How To Use Lazymag

Lazymag Theme – Lazymag is a stunning WordPress blog theme for news and content-heavy websites.

It has social media integration, comment system integration (, you-tube video channels, Sliders, Advertisement areas and much more.

Here is a step-by-step guide for configuring Lazymag.

Installing Lazymag

1. Download the file & unzip to themes folder located at


2. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes


3. Activate Lazymag Theme .

Customizing Lazymag

Theme Settings.

Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options

A . General – Includes the general settings for Sitename, general , Youtube Player , Footer .

1 . Site name

  • Site Name : Enter your custom sitename text (Not used if a logo uploaded).
  • Description : Enter your custom site description text (Not used if a logo uploaded).


2 . Homepage

  • Youtube video : Add the video code of any YouTube video. Also known as the watch code, taken from a videos url.
  • You tube channel : Add the channel name of any YouTube channel to display a list of its most recent 50 videos (Channel name taken from its url)



3. General

  • Date formate : select proper global date format.
  • Tickertape : Select enable to display the scrolling posts tickertape within the header.
  • Trending : Select enable display the latest trending links in your header.
  • Author info : Select enable to display the author information block on each post



4 . Footer : Here are the settings for footer to enable/disable the back to top button and copyright text.

  • Back To Top Button : Select the appropriate option to enable/disable the back to top button on the site.
  • Copyright Text : Add your custom copyright text here. HTML is allowed for linking.



  • Click on Save Changes button to reflect all the changes.

B . Appearance : This section includes the settings for color scheme of the site and a setting to add the custom CSS .

  • Color Scheme : Includes the settings for color shades and the background colors of the content .


  • Custom Styling : Enter any custom CSS here to apply it to your theme and click on Save Changes .


C. Ads : Monetize your blog with advertisement space.

Ad Codes : Enter the ad codes to show ads at the below mentioned section of the site .

  • Header : Add your custom advertisement code (728*90 recommended).
  • Side : Add your custom advertisement code (300*250 recommended).
  • Footer : Add your custom advertisement code (728*90 recommended).

And click on Save Changes to reflect the changes on the site.



D. Social URLs

  • Post Social Icons : Enable/Disable to activate the AddToAny social post buttons.
  • Face book , Twitter , You Tube , RSS URLs : Enter the Facebook , Twitter , Youtube , RSS urls to add the full url to your respective page .



And click on Save Changes to reflect the changes .

E . Miscellaneous : Includes the settings for Comments , SEO and Analytics .


  • Comments Selector : Select the commenting system to be used from the options here .
  • Disqus Universal Code : If you selected to use the Disqus commenting system, paste your UNIVERSAL CODE here to activate comments.


2. SEO .

  • Meta Description : Add your custom META description text (optional).
  • Meta Keywords : Add your custom META keywords, separated by commas (optional).


3. Analytics .

Tracking Code : Add your analytics tracking code here (optional).


Logo Settings :

Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Logo

Here are the settings to upload the logo and Favicon icon for the site . Check for attached screen-shot.


Widgets .

Following are the five widgets with the Lazymag Theme.

Advertisement : Add any advertisement to a sidebar.Go to appearance->widgets->[lazy]Advertisement->Add widget


Latest Comments : List your latest comments. Go to appearance->widgets->[lazy]Latest Comments ->Add widget


Post hightlight : Highlight a single post from any category complete with large post image. Go to appearance->widgets->[lazy]Post Hightlight->Add widget


Post list : List posts from any or all of your categories. Go to appearance->widgets->[lazy]Post List->Add widget


Post thumb : Display posts from any or all categories with thumbnail post images.Go to appearance->widgets->[lazy]Post Thumbs->Add widget


So that’s pretty much what you need to know in order to get started with Lazymag.

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