Building a Membership Website Using aMember Pro

aMember Pro is a membership application that can be used to build small and complex member websites. It is a stand alone script, however it integrates with WordPress perfectly.

I have been using aMember since last year to power my internet marketing forums Rise Forums. It is an incredible piece of software.

aMember Pro is one of the best membership solutions for WordPress users.

Access Control and File Protection

Protecting content is obviously a major feature in every membership solution. However, aMember offers so much more than many competitors. You can protect your full site, parts of your site, and important files.

Content can be dripped to members slowly so that they do not cancel their subscription early. You can also control what members can see depending on their level of membership.

aMember File Protection

Discount Codes

In the long term, I have tried to move away from offering discount codes to customers. This is because I feel that it reduces the perceived value of a product. Though in the beginning, discount codes are essential for running competitions and other types of promotions. They can also be used privately to offer discounts to partners and friends.

Coupons can be used a defined number of times and can be expired by a certain date. This helps ensure that unauthorized people cannot use them.

aMember Discount Codes

Integration with Other Scripts

One of the reasons I love aMember is because it works so well with other platforms. In addition to WordPress, aMember integrates with major discussion forums such as vBulletin, XenForo, phpBB3, and SMF forum.

It also integrates with other content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla.

Multimedia applications such as PhotoPost and MediaWiki are also supported. As are support desk applications, affiliate programs, and eCommerce software. Very few membership solutions offer this level of flexibility.

aMember WordPress Integration

Built-in Affiliate Program

I promote my membership forum using ShareASale. However, aMember comes with a built-in affiliate program of its own. It is not just a basic affiliate program either. It supports two tiers to encourage your affiliates to refer more people to promote your website. You can also award bonuses to affiliates if they meet certain targets.

If you prefer, you can integrate a dedicated affiliate script such as iDevAffiliate instead.

aMember Built-in Affiliate Program

Email Management

You can contact your members at any time by email via the aMember admin area. Users can be filtered by their user level and by the group you have assigned them. You can also email expired users of a particular product.

A great feature of aMember is the ability to opt in members to your email newsletter list when they sign up. You can then email those have opted in to a particular email newsletter.

aMember Email Management

Payment Solutions

When it comes to payment systems, aMember has it covered. They support every major payment solution available online.

If your preferred solution is not currently supported, it is worth raising a ticket, as aMember will undoubtedly look into developing a plugin for it.

aMember Pro Payment Solutions

I have only scratched the surface on what aMember can do. It also offers the original source code, an easy to use theming system, unlimited membership levels, lots of optional plugins, and translation support for six languages.

aMember Pro retails at $179.95 for a lifetime license and six months of free updates and support. An additional twelve months of updates and support can be purchased for $80. A license also comes with a thirty day money back guarantee; which should put to rest any reservations some of you may have about the software.

If you are looking for a good membership website, I recommend checking aMember out.



  1. Dave Meintrup

    June 18, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Need aMemberPro installed and configured along with iDevAffiliate plugin on a WordPress site. Can you do that?


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