Top 10 Best Website Builders For Growing Businesses

In today’s world having a website is a must. By having a website, you have the reach to connect to people from all around the world. That’s why every business owner whether small or big have a website or are building one.

If you are a small business or a startup, chance are that you would want to build your website on your own, because definitely it saves a lot of money. But it is also possible that you don’t have the right skills to develop one. To solve this problem, there are website builders which allows you to build a professional site with no design or coding skills. Best10WebsiteBuilders has amazing site building analysis and reviews that will help you choose the best website builder for your needs.

If you’re an experienced designer or a developer you can fine-tune your design to suit your needs.

There are lot of free website builders available, but they have major restrictions like limitation on size of the site, no custom domain, etc.. Fortunately, there are commercial website builders which give to liberty over the lot of things at a reasonable starting price of $8/month including hosting.

I have complied a list of 10 best website builders that are pretty useful for small and growing businesses.

Top 10 best website builders for small businesses


wix website builder

Wix is a popular website builder with a range of plans and products. The basic plan (Connect domain) of Wix costs just $2/month with 1 GB bandwidth and Wix branding. But their unlimited plan ($6 per month) removes these restrictions and gives you unlimited bandwidth, a storage of 10 GB and a free domain with no Wix branding.

You can also start an online store with Wix, which will cost you just $8 per month. They have one more plan called combo which is specifically for personal use, like for blogging and portfolio sites, which will cost you a very reasonable $4 a month. Plan includes 2 GB bandwidth, 3 GB storage and a free domain.

All the above plans except the basic plan provides you premium support, Google Analytics, free hosting, customized favicon, and $75 as Google ads credit for unlimited and ecommerce plan.

To enhance your website, Wix offers over 100 templates with categories for simpler selection. It has a simple drag and drop website builder that gives you all kinds of tools and features – image editor, video backgrounds, social buttons, password protected pages, an integrated blog and just about anything you would like to tweak or restyle.


weebly website builder

Weebly is one of the best website builders. Their plans start from $0 a month for a basic site to $25 per month for an ecommerce site.

The service offers a wide range of professionally design website templates, covering every type of site. They have a very useful drag and drop website editor which is very useful for novice users. For experienced users, Weebly provides full access to HTML and CSS of the site, which gives you full control to make any changes.

One of their latest and the best feature is Weebly mobile apps. Their Android or iOS apps allows you to build, edit or manage your website through mobile devices.

Their free plan doesn’t give you much of a value even being free. With just 500 MB of storage, Weebly branding and loads of limitations, I don’t think you might want to go for it.

The plans you might want to choose if you’re planning to build a website are the starter and pro plans. These plans will cost you $8 and $12 a month respectively. Both these plans gives you 1 year of free domain, unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Additional features in the pro plan are the option to upload HD quality videos, password protected pages, site search, membership, etc.. These plans also allow products to be sold on the site but with some limitations and a 3% transaction fee.

If you want to start an ecommerce store, their business plan is the way to go. At just $25 per month, it has hoard of features. This plan allows you to have unlimited number of products, an integrated shopping cart, SSL security and no transaction fees.


shopify website builder

If you are considering to build an online store, consider using Shopify. Shopify is a specialist website builder for online stores having dedicated features and tools.

Along with being a specialist in online stores they also have similar tools like other website builders, like – 100 plus templates, drag and drop builder, etc. But their ecommerce features are one to look at. They allow a highly configurable product catalogue, a comprehensive shopping cart, social media integration, advanced store management, fraud analysis,  SSL certification, abandoned cart recovery and much more.

With all those website building features and ecommerce features, Shopify is a little on the costlier side. But if you really want to have a professional online store, the cost is justifiable.

Shopify’s plans starts from $29 per month to $299 per month. And along with this there are also transaction fees if you don’t use their payment methods. There is also an intermediate plan which costs you $79 per month with loads of features. One special plan by Shopify is the Shopify Lite which allows you to sell your products on Facebook at just $9 per month.


squarespace website builder

Sqaurespace is the website builder to use if your website or business demands high quality designs and imagery. This platform is extremely design oriented and allows you to have undeniably rich visual experience.

Squarespace’s basic plan starts at $5 per month ($60 billed annually) which gives you a single cover page website with absolutely no restrictions at all. No ads, no bandwidth or storage limits and a free domain. The cover page plan is just a one page website, but that enough for some businesses.

Their website plan starts at $12 per month ($144 billed annually) or $14 billed monthly and $18 per month (billed annually) or $26 billed monthly. As mentioned earlier, their plans have no limitations as such and that applies to all of their plans. They also offer an interactive drag and drop builder and all common features of a website builder.

For their ecommerce plans, you’ll have to shell out $26 and $40 per month for basic and advanced plans respectively.

