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Top 6 Popular WordPress plugins to look out for in 2022

Can you imagine operating a WordPress website functionally and seamlessly without installing WordPress plugins? One of the primary reasons WordPress has grown to be a popular engine is its supportive plugin ecosystem. 

In simple words, a plugin is a software that comprises a set of functions that can be easily added to the WordPress site. They are used to add new features or extend the functionality of the site. 

These plugins are written in the programming language of PHP and can be integrated with ease. You can find thousands of useful plugins out there. The key to using an effective plugin is if you have sourced it from a credible developer. 

However, how is it possible to pinpoint only the best ones that would take your website to another level? Most of the time, when you have unending options in front, you may find it challenging to decide which functionality is essential for your website. 

Don’t worry! In this roundup, you can find top popular WordPress plugins that can be easily installed and used for a variety of purposes and objectives to help you out in this scenario.

So, without further ado, let’s have a read ahead and make your WordPress website efficient.  

1. WPLegal Pages Pro

Best WordPress plugins- WP Legal Pages

A must have WordPress plugin, WPLegal Pages Pro, is one of the best privacy policy generator tool that offers more than 25 automated legal policy templates for every website type. Using this plugin is a streamlined process. 

All you would have to do is add the business details and generate policy pages automatically within a few minutes. The plugin supports multi-language translations, enabling you to set up the pages in a variety of languages, including Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, French and English. 

Here is a video explaining the simple steps through which you can add an Impressum on your WordPress website.

Furthermore, this plugin can also be integrated with various form plugins, such as WPForms, NinjaForms, Gravity, and Contact Form 7. The plugin is also compatible with PHP, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), and WooCommerce. 

2. WP Rocket

Must Have WordPress plugins- WP Rocket

A caching plugin, WP Rocket has acquired immense popularity all these years. For a long time now, this has been one of the must have WordPress plugins used as a standard tool for WordPress caching, considering the best results that it is capable of providing. 

With its GZIP compression feature, you can easily compress all of the web pages on your server and decompress the same in the browser. This way, the files’ sizes will decrease, and your visitors will get to access the content quickly. Undoubtedly WP Rocket is one the best WordPRess Cache plugin.

Apart from this, WP Rocket also offers plenty of other features, such as cache preloading, eCommerce optimization, browser caching and excellent compatibility with popular WordPress plugins and themes. 

3. WP Ad Center – WordPress ads plugin

Popular WordPress plugins- WP Adcenter

This plugin is the best answer to the question- “How to monetize your website?” A comprehensive advertisement management plugin, WP AdCenter, allows you to put network banners, self-hosted ads, or ad scripts anywhere on the website. Besides, this responsive ad plugin can also take care of all the factors of advertising. 

Whether you wish to run an advertisement in the type of affiliate banner or put any other advertising network on the site, everything is possible with this WordPress plugin. 

Furthermore, the plugin makes your ads relevant to visitors through geotargeting. This allows your ads to accumulate a better click-rate. You can also get detailed statistics and performance reports of your ads with this plugin for further analysis. 

4. HumCommerce

Humcommerce- Improve your website's CRO

If you wish to record the journey of your website visitors, there would be nothing much better than HumCommerce. This free WooCommerce plugin allows you to record user sessions and analyze them later. 

In simple words, HumCommerce automatically evaluates the website traffic and creates a report of all the critical issues that are averting visitors from converting, whether it is about buying a product or signing up for a newsletter. 

HumCommerce offers you a complete list of user session recordings where you can find why exactly your users could not buy. Once done, you can then fix the issues accordingly. In short, if you want to understand how to improve conversion rate, Humcommerce plugin will be the one stop solution.

Want to know more? Check out this video on how to retain your website visitors and convert them.

5. WordFence Security

Best WordPress plugins-WordFence Security

Wordfence Security, one of the best WordPress security plugins,  comprises an endpoint scanner and firewall that were developed from the ground up to safeguard WordPress. The popular WordPress plugin is armed with the latest firewall rules, malicious IP addresses and malware signatures that keep your site safe. 

With this plugin, you can also get an additional suite of plenty of features. It also comes with leaked password protection that keeps data breaches at bay and prevents attackers from getting their hands into passwords, usernames, and other sensitive data. 

The list of features also includes live traffic, advanced manual blocking, country blocking, repairing of files, and two-factor authentication. All of these features ensure that not just your WordPress website but the data of customers and visitors remain safe. 

6. WP Forms 

Best WordPress plugin- WP forms

With more than 4 million professionals using this plugin, it has become easier to develop surveys and forms intelligently. One of the best  WordPress plugins for contact form, its drag and drop feature lets you create contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, and much more. 

With pre-built templates available, creating and posting a variety of forms become even a more straightforward job. The plugin is completely responsive; thus, it can efficiently work on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

Its innovative conditioning logic allows easy creation of high-performing forms with intelligent conditional logic. Also, it has a gamut of additional features, such as instant notifications, entry management, easy payment methods, etc. 


Believe it or not, it is almost impossible to run a website without adding plugins. Whether you wish to track your visitors’ journey or create essential legal pages for the website, there is a plugin for almost every task you can think of. You can read this article for knowing more about top WordPress plugins for inserting headers and footers .

Plugins enhance the user experience to a great extent. With higher engagement, you get more opportunities to reach a more comprehensive set of audiences. Here is another article for top WordPress plugins to lookout for business growth.

So, if you are stuck somewhere, consider one of the best plugins from the list mentioned above and make your website extraordinarily functional and smooth. 

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