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Blog Like a Pro: Best Tips For Grabbing Readers’ Attention

Without a doubt, blogging is now a crowded arena. No matter how long you’ve been blogging, sometimes it feels like you’re screaming in a crowded place and no one can hear you. Without key attention grabbers, your blog is easily lost in the giant sea of content that is today’s blogosphere.

So in today’s post I thought that I’d share some key tips for grabbing readers’ attention and ensuring that they’re always back to check out your blog for new content.

Craft Catchy Titles and Headings

This is a key point to grabbing a reader’s attention because the only part of your post that a visitor to your website is guaranteed to read is the title. A typical Internet user cannot pay attention to everything they read on a website.

Usually when a visitor lands on a website, they scan through titles and headings for anything that can arouse their curiosity. Make the most out of this fact to pull visitors in.

A catchy title or heading is one that creates a sense of importance or urgency. Most successful bloggers know this and they use it to maximum efficiency.

Make Your Readers See What You See

When you sit down to write a post, chances are good that you have good grasp of the story you want to tell. Unfortunately your readers don’t, so you must go out of your way to make them see your story as you see it.

How do you tell a story so that a reader sees it like you do?

  • Tell it with emotion: Emotion is not logic but it is a powerful tool you can use to influence a person into making a decision. When you appeal to a reader’s emotions, they are many times more likely to share your content or take some action that brings them closer to making a purchase. After all, many of us want to turn readers into buying customers.
  • Use case studies: A case study adds clarity to your story. It makes it easy for the reader to pick the key points of your story.
  • Make it personal: When a story is personal, it easily grabs readers’ attention because a lot of people can relate to it.

Say It Quick And Well

The large amount of content on the web means that visitors spend little time on a website if they don’t quickly find what they want. The attention span of a typical Internet user is very short so make your point quickly and nicely. You basically want to make your point in the opening sentence after the title or headings.

The point is don’t make a reader wait too long before they figure out what you’re trying to say. Provide key points upfront so that time strapped web surfers searching for instant answers may feel at home on your website. Readers are more likely to stay and read on if they find clues to what they’re searching for in the opening sentences of your posts.

Use Descriptive Graphics or Visual Data Representations

Let’s face it, reading piles of text can be tiring. The fact is that no matter how good your text content is, sometimes visitors won’t read everything you wrote when it’s presented as a block of text. This is why you want to use descriptive graphics to put your points across.

There’s a reason why the search for infographics is on the rise. According to, more than 87% of website visitors read content placed on infographics. It’s easy to see why:

  • Descriptive graphics nicely summarize complex data, making it much easier for readers to understand your point.
  • Readers spend comparatively less time viewing visual data because it is condensed and easy to understand.
  • Visual graphics make your content more attractive to readers. Talk about grabbing attention.

Provide Value

As I’ve already noted, the Internet is awash with huge amounts of content. Sadly, the vast majority of that pile adds little value to readers. If website visitors are not reading content for entertainment, they are searching for solutions to pertinent issues. If your content does not entertain, then it should offer solutions to problems. Helping others using your skills and experience is one of the surest ways to build a loyal following of readers on the Internet.

Wrapping Up

A blog is a terrific way to share a story with readers all over the world. But the blogging business has become a lot more competitive than it was a few years ago. In order to stand out, you need to execute your content in a way that pulls in website visitors and turns them into ardent readers.

I hope you’ve learned something new today and you’re going to apply some of these points. Now, how do you attract new readers to your blog? Mind sharing your tips in the comments?

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