One thing I would like to say is that, Squarespace isn’t the first choice for beginners but they provide expert level functionalities and their single pages websites good value for money.


jimdo website builder

Jimdo is a simple and effective website builder with adequate features. One of the best features of Jimdo is its free account which allows you to have password protected area, which you won’t find and any of the listed builders.

There aren’t many templates as that of others and also the modules you get are not fully configurable.

There plans start at $7.50 per month for basic plan to $20 per month for business plan, both are billed annually. Looking at the prices, I can say that Jimdo is one the cheapest solutions you will find that too with good features.

The basic plan allows you to have a basic online store with 15 products whereas the business plan allows you to have unlimited products and loads of additional store features. They also have mobile apps through which you can edit your website on the go.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor

coffeecup website builder


If you’re an experienced web developer than you will love this website builder. CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a powerful coding tool which gives you full control over your site, literally full control.

There are 65+ responsive themes, of which you can view the code to see how it works, tweak the code and see the results immediately in the preview pane. Their award winning editor which saves time with website components that update instantly across all pages and improve search rank.

If you are a novice web developer, I will suggest you to look somewhere else. But if you know coding then its a cake walk.

It comes with a smart code completion technique which suggests you appropriate tags as you type. It also has a validation tool which checks your code for reference.

Over the years, CoffeeCup has evolved a lot and now has a lot new tools which enhance features of the website builder, all of which have a one time payment fees. There plans start from $4.95 per month to $24.95 per month.


godaddy website builder

GoDaddy is a know name in the website hosting industry and certainly the biggest hosting provider. They also have their website builder which you can rely on building your website. The USP of GoDaddy is it superb customer support which has provided world-support all the time.

This builder comes with around 300+ professional templates with drag and drop tools. Also, their website builder allows you to create backups of your site whenever you want.

A few cons about GoDaddy’s website builder are that, once you select a theme, you cannot change to another theme without losing your data. Also, there is no ecommerce store available, only websites.

If you purchase any of their plans, you will get a one month free trial period which is kind of nice for testing out the features and functionalities of the builder. Other than that, their plans starts from $9.99 per month to $14.99 per month, both are billed annually.

Mobirise Web Builder

mobirise website builder

Mobirise Website Builder is a free tool to build mobile-friendly website without any coding experience. It also not a typical website builder, rather it is a application which you can download for your Windows PC or Mac, all for free.

This is a free tool yet it made it to the list because of its awesome features and functionalities.

After you start the application, a default theme appears. Then you can customize the text, images and site behavior with a click. There are also a few attractive content blocks – images, text, videos, carousels, sliders, social network buttons, contact forms, PayPal shopping cart, Twitter feed, plus Facebook comments – and you can add them just by drag and drop.

After you’re done, the site automatically rearranges itself to fit your mobile device. You can check the preview any time to see the results and also publish it locally on Google Drive or FTP.

With all that absolutely no cost, Mobirise is great tool.

IM Creator

im creator website builder

If you are looking to create a lean and professional website quickly then, IM Creator is your best friend. It is a website builder which allows you to quickly setup a website without investing much time on. That also means, it does not have vast variety of features to do a lot of changes on your site.

What is does have are beautiful templates to choose from with a pure drag and drop tool.

IM Creator has a couple of plans apart from the free one. The free plan offers you just 50 MB of hosting space and access to all templates. But they do have large branding ads in this plan. There premium and the pro plan are what you should be opting for if you want a professional website.

The premium plan starts at $9.95 per month (billed biannually) and you’ll pay a lot less if you opt to take their service for a longer period. This plan gives you unlimited hosting and bandwidth with premium 24/7 support.

The Pro plan is something different. It allows you to remove the branding from their website builder and have a website builder of your own. This allows clients to publish their sites under your brand name. It also allows reseller control panel and tracking.

One thing that is missing here, is ecommerce support.


toweb website builder

TOWeb is another desktop application which allows you to create modern websites that are compatible with all devices. This is one of the best website builders that are not online and have a desktop application.

This application has over 100 templates to choose from. It has a modern CSS3 based theme editor, with easy and intuitive live content editor. The TOWeb application comes with 3 plans to choose from other than free one – premium, e-commerce and studio.

If you are a small business then you might want to choose the premium for simple websites or the ecommerce one if you’re planning to have an online store. The premium plan will cost you $55 whereas the e-commerce plan will cost you around $110. The best part about these licenses are that they are one-time payment only, no monthly or annual fees.

A few cons about it is that creating pages is not smooth process and you’ll have to read guides and go to help to dig deep. But once you get a hand of it, you can create pages fairly quick.

Apart from the above mentioned website builders there are some who deserve to be mentioned like SITE123 – free website builder 


So, these where the top 10 best website builders that you should be using. Apart from these, there are a few noteworthy tools like – XARA and WebEasy Professional which are also good at building websites quickly.

If you’ve have concerns or questions about these website builders, please leave a comment below.

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