Exciting Freebies for your WordPress site

Thanks to the flexibility and potential of WordPress, it is considered to be a great tool for sculpting corporate and personal websites from scratch.

But to reap the full benefit of WordPress you need to judiciously utilize the various plugins and themes that various websites has to provide.

The resources that those websites provide can cost you a lot of money. But thanks to DealFuel now you can lay your hands on a number of such useful resources for free.

Here are some freebies that will reduce your web developing tasks and also place your ahead of your competitors. All these resources are available for free download.

  1. Multipurpose business icons


    This resource pack consists of 50 multipurpose business icons which can be very useful for corporate websites. These icons are simply, clean and depicts a lot of information. They are completely customizable, right from the gradient, reflections to the different colors that you have at your disposal. These icons as web elements showcases a lot of meaning in itself and can be availed in 2 different sizes, i.e. 48px & 60px. These icons are fully compatible with a number of themes and can be utilized for advertisements, banners, applications and for different software as well.

  1. Superlative UI kit


    The superlative UI kit brings forth a spectrum of utilities that would be extremely helpful in shaping your WordPress website. The UI kit consists of a variety of UI kit that caters to various services, the likes of eCommerce, mobile, music, modern culture and various culinary creations.

    There are 5 different UI kits that comes along with this resource and all of them downloaded in psd format. These kits can be utilized for commercial projects and tweaked according to your personal needs and desire.

  1. Hand drawn vector icons


    Hand drawn icons are the most exclusive and personalized web elements that you can opt for. These set of 25 vector icons are completely hand drawn and can prove to be a potent addition to your designing tool box. These icons can serve a number of purposes ranging from simple navigation elements to chat and social media icons.

    These elegant yet simplistic icons can be downloaded in various formats and different sizes. They are easy to work with and modify and can be used in commercial as well as personal projects.

  2. Social media icons pack


    This social media freebie pack consists of 48 different and vibrant social icons which can be used in your website. They have an artistic and classy feel to it and is compatible with light as well as dark backgrounds. This social media icon set can be easily downloaded in various formats and implemented on all you web projects.

  1. Wedding photography portfolio


    Wedding is an important milestone in everyone’s life. What better way to flaunt it than a personalized website. Using the wedding portfolio you can effortlessly showcase the photographs of your memorable day using a responsive website.

    The portfolio has a vintage and elegant look & feel to it and is easy to implement and maintain. It comes in 2 versions, i.e. dark/ light and is compatible with all major browsers. The template can be instantly downloaded and used to narrate your wedding story or can be used by some agency for similar purposes.

  1. 3D app mockup


    This resource molds your website in the form of a 3 dimensional application. Such mocking of your website provides a realistic look & feel to it and creates a stunning display of your website. The psd of this 3 dimensional mockup can be instantly downloaded and used for your personal or commercial projects.

  1. iPad Air mockup


    iPad continues to be at the pinnacle of tablet technology. With this iPad Air mockup, you can present a stunning display of an iPad in your website. These mock iPad can be used in white or black versions and resized according to your requirement.

    These iPad Air mockups is best used for e-commerce or auction websites which handle the trading of similar electronics gadgets. These mockups ca also be used in high performance cloud testing or mobile emulators.

    Considering all the advantages provided by it, the iPad Air mockups are an indispensable design tool and one can lay their hands on one by simply downloading it. These high quality mockups can be availed in jpg or psd format and used in commercial as well as personal projects.

  1. Smart device icons


    Thanks to the advancement in technology, users can access the internet using a spectrum of devices. Hence every website or web app should be made compatible with the leading devices. This pack consists of 100 different smart device icons which can be used to indicate whether a web apps compatible with these devices or not.

    Not only that, these icons can be used to effortlessly communicate with the audience and enhance the readability of the website. These icons look simple and neat, and can be easily downloaded and used on different projects.

  1. Silverback template


    The silverback template can be used to sculpt a variety of web design projects. This template s based on Foundation 5 framework and flaunts a responsive layout. The template comprises of a responsive slider and a number of mobile and modal pop-ups. This template is a great tool to create personal blogs or portfolios and is elegant enough to put your website ahead of the curve.

  2. Multipurpose slideshow gallery


    The slideshow plugin helps to implement slideshows in your WordPress project and populate it with different media. The slideshow gallery provides a neat and edgy look and feel and also enhance the efficiency of your website by incorporating much more data over a few finite web pages.

    These slideshow galleries are easy to work with and modify. It is powered by JavaScript libraries and supports multiple galleries. It has multilingual support and you can change the configuration of the plugin with ease.

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  1. Bhumi

    February 9, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing.I like social media icons and slideshow.nice one.


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