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How to use WP Legal Theme – LegalPro

WP Legal Theme WordPress theme – LegalPro is WPEka Club’s latest offering. It’s a sleek WordPress law firm website.

It is designed for legal executives, attorneys and judicial officers. LegalPro understands your business needs pretty well.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for configuring WP Directory.

1. Installing LegalPro theme

1. Download the legalpro.zip file & unzip to themes folder located at /wordpress/wp-content/themes
2. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes
3. Activate LegalPro theme.

Remember : You need to have certain pages, posts to use in the themes options for LegalPro theme.

2. Create Pages for LegalPro theme :

You need to create the following pages with the specified templates to use them in your theme.

1. Create a Contact Us page with the Contact us template. Click Publish.

2. Create a Services page with the Services template. Click Publish.

3. Create a Case Studies page with the Case Studies template. Click Publish.

4. Create a Attorney page with the Attorney template. Click Publish.

You’ll see the changes to these pages once we have done the settings using the theme options.

WP Legal Pages Banner

3. Create Posts for LegalPro theme :

You need to create posts for various pages to use them in your theme.

1. Add posts for LegalPro Attorneys by creating a post & specifying category as Attorneys. Use custom fields : attorney_fb, attorney_gplus, attorney_twt, attorney_linkedin, attorney_image, attorney_designation and enter the URL for the the particular fields & click publish.

2. Add posts for LegalPro Services by creating a post & specifying category as Services. Use custom field : service_image and enter the URL for this & click publish.

These posts will show up on the pages we created earlier.

4. Customizing LegalPro

Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> LegalPro Theme Options

1. Header: Customize the header of your website.

General settings : Customize the Website

  • Custom logo : Select a custom logo for your website.
  • Favicon : Select a favicon for your website.
  • Site Title : Enter a Site Title for your website.
  • Site Tagline : Enter a Site Tagline for your website.
  • Contact Us Email : Enter the Email Address by which visitors of your website can contact you.
  • Contact Us Number : Enter the Contact Number by which visitors of your website can contact you.

Social Connect Settings : Social Website Links

  • Twitter : Enter the URL for Twitter profile page.
  • Facebook : Enter the URL for Facebook profile page.
  • Pinterest : Enter the URL for Pinterest page.
  • Google+ : Enter the URL for Google+ profile page.
  • LinkedIn : Enter the URL for Linked profile page.

2. Homepage : Customize the homepage of your website.


Please click on the image to view it full scale.

General settings : Homepage

  • Dynamic Slider : Showcase the content in a dynamic slider. Enter the title for the slider with an Image and text content on it with a button for the link.
  • Content Bar : Special Content bar for displaying the information in the bar . Enter the title for the content bar and enter the text in provided two columns.
  • Client Profiles : You can showcase the client profiles with their logo image . Upload an image and enter the link for the image .
  • Testimonials : You can display the testimonials from the clients on the home page . Enter the Title and Text for the Testimonial . You can also Upload an image for Testimonial .

3. Footer area : Customize the footer area on your website.

General settings : Footer Options

  • Footer Options : Specify the footer copyright text to be displayed in the footer.

4. Click Save changes when you are happy with your customizations.

So that’s pretty much what you need to know in order to use the LegalPro theme effectively.

LegalPro theme is a fully responsive theme option for your sites.

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