Must Have Ecommerce Plugins for a WordPress Ecommerce Site

Can WordPress do e commerce ?

Yes, it can ! Ecommerce sites are at a profitable juncture in today’s world of fast growing internet cohort. You have too many platforms to choose, as an option for your ecommerce sites, but WordPress with its increasing popularity and timely updated features has become one of the best for ecommerce sites. Given that, it has too many themes to count on your fingertips and as many plugins for every functionality, it is much more desirable. Habitually free of charge, WordPress plugins come to good use and make your project even better for your user. Don’t be baffled with the innumerable options available on the net. Read these must have ecommerce plugins for your WordPress ecommerce site. Expectantly, it will resolve your problem.


WP e-Commerce  ( WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin )

Being oldest among all, Wp e-Commerce is a plugin that has been winning most of the hearts. Even before many plugins were introduced to the world, this plugin was available for use. Its features include, PayPal, easy to install plugin, shortcodes for security purposes, quantity discounts, free shipping options, new products widgets, integrates with facebook marketplace and google sitemap, Search Engine Friendly URLs, etc. Here you can download it for free, though you will have to purchase its upgrade.


Download this plugin for free and enjoy a professional like ecommerce site. JigiShop has an option of free download but you have an option to buy its upgrade. You can easily develop an ecommerce site without any fuss or bother. Its features include, a number of payment gateways, translation into different languages for your overseas customers, several premium themes, free extensions, etc.


WooCommerce is not admired without any reasons. It will effectively transform your page into an online shop, display your products, woo them, and securely collect money. It is one of the best fits for your business and brand image. Its feature are, customizable, PayPal payment gateway, BACS, flat rate shipping, cash on delivery, configure tax setting, easily manage your products, and much more.

iThemes Exchange: Simple Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

As mentioned in its name, it is a simple plugin, which proves extremely useful for simple functionality of your ecommerce site. It eliminates all the difficulties and obstacles you face in developing a simple and easy to use site. Made by iThemes, it has too many features to pen down, some of them are, PayPal and Stripe, Simple integration, Excellent user interface, Coupons, Multi-item cart, Digital downloads, etc.


Shopp has been serving businesses since several years with delightful feedback. It is an easy to manage, safe plugin, integrated with 50 payment processes service. It strategically improves performance and maintains customer satisfaction, runs sales, adds products, etc. You can purchase it for $55 and the upgrades are available for $299.

Cart66 Lite :: WordPress Ecommerce

Easily configure your ecommerce site with Cart66 Lite. It has numerous options to choose from, making your site attractive at the same time. Its features consist of promotions, custom fields for products, currency setting, international selling, integration with amazon S3, and much more.


Available for free download, Ecwid offers the basic plugin features for developing and setting up an ecommerce site. On purchase of its upgrade, it allots you with many other features for various functionalities. It is integrated with your social media profiles like facebook, twitter and gives several ecommerce widgets.

MarketPress- WordPress Ecommerce

You can set up a quick and chic online store with MarketPress. It is known to be the easiest and most powerful plugin for an ecommerce site on WordPress. The features that this plugin provides are: compatible with all WordPress themes, numerous payment gateways including PayPal and Google Checkout, internationalization options, Google Analytics, Shipping coupons, sales pricing, etc. With that, MarketPress also offers a high quality user interface and user experience which is totally what you may be looking for.


KissHerder adds to your site the KissMetrics codes and keeps a track of all your information and increases your business likewise. It knows how many tweets and retweets you won, how many people liked your page and commented on your product, the reviews, sales and purchases, etc. It polices every activity of your site leaving no room for ignorance.

You can do almost everything with your WordPress account. And with an ecommerce site, you can do too many of them. Growing a business is not a play of few hours just like Rome wasn’t built in a night. But these plugins will certainly assist you to reach your dreams.

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