Ways to make money with WordPress

Making money with WordPress

WordPress has become a huge platform for efficient content management and blogging. People all around the world are making loads of money with WordPress. You simply need to recognize your skills and kick-start your WordPress income.

It is easy to make money with WordPress if you know the right string to pull. Here are a few methods by which you can earn that little extra cash.

1. Monetize a WordPress blog
Many people start a blog with one intention: making money. There are various ways by which you can monetize your blog:

  • Pay per click – With pay-per-click ads, whenever a user clicks on any of the ads published on your site, you’ll make money. Success with PPC ads depends greatly on the genre of your blog and your audience.
  • Custom search engines – While most blog themes have an integrated search box, in the long run it is better to use a custom search engine because you can have greater control over how it functions. Programs like Google AdSense associated with the corresponding  search engines pay for placing advertisements.
  • Sponsored posts – There are many sites online that are ready to pay you to blog. These sites are the middle men that bring advertisers and publishers together. You get paid a fixed fee for publishing a blog post related to the advertiser’s desired content.
  • Affiliate links – You can become an affiliate of a company and help them sell products. For every sale that results from someone clicking a link published on your website, you’ll receive either a percentage of the sale or fixed amount set by the company.

2. Sell themes and plugins
Whether you create the themes yourself or simply offer a marketplace for themes to be sold, selling WordPress themes is a big business. In fact, if you can get it right with your WordPress themes, the opportunities to earn off premium themes are endless. Some of the top examples are CTRTheme and Chimera Themes.

Not a lot of people realize that you can quickly earn money by picking the right plugins for your blog. You can earn money with plugins from places such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Amazon. There are also some great plugins, such as Ad Squares, that allow you to easily place and sell advertisements on your site.
3. Freelancing
Being your own boss in one of the best things in the world – and WordPress makes it possible for hundreds of people to take control of their own lives. On WordPress content is everything and there are various people who want others to write for them. There are various other options that freelancers can choose from to make money with WordPress. Understand your skills and launch your own freelance career around WordPress. Websites like Freelancer and Odesk provide good opportunities.
4. Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn loads of money and it’s also one of the most popular ways to make money with WordPress. An affiliate promotes a product or service from a brand they’ve registered to be an affiliate for. You’ll typically either get a percentage of the sales or earn a fixed commission per sale. Picking a good company will help you become more successful.

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