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How to hide page title in WordPress

How To Hide Page Title In WordPress

Let’s agree.

WordPress continues to dominate the web and is a very powerful platform for purposes other than blogging. But there are certain features that are not possible without custom code or third-party tools.

One such feature is the ability to hide page titles. By default, WordPress displays the title of the page on the frontend.

Some of the common reason for hiding the WordPress page title can be:

  1. If you want to have a static homepage then most likely you would not want that page to have a title.
  2. Creating landing pages are the most common reason users want to hide page title.

Methods to hide WordPress Page or title

Let’s start with the easiest option to hide page titles in WordPress.

Hide for single WordPress page or post

The easiest way to hide page title is by leaving the title field blank. WordPress will generate its own permalink when there’s no title, and you will be able to edit the page as well.

While this method is very easy, it’s not recommended as if you’ll have many pages without titles you won’t be able to identify which is which.

Using a plugin

There are plugins for hiding page titles as there are for doing pretty much everything on WordPress.

In this example, we have used the Hide Title Plugin. To use this plugin, first install and activate the plugin from WordPress Dashboard.

Hide title Plugin
  •  After activation, edit the page whose title you want to hide.
  • You can do this by simply clicking on the Pages menu in your WordPress admin and clicking on the page that you want to edit. 
  • On the edit screen, you will see a Hide Title meta box in the right panel.
  • Check this box and click on the update or publish button. 

That’s it. Now, this will hide the page title on a singular page view. It will still show the title on your homepage or other archive pages, but not on the single page view. Go to the frontend to preview the changes and make sure that everything looks right.


To do this via CSS, you’ll need the page ID of the page whose title you want to hide first.

  • Go to Pages -> All pages;
  • Hover your mouse cursor over that page, then over the Edit link
  • At the bottom of your browser, you’ll see a link that contains the page’s ID.
Page ID
Image Source: deliciousthemes.com

Now, let’s use this ID to hide the page title.

  • Go to Appearance -> Customize
Go to Appearance -> Customize
  • Click on Additional CSS.
Click on Additional CSS.
  • Copy the below code after entering the page ID and press the Publish button.

.page-id-(X) .entry-title{

And you are done!

Hide for all the pages and posts

If you want to hide the title for all the pages on single pages, then there are a few ways of doing this.

  1. Using CSS
  2. Adding custom function in your theme
  3. Using a theme or page builder that has this option built-in

Using CSS

Copy the below code 

.entry-title {

Navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS or put the CSS in your child theme’s style.css

Additional CSS to Hide Title

Custom function

Copy the below code in your theme’s functions.php file

function wpeka_hidetitle_class($classes) {
if ( is_single() || is_page() ) : 
$classes[] = 'hidetitle';
return $classes;
return $classes;
add_filter('post_class', 'wpeka_hidetitle_class');

Theme or a Page Builder

There are free themes like Responsive or page builders like Elementor that have this option built-in.

  • Open your page > Click on ‘Edit with Elementor
Edit with Elementor to Hide Title
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and right click on ‘settings’
Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on ‘Hide Title‘ button.
Click on 'Hide Title' button.

Disadvantages of hiding the page title in WordPress

Not SEO friendly

The page title is in most of the themes H1 tag. SEO optimized page should have one H1 title. Hiding page title isn’t SEO-friendly as search engines don’t like it when you hide content from them.

Ranking factor

The title tag or H1 tag is a core signal for a ranking factor on a search engine. It helps the search engine understand what a page is about. Without it, Google will fail to figure it out, which means that you’ll get low rankings.


While WordPress page title has an essential part in your site’s SEO and to optimize the page for ranking higher in Google, there are cases when you must hide it. 

We hope this article helped you in understanding the various ways possible to hide the page title. Do you know any more ways to achieve this? Do let us know in the comments box below.

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