How to use Google Analytics to Improve your Website?

As per Wikipedia, Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics service. As per the most recent statistics, 55% of the 10,000 most popular websites using Google Analytics. Whether it is a blog, a professional or a personal internet site, most users prefer using Google Analytics to know the health of their website.

Google Analytics can tell you the points for improvement, and you can make changes accordingly to be the best you can be. Having said this, every newbie can get a little puzzled as Google Analytics has a lot of information to provide.

Google Analytics can be an intimidating at first but before you even think of giving up on it, read this blog.

5 Google Analytics hacks to improve your website continuously.

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Know Which Websites are your Traffic Providers

Follow the path: Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Referrals

When you want to know which source has been giving you traffic, go to the Referrals tab under Acquisition. Specific sources can be found out from this analysis.

Points to keep in mind: Once you know the source of the traffic that’s coming to your website, you can promote your products through that medium. Apply for paid subscriptions or ads through that medium rather than spending something which doesn’t give you much traffic.

Google Analytics to Improve your Website - Traffic Providers

Know Where all your Traffic is Coming From

Follow the path: Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels

In this analysis report, you can not only get an overview of where all your traffic is coming from but also get information about the different sources and the engagement they get on your website.

For WPeka club, Emails get the maximum traffic 1,249 sessions in a month while Affiliates get the least sessions. The average time spent by visitors from other sites like chimeratheme, wplegal is more than the other sources.

Points to keep in mind: You should spend more time on the sources that get your more sessions. In our case, it’s Emails and other websites.

Google Analytics to Improve your Website - Acquisition

Know the Most Popular Content

Follow the path: Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

You can get an insight into what kind of content has been familiar with your audiences. You can judge for yourself whether these favorite websites match with your priority of articles that you want your visitors to see.

The most popular site should be a reference to arrange your site. If the most popular page has been accessed by the user through social media websites but is not highlighted on your homepage, you might want to consider that option.

Points to keep in mind: You should spend more time on the sources that get your more sessions. In our case, it’s Emails and other websites.

Google Analytics to Improve your Website - All Pages

Know Which Content do the Users See First

Follow the Path: Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

Understanding this aspect is crucial as diving deep into this can make you aware of what is the first impression created by your website on the users. The landing pages can make or break your company’s image. Learning about the landing pages which are most frequently visited can give you a fair idea of what the user is thinking while visiting your website. This report will be quite similar to the overall report.

Here, you can learn the average time spent by users on your landing page and also know the bounce rate of that particular page. Usually, a high bounce rate and low average session duration can be a cause of worry. But, if the users are leaving the page to make some purchase then it’s ok for you to have low session duration and high bounce rate. From this, you can make necessary changes in your pages as and when required.

Points to keep in mind: Everything is about first impressions! If your homepage is the most visited first page and you see a high bounce rate, it can be a cause of worry. You may consider the option of changing how your home page looks to reduce this and improve interactiveness of your website.

Google Analytics to Improve your Website - Landing Pages

Know Which Devices do your Viewers Use to View your Site

Follow the Path: Audience > Mobile > Overview

A year ago, Google changed the way it ranks a website on mobile devices like iPhone and others. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it is highly likely that it will not be listed in the search results if a person searches from a mobile device.

If the maximum of your website traffic is mobile driven, this can be a cause of worry! Knowing which device gets you most traffic is quite crucial.

Points to keep in mind: Your website should be compatible with a maximum of your visitors. If the maximum of your visitors are from mobile phones, but they have a high bounce rate, you will have to change how it looks on mobile devices. Test your website on various devices and consider a redesign if it isn’t responsive.

Google Analytics to Improve your Website - Device

One more important thing to do here is to adhere to Google policies. Check out common mistakes websites do in violating Google’s policies.

Comment to share other ways to use Google Analytics to Improve your Website.

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