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Auction software allows you to build your own auction website and profit from members who buy and sell items. There are standalone auction scripts available online, however, WordPress is a great platform for building auction websites as it allows you to tap into tens of thousands of plugins. While auction WordPress themes are available, many people prefer to use a WordPress plugin to build an auction website as it allows them to create an auction using any WordPress theme. One of the best auction plugins for WordPress is WPAuctionSoftware. The plugin is available at a great price and has many great features.

What Can WPAuctionSoftware Do?

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WPAuctionSoftware has everything you need to add an auction to a WordPress website. Users can register on your website and list their items for sale. You can profit through this by charging sellers a listing fee and/or a percentage of the final price. Just like eBay, the software supports normal auctions and fixed price auctions. There is also an option for a penny bid auction; a style of auction where all bidders pay a non refundable fee. Invoices are automatically sent to buyers once they have won an auction and the internal email system allows buyers and sellers to communicate. The plugin features search engine friendly URLs, category searching, and tag searching. Users can also pay extra money to upgrade their listing to a featured listing.

Configuring Your Auction

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Where WPAuctionSoftware excels is configuration. There are eight different settings pages for the plugin; with many of these pages having several different areas. The general settings area lets you configure what type of auction you use, bid increments, shipping, default auction settings, and more One of my favorite things about the plugin is that it comes packaged with many categories and sub categories. This saves you from having to create these yourself. It may sound like a small feature, however many auction plugins require you to set all of this up yourself. WPAuctionSoftware gives you full control over the fees that users are charged. PayPal and are supported by the plugin and you can define fees as a percentage or as a fixed fee. Different fees can be defined for each featured area, such as categories and the home page. You can also set the fee for attaching images to auctions and relisting an auction that was not successful. The plugin lists all users in the settings area. Everything is tracked for users including bids, auctions, existing funds, invoices, and more. It helps you see all the transactions for each user. Like any WordPress plugin of this nature, it will take you 10 to 30 minutes to configure all settings in the way you want. However, nothing is difficult to set up. The plugin pretty much works out of the box so you just need to tweak settings to your liking.


WPAuctionSoftware was originally available at $97 for a single license; however it is now available to all WPEka Club members. A membership for WPEka offers 24 premium WordPress Themes and 17 premium WordPress Plugins. All membership options allow you to use products on an unlimited number of websites. They also give you access to quality WordPress tutorial videos and reliable WordPres support. WPEka Memberships start from only $27 per month, though you can save a lot of money by choosing the $47 quarterly plan or $97 yearly plan.

Final Thoughts

WPAuctionSoftware is a great auction solution. It has many great features and offers many configuration options. Additionally, as WPAuctionSoftware is a plugin, it can be added to any WordPress website. If you have been searching for a way to create an auction website, I recommend checking it out. Kevin

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