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Christmas Delight: Free WordPress Resources

It’s that time of the year again! The time you can feel free to go, “ho-ho-ho” on the streets without inhibition. The time to bring smiles, the time to spread the cheer. The time to thank and the time to give. And we are thanking you by providing you a collection of free WordPress resources.

Look under your virtual Christmas tree and find wonderful and free WordPress resources directly from the DealFuel’s bouquet of deals.


Here are 180+ wonderful resources for you to play around with and find the one that best suits your site. All for free.

Responsive WordPress Template

As WordPress developers/users we know, we can never have enough templates. A good thing now, is you don’t need to build a mobile site from scratch if the WordPress template you use is responsive. These are easy to implement and make your blog/site more accessible with mobile phones/tablets, as more and more of your audience is looking up your content on their handheld devices.

This specific free responsive WordPress template has an in-built rotation banner that you can use to highlight specific content from your blog/site. You can pick one of seven color palates or setup a customize color scheme too.

Responsive WordPress Template

Download it here.

16 Vector Badges

Your blog/site will, more often than not, have content that needs special attention. In fact, it is usually too many bits that need to catch the reader’s eye. And there are only so many spots that their eyes fall onto naturally. You will find yourself using content embedded in images to draw their gaze. Badges are one of the many effective ways to help you do this. They pass on the message with very few words, thus using very little of the reader’s time on your site.

Here are 16 such badges that have a vintage look. If the contents of your site/blog have an classy, old-ish look, these badges will come in handy to mark important and “exclusive” content.

Vector Badges

Download it here.

Passion Portfolio WordPress Theme

If you are a photographer or have a blog/site that has many images to be put up, you will invariably need a gallery to showcase your artwork. While you can find regular themes with galleries as plugins, themes made specifically for galleries will suit your purpose better. The Passion Portfolio WordPress Theme is built with galleries in mind. Its sliding portfolio option lets you display the photos in a unique format. With plug-and-play and drag-and-drop features, it is a breeze to operate this one!

Passion Portfolio theme

Download it here.

5 Premium Design Resources

There are way too many elements on a blog/site that call for your web designer’s attention. And usually, your web designer is you, yourself. It becomes an ordeal to get every aspect just right. It is a boon, in such cases when you have all that you need under one head. This set of 5 premium design sources offers exactly that. Two types of langind pages, one specifically Fitness themed, a pack of Icon sets, a complete UI kit and a mini e-mail structure should get you most of what you need. This is especially for the times, when you have a basic theme, but just want to change a few things around.

Design Resources

Download it here.

15 Seamless Icon & Wood Patterns

Sometimes our content needs a visual break. Sometimes, the borders on our site at the right amount of life to the site. The kind of life that tells the visitor about our blog’s personality and if we like, our personality. If your blog/site has content that leans towards nature or you have products in the furniture/garden category, good, high quality wood patters could come in really useful. Here are 15 that could fit your bill.

5 Premium Design Resources

Download it here.

Bundle of Freebies

This is one of those free WordPress resources which you usually are on the look for Christmas themed images, illustrations, textures, backdrops, cover photos and what not for your site and/or Social Media profiles. Here is a bundle of joy, a bundle of freebies, a bundle of textures and graphics that will help you do just that.

Bundle of freebies

Download it here.

10 Colourful Grunge Textures

Grungy textures are not what they sound like. They are meant to give a dusty texture to your site/blog, if that’s what goes with your product/content theme and concept. You can use them to enhance certain aspects of your images. This freebie allows you to completely customise the 10 textures that it offers.

Colorful Grunge Patterns

Download it here.

Elegant Print Templates

For all the online presence you might have, you still need and ought to have an offline existence. That’s when you need your business cards, flyers, posters, brochures and the works. Here we have for you a combination of print templates for you to use and customize as you will. From business cards to flyers for social media, this bouquet has it all.

Elegant Print Template

Download it here.

Seamless Pack of Vector Patterns

Moving on further into the offline world, here is pack of patterns that you could use for curtains or clothes. You could go creative by using these patterns for business cards or corporate material that need a flourish. 78 patterns that aren’t commonly found. 78 ways to draw and retain attention.

This set of freebies should get you equipped with some of the frills that might not come with your regular WordPress theme. Don’t you wait, take a grab!

Vector Patterns

Download it here.

WP Theme and Zencart Template

We have saved the best for last. This partcluar freebie includes a responsive WordPress Theme and a Zencart template that matches with the theme. With this you have the ability to have a desirable appearance to your e-stores and also you can manage your products easily.

They come with HTML5 and CSS to make your life easy. You also have Twitter Bootstrap and social media support to give you an that extra edge.

WP Theme and matching cart template

Download it here.

Let us know in the comments about how you find these free WordPress resources.


  1. Danny

    December 16, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    Thank you, you have so many useful resources here! I hope I can look at all of them and find what I need by Christmas.


  2. Danny

    December 18, 2014 at 9:44 am

    I found a nice theme with extra Christmas style, but it’s for WooCommerce and has more than what I need for my new blog, and quite expensive too 🙁 Do you know what plugins I should use to get this big counter and styled menus like it:
    Thank you!


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