Hide Player Title bar 
  • Left or Centre Alignment options  

Embed Plus for YouTube

It is easy to use the plugin. It is most suitable for the latest versions of WordPress. It embeds videos automatically and displays recent videos if no video is available. Multiple channels can be displayed on a Single Page. 


  • Turn On/Off Closed Caption by default
  • Turn On/Off all Annotations by default
  • Fit for all screen sizes
  • YouTube’s light and dark themes are available 
  • Player Controls can be hidden 

Hope we could satisfy your need! Did you get what you were looking for? Then what are you waiting for? Select the one suitable for you and move ahead!  

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