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Increase Your Conversion Rates with a Handwritten Postcard Font

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing strategies that have a huge effect on your conversion rates and sales. One of the most effective types of direct mails that have a huge open rate are the postcards. If you’re looking to arouse interest in your products or services, a postcard is a good way to go. According to a USPS study, 52% of the people who receive direct mails open postcards. That’s a good open rate!

No matter the type of design that you choose to use, having the right font will make a huge difference in the number of people who read your mail. So just like you are crafty with the postcard template that you use, you also have to be very creative in the postcard font that you settle for.

One of the best ways to choose a postcard font is by understanding the psychology behind choosing the correct font. Weemss created a very informative infographic on the psychology of fonts using the top 5 fonts and the best way to use them.

postcard font

Source: Weemss

Most marketers tend to ignore postcards because they that they take a lot of work and time to work. This is however, not true. As seen from the USP study, postcards are very effective marketing tools and you can achieve immediate results if you use them correctly.

If you want your postcard template to work for you and give you a positive outcome, here are some quick tips:

Design your Postcard with Sales in Mind

Postcard font

When creating your business postcard design make sure that you make it easy for your receiver to reach you should they be interested in your product or service. Ensure that you include all the important details such as product/service details, contact details and a quick call to action. Don’t forget to keep your business postcard font, design color and layout consistent with your branding.

Be Unique and Memorable

To remain effective, make sure that all your marketing materials have a consistent branding effect that lets your audience remember you immediately they see your marketing material be it your postcard, website, business card and so on. Always create top-of-mind awareness with your marketing material. This means that whenever someone thinks of a business in your industry, your business comes to mind.

Keep your Audience in Mind

When thinking of a postcard marketing campaign, keep your audience in mind. Think about what their communication needs are and ask yourself how your postcard will meet these needs. Make sure that your postcard communicates how you will help them achieve these needs. Give them a reason to read your postcard and take the desire course of action.

Go the Handwritten Postcard Font Way

There are thousands of fonts you can use for your postcard template and one of the best ones are the handwritten fonts. These fonts imitate a natural handwriting that doesn’t follow any specific rules in terms of glyphs and shapes.

Most designers view handwritten fonts as informal, but when it comes to marketing and increasing conversions, handwritten fonts have huge benefits. Let’s take a look at a few benefits.

Benefits of Handwritten Postcard Font

Postcard font

Gives your Design a Personal Touch

A handwritten font gives the idea that the piece of writing has been written specifically for the receiver. Because it is less formal, this font gives your message a more personal touch which will make the receiver feel important increasing the chances of them reading your postcard.

They are Unique

Handwritten fonts are quite unique just like an individual’s unique way of writing. Each handwritten font is different from each other. The way each font curves or swirls is different making each one of them unique in the way they convey different messages.

They Show Emotion

Because each handwritten font is unique, they also each elicit a different emotion. Some handwritten fonts will look happy, others look playful while some are uniquely weird. Depending on the kind of emotion you want your receiver to feel, you will have different types of handwritten fonts to choose from. The best part about these fonts is that they speak for themselves.

They are Eye-Catching

Handwritten fonts certainly stand out from the crowd and it’s hard to miss them. The fonts are eye grabbing and will make every type of reader, even the lazy one, want to read what you have written because the fonts arouse curiosity.

They are Easy to Read

Sophisticated and beautiful handwritten fonts are easy to read increasing the chances of people reading through your text ensuring that they don’t miss the important details in your message. The fonts especially draw attention to call of actions when used correctly.

Where to Use Handwritten Fonts

Postcard font


Handwritten fonts are a great choice when creating a logo because they have character and you can easily align them with your brand. A lot of popular brands around the world such as Ford and Disney, use handwritten fonts for their logos. Logos are very important part of a brand and you want something that your customers will remember and get excited about.

Social Media Banners and Posts

Social media is a great avenue to share your marketing messages even when you’re using postcards. Handwritten font is especially great for fan images such as motivational quotes because they will capture your followers’ attention and evoke emotion instantly. Even when creating images for Facebook ads, handwritten fonts will give you the impact you’re looking for.

Website Feature box

Handwritten fonts are great for feature boxes placed on your website especially when launching a product or service. When you use handwritten font for the feature box only, it will make it stand out from the rest of your website arousing curiosity.

Website Headers

A website header using a handwritten font is effective for grabbing immediate visitors’ attention and will make it easy for repeat visitors to immediately recognize your website. If you make good use of your color, the font will give your website an alluring personal touch giving it a friendly feel.

10 Examples of Handwritten Fonts

The Postcard

Postcard font

The Postcard is a beautiful and sophisticated typeface that has a very subtle handwriting touch making it perfect for announcing new products, sending invitations to special events, sale notifications and creating coupons or tickets to store events. You can also use it to send thank you notes and notifications about special offers.

Thurston Font

Postcard font

The Thurston font was inspired by the Futura font and is a typeface is good for logos and general postcard template design.


Postcard font

The Vibur font was created by Johan Kallas and is a display of his own handwriting. The font however, is better than his handwriting because it’s more pronounced and has re-modelled. The font has various ligatures that you can activate with OpenType features. The font is great for various typesetting contexts especially for playful and bright designs.

FFAD Matro

Postcard font

The FFAD Matro handwritten font contains alternate characters and ligatures giving it a real handwritten feel. This postcard font is especially great for Thank You notes and invitations due to the personal touch it has.


Postcard font

The SoulMarker handwritten postcard font comes in light and bold styles. The font is perfect for various digital and print and digital assignments.

Claire Hand

Postcard font

The Claire Hand handwritten font is bold, friendly and fun. The font gives the feel of creative spontaneity. The font has each letter created in two different weights so giving it an individual and unique feel. The font is great for bold design projects.


Postcard font

Bellaboo is a uniquely authentic handwritten font created by Marcelo Reis Melo. The font has a bold and eye-catching design making it perfect for posters, headlines and more.


Postcard font

The Stackyard handwritten font is a high quality typeface that makes the reader think of a classy and traditional storefront that they want to get into. The font has stylish contextual alternates that make it feel more of a natural handwritten postcard font.

Aguafina Script Font

Postcard font

The Aguafina Script handwritten font is a semi-formal, elegant font. If you’re looking for something graceful but not so casual that makes you look serious and artistic at the same time, this should be your font of choice. The font combines a narrow lowercase that makes efficient use of space and long ascenders and descenders that make it easy to read. This unique combination makes it perfect for book covers, glossy magazines, postcards and product packaging.


business Postcard design

The Ludicrous font is one of the most popular handwritten fonts. It has an authentic handmade feel that makes it perfect for a wide range of design projects.

Handwritten fonts are no doubt a good choice not just as a postcard font but for other design works too. Handwritten fonts are unique and easily get the reader’s’ attention, something that is priority when it comes to increasing conversions. Handwritten fonts has an impact similar to that of real hand writings giving them an authentic personal touch.

When trying to convince someone to read your message you have to make them feel important and have them imagine that the message is written for them only. This is the kind of reaction that handwritten fonts elicit.

If you haven’t tried the handwritten fonts, why don’t you consider the benefits we’ve analyzed and get one of sophisticated and beautiful handwritten fonts and try using them today?

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