How to Increase Website Engagement Using Videos?

Do videos impact your website engagement?

You have put a lot of effort in producing a beautiful video and the end result looks nice. It seems to be getting more and more views, but how do you know the real impact your website engagement.

Tracking views helps determine whether your video is delivering the message to your audience and improves your website engagement. This article talks about how to determine the engagement rate for your videos. It also suggests some simple ideas to leverage data in your campaigns.

website engagementIt is a no brainer that good data is crucial to the revenue stream. With indepth data, even the smallest start-up can get a good understanding of how their videos are performing.

New marketing technologies and a good video movie maker can do wonders for tracking various demographics, age, gender, and so on.

Not that long ago, audience views meant everything. Companies saw views equivalent to improved website engagement and better brand recognition.

Do views matter?

Views are useful, but they are among the simplest metrics one can get and analyze. Any user can go on YouTube and see how many views any video has. It only shows how many people clicked the play button – that’s about it.

Views can’t tell you whether people left the video a second into viewing, closed the video halfway through, or made it to the end. Views can be triple the actual engagement figures and without other numbers, a company cannot know for sure the effective website engagement.

Engagement is difficult to measure. You need to know which video has 90% of people watching until the end and which one has only 10% people sticking around till the end of the video. Viewer engagement is a great place to start.

Moreover, the views do not tell you who is watching your videos. Fewer views within your target audience are more valuable than many views in the wrong audience.

What is Website Engagement

website engagement

Sometimes, the play rate becomes a vanity metric. If your video has a high play rate, it does not mean that many people watched it until the end, or if they skipped parts or if they rewatched. On the other hand, viewer engagement shows the efficiency of the video, making it an essential for video makers.

Viewer engagement can drive conversions and improve website engagement. Viewer engagement indicates the quality of your content.

How to track website engagement with videos effectively?

Website Engagement

If your video hosting platform allows for a heatmap reporting for playback session, you will easily track viewer engagement.

A heatmap allows you to see which parts of your video are often re-watched, skipped, or where people simply leave. This is a perfect tool to measure viewer engagement.

You can calculate the engagement rate in percentage, where engagement is the total percentage of views. This number can be more than 100% if people often rewatch the video.

For example, if the engagement rate is 70%, most of the users watched the whole video. If you see bumps in engagements at certain parts, it means points of interests.

A simple tip: tag your viewers with email addresses. It will help you analyze general viewing patterns. Besides, you can easily leverage their engagement data in your marketing strategies and update your videos.

How to boost your website engagement with videos?

website engagement

Search for patterns in the data while examining your engagement metrics. If you cannot determine a clear pattern visually based on heatmaps, use Excel to tumble the data.

You should be able to find a clear indication of drop-off points in your video. Knowing where viewers lose interest and skip your video, or spikes in their interest are essential. Both spikes and drop-offs will provide information for your video creation process.

Website engagementRemember, that the biggest drop-off happens right at the beginning of the video.

When people decide to stay for longer than 10% of your video, they are likely to watch it till the end.

If you see a huge change in a specific point, examine this point in your video editing tool to find what is happening there. Maybe it is a call-to-action part or the music changes.

Maybe you have stayed too long with your topic while designing the video in the video movie maker. Periods that are re-watched often demand the highest attention. If users skip a certain part, maybe it is too complex or a bit boring.

This will help you revise your videos, tighten your edits, refine your message, and improve your video’s ROI.

Leveraging your data

website engagement

Some videos simply do not have clear spikes or drop-offs. However, you can still analyze your data to improve website engagement, especially if you can get the email addresses of your viewers.

For example, website engagement data can help to segment your target group, according to how many of your videos they watched. You can use it to identify those who could benefit from additional information about your products. They did not finish watching your video and do not know all the information.

Alternatively, they may not like one of your videos, so making more than one video and sending several options could motivate users to watch. People who completed watching your video may be interested in similar content.They are probably ready to make a purchase with a specific offer.

Here are some important metrics that you can use to measure your video’s ROI.

Important metrics to measure your video’s ROI

website engagement

Call-to-action response rate

Call-to-action videos include phrases like “Click here for more information”. If your videos are one of those, your analytics should tell you how many users click on your call-to-action. This number is closely tied to ROI. It is all about lead conversions.


You can easily learn where in the world your viewers are located. Are your videos hitting the market you targeted? Are there opportunities in places you did not consider before? The more you know about demographics, the better you can prepare the videos and prepare your marketing campaign as well. Thus, you can develop targeted campaigns for specific groups.

Unique views

Yes, views are still relevant when you measure them as a part of a larger whole. They can help you develop a better strategy regarding the placement and message of your videos. You can have your entire target demographic engaged and answering your call-to-action.

However, if this group is small, you may consider placing your video in front of more people.

When used properly, all these rates can easily tell you things about your business. It may take years to learn the same things without a website engagement analysis.

A comprehensive strategy will allow you to make better decisions, forecast models, analyze trends, and save time. As a result, you will know what you can do to improve your video’s ROI.

Measure the right way

website engagement Now you know what websiteengagement is, what works,and what does not, and what to measure. These four steps will help you start your analytics strategy.

1. Choose the hosting platform wisely

There are several options available that really work. You may be thinking about something like Vimeo or YouTube that have many videos made in the video movie maker.

These are cost-effective options, but they do not have the advanced analytics that many businesses need. Services like Wistia or Vidyard are more expensive, but their great analytical tools will justify the investment.

They have integration capabilities with many CRMs, allowing track viewers from the first click to conversion and upload videos made in any video editor tool.

2. Always set tasks to analyze your reports

Compare the result with previous reports to see the changes. It will help you determine whether you need to alter the placement or content of your video.

3. Spend some time to analyze views, play rate, and engagement

website engagement Little follow-up with many views means that your call-to-action is weak, while low numbers mean your placement could be better. For example, if your play rate is low, the placement of your video is poor.

It can also mean that the design of your video does not attract enough attention.

4. Be creative

Marketing is all about consistency, and video marketing follows the same rules. Produce high-quality videos with a good video movie maker on a regular basis and people will be engaged.

Do not forget to keep your message fresh and interesting. Analytics allow you to control your approach constantly to maximize your impact by seeing what worked and what did not. Every new video is a new opportunity to gather data, even if this video is a failure.

Too often businesses mistake sparse analytics for good data. Some even neglect the analytical part entirely, leading to a loss in potential revenue. Do not leave your ROI on the table.

Use analytics tools to gather and act upon the gathered information. This will boost your ROI, grow your business, broaden your brand awareness and increase your website engagement.

If you are looking out for a real good video maker, try out this one. It will make your task of video creation a lot of fun.

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