How Often Should You Post To Your Blog?

It’s the question for the ages: How often should you blog? Type that question into the search engine and you’re going to come up with a whole bunch of posts that give a whole bunch of different answers. Why is that the case? Because each person who writes a post on the topic is usually answering the question with method that worked best for them.

Some say to post every day, and others say to post twice a month. With answers like that, it’s easy to get confused. So how often should you post to your blog?

When it comes right down to it, when determining how often to blog, one size fits all doesn’t really apply. As that is the case, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Pros and Cons To Posting Every Day

You’ll often here other top bloggers and website owners say that posting every day is ideal, and they’re not entirely wrong about that. Posting to a blog on a daily basis certainly has its upsides that are worth considering.

Pro: Traffic Stats

As you would expect, the more posts that you have on your blog the more traffic you are going to ultimately see to your blog. Neil Patel over at QuickSprout wrote a very detailed report on how blogging from 2 times a week to 5-6 times boosted traffic to his site to over half a million visits per month—that kind of traffic also undoubtedly boosted his site’s rankings in Google. Though the results from your blogging will vary, you can see from his report that there are clear upsides to posting daily.

Con: You Could Tire Yourself Out, and That Will Reflect In Your Posts

Blogging is not an easy task—at the very least, it’s time-consuming. Drumming up ideas, writing the posts and editing them will inevitably take hours out of your day and your week. If blogging is something that you do in your spare time, and all the time you would have to spend posting every day will wear you out. If you’re brain is tired, your writing will sound tired and your readers will get bored, which then makes your blogging pointless.

Posting every day can be doable for some people. If you still want to post every day and find that you don’t have the time, then there is also the options of hiring other bloggers to help with content production; however, it’s important to note that managing other writers is still very time-consuming.

Finding Your Posting Sweet-Spot

It’s going to take time to find a good blogging routine, however, there are some things to consider before giving it your stamp of approval. First is to consider your audience. What do they want or need from your blog? Do they prefer one long post a week or multiple short bite-sized posts a few days a week?

Next, consider your site. Is it a news site? A baking blog? A blog for your small business? Do you see a lot of traffic as it is?

After you consider those factors, commit to an amount of posts every week and then see how it goes. What’s the response? Has your traffic increased? What’s your most popular post? Getting answers to these questions will help you find that blogging sweet-spot.

It’s also important to know that to you readers will get used to when and how often you post, so stick to schedule. If you start with doing 6 articles a week and then suddenly drop down to 2 a month, you’re going to see a dip in traffic and interest. Either way, keep up the good work. It will pay off.

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