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Consider This List Of 10 Freebies As Our Sunday Treat For You

Even my hyperactive puppy acts all lazy and bundled up on Sundays, so we don’t blame you if all you want to do is eat carbs in bed.

But you would blame us if we forgot to tell you about these awesome and indispensable freebies that you need to stock up on.

Home Remodeling: A Responsive WordPress Theme


All pro designers are of the opinion that every designer (novice or pro) must stock up on themes. Whether it is a versatile basic one or specifically targeted one, themes make your work so much easier and faster without compromising on the aesthetics or functionality.

And on that note, here is a home remodeling theme that you would find useful shortly. From Infrastructure modeling contractors to interior decorators, the theme would be perfect for websites falling under this niche.

The responsive layout comes in 10 different colors and with all the necessary features. It is also a breeze to customize.

Download here.

Waterlily Typeface


Use of pre-existing fonts and formats are a cliche. So, website owners are looking for handwritten typefaces to grab the attention of the audience.

This typeface consists of 80 different hand drawn characters from different languages and dialects that can be used for creating website titles, headers or even as their logo. These typefaces can be edited by using any document editing tool and modified according to your will.

Download here.

Photo-Realistic & Hand-Crafted Food Mockup Set


Everyone loves food which is why there are so many restaurants and home-based food services going up. And that also means you are going to be hired for a lot of food-related websites to be created.

Whether you need to make a quick restaurant flyer or a full-on web page, the Food mockup set is your reliable ally that gives you a sneak peek into how the final draft would look like.

And this also saves tons of time (and wasted efforts) where you can get your client’s approval before working on the final edits. Choose from 12 different PSDs that are customizable and appetizingly pleasing.

Download here.

Smashicons: 200 Flat Icons


Before you binge on Netflix this Sunday, take a look at these amazing 200 flat icons that will make your projects so much easier and quirkier. A versatile collection ranging from the basic geometric shapes to fruits and other food stuff and there’s a Yoda icon in there too!

These icons are licensed to be used for both personal and commercial usage, and you can modify them to suit your needs but not that the license forbids you from selling the modified version.

Download here.

Invoice Template in HTML with Auto Calculations


Besides communicating professionalism, this Invoice Template will save you from getting underpaid as if we aren’t underpaid already. The auto calculations ensure that there aren’t any calculation errors, and the overall layout is simple and easy to comprehend.

Speaking of the layout, the amount owed is highlighted clearly so clients wouldn’t cite excuses to delay payment. If you hate creating invoices on Word and Excel as much as we do, you are going to swear by this.

Download here.

Photolab: A Responsive WordPress Theme


There are some templates packed with so many features that they stand out and then there are some that wow with their simplicity. Here’s one such template that emits a Zen-like vibe, no seriously.

It’s cleaner, but functional layout would be suitable for a lot of your projects, especially one that calls for good amounts of content on display. The template classifies your valuable posts by marking each with an icon and a specific color bar, which means that you keep on getting traffic to your older posts as they catch the readers’ eyes.

Download here.

Atolo Coming Soon Template


So your clients want you to get their website up, good for you. Why don’t you score brownie points by suggesting a brilliant marketing strategy: get the word out even before the website is live?

The Atolo Coming Soon Template is perfect to build that curiosity around the upcoming website. The sleek design spells sophistication and class and automatically makes visitors think of your upcoming website as important. Plus you are putting their company information on it, so they don’t disappear off the face of the digital world for the time it will take for their website to go up.

And don’t forget to use the template in conjunction with your Countdown timer.

Download here.

Royalty-free graphics


Have you ever come across a beautiful graphic on a stock photo website that went perfectly well with your website concept but was priced staggeringly high? Yep, we have too, and it broke our hearts.

So here are a few royalty free graphics that you can use time and again for websites, banners, posters and any creative idea that you come up with. The 9 vector illustrations, 22 different vectors and 3 high-res textures come with an extended license providing you with the right for limitless usage.

Download here.

WP-DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme


Have you ever thought about how cool it would have been had Robert Langdon chosen you as a partner in the Da Vinci Code? It would have been totally awesome but that ship has sailed.

So here’s a little consolation price- the DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme packs the same amount of thrill and excitement as the book (or the movie if you belong to that group) that works brilliantly well for magazines and blogs. Maybe you can write your bestseller one blog post at a time.

But wait, don’t just write this off (see what we did there?) as a magazine and blogs only theme. This theme would perfectly complement a business or an accounting website too, you just need to use your creativity.

Download here.

70 Vector Icons for Touch Screen Gestures


For all our programmers and app developers out there, this freebie is a must-have in your kitty. Everyone owns a touchscreen phone now and what everyone has on their phones is a myriad of apps. And so when you develop these apps you also need to explain what touch screen gesture does what. And to that you would need to stock up on this set of 70 vector icons.

Download here.

Now do you get how important this is!

We love getting new freebies for you, it’s our way of giving you a Sunday treat. So let us know which ones did you like best.

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