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Matomo Analytics Plugin Review

Looking for a perfect web analytics tool? Read our review of Matomo Analytics plugin 2020

When you begin an online business, whether out of curiosity or with an intention to gain success, having adequate analytics integrated on the website helps tremendously. 

Moreover, if you wish to have substantial control over your data and want to track every visitor’s activity, analytics assist you with just that. In such a scenario, WordPress users require nothing more than an accurate analytics plugin. 

Right from keeping a tab on the number of visitors to their geographic location, the time they are spending on your site and what actions they are taking on your website can be gauged with this one tool.  

WordPress Matomo plugin seems to be a perfect choice for newbies as well as advanced users. So, in this post, we are going to cover:

  • What does the Matomo plugin do?
  • Features of Matomo Analytics plugin
  • Installation & Activation
  • Is Matomo Analytics right for you?

What Does Matomo Plugin Do?

Amidst providing you with an array of useful features, this open-source analytics plugin can also help with storing and managing your own analytics data. Being an appreciated and popular plugin since the release, this plugin has got more than 4000 active installs. 

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Features of Matomo Analytics Plugin

What makes an open-source web analytics plugin worthwhile is the set of features that it comprises. As far as Matomo is concerned, here is the complete list that you can expect out of it:

Keeping a Tab on Visitors:

Irrespective of the tool you are using, keeping a tab on visitors is an essential thing to take better and well-thought steps. With this plugin, you can:

  • Check Visits Log: This is one option that enables you to see the visits on your website. If you wish to check individual user sessions, browsing through these visits will help you with the same.
  •  Visitors Profiles: As the name suggests, with this option, you can check the summary of a specific visitor. The information includes every visit by that person, data of the first and last visits, and the location of the visitor on a map.
  • Real-time Stats: By default, this plugin processes reports every 10 seconds to provide you with real-time statistics. However, if you want any changes in the same, you can also customize this option by visiting the General Settings page.
  • Real-time Analytics API: With the Matomo Live! API, you can have easy access to all the actions and visits that took place on your website. You can also use this API to query individual visitor records or acquire information regarding all of the visits in a specific date range of a day. 

Understanding Visitors Behavior

This behavior feature is about analyzing the web pages that are popular among your audience. Apart from that, you also get to comprehend how people are interacting with your site. 

This feature allows you to know where visitors are coming to your site. For instance, if you are spending hours altogether in maintaining your blogs and would like to know if they are working or not. 

With this specific feature of Matomo, you can find out which blog post is sending significant traffic to your site. Moreover, for every web page, you get to see how many people viewed that specific page, the average time people spent here along with several other essential insights. 

Everything About Ecommerce

Matomo also offers advanced eCommerce analytics features. In case you are already using a popular eCommerce software platform, such as WooCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento, Prestashop, VirtueMart, Oxid, or osCommerce; there is a higher probability of pre-installation of Matomo plugin to enable automatic tracking on your pages. 

With this one feature, you can keep a tab on top products that the platform sold, the revenue of a specific product, quantity purchased, unique purchases, average quantity, average price, total visits, total conversion rate, and more. 

Helping You with Goals

Goal conversion tracking is one effective way to measure the objectives and improve them simultaneously. Being a WordPress web analytics plugin, Matomo helps you easily comprehend whether you are meeting the set goals or not. 

It entails several things:

  • Including sold items
  • New customers 
  • Downloaded brochures 
  • Contacted us 

This feature will help you signify what exactly you want your users to do on the site. Ultimately, it assists in measuring the performance of your SEM campaigns.

All About Your Sales Funnel

A funnel is used to define an action series that you simply expect visitors to take to get converted into customers. With a funnel, you can enhance conversion rate, revenue and sales as this feature helps you determine where exactly you are losing your visitors. 

However, Matomo Analytics for WordPress offers this feature as a premium one.  If not, you can even buy it from the Matomo marketplace in case you are self-hosting Matomo on-premise. 

Analytical Forms for the Site

Form analytics can help you acquire substantial insights into how visitors are interacting with your forms. With this plugin, you can add new segments, widgets, and reports to Matomo. 

This will help to recognize the pain points in forms. And, ultimately, you get to optimize forms and gain maximum success. But just like Sales Funnel, this one is a premium feature as well.

Executing A/B Testing

Also known as split testing or experiment testing, A/B testing is another premium feature of the Matomo Analytics plugin. This feature helps to compare varied versions of the app or site so as to detect the successful version that increases page views, conversions, revenue, sales, and more. 

Every experiment page has four different types of reports, such as:

  • A report comprising a summary of experiments and relevant details
  • You also get an evolution graph that allows you to select the variation and the success metric to see the evolution over time
  • And then, you get a report with an overview that enables you to compare all of the success metrics for every experiment variation
  • Lastly, you get a comprehensive report for every experiment success metric that shows which variation is performing best and how statistically significant are the changes that you made 


This premium feature allows you to record mouse movements, clicks and scroll activities of the visitors on your site. With heatmaps, you can discover:

  • Where your visitors are clicking on the page
  • Whether or not that space is clickable
  • What parts of the page are being viewed
  • Where your visitors are interacting the most

Ultimately, with all of this data and more, you get to optimize your website in a way that maximizes the success. Moreover, Matomo analytics’ heatmaps provide you with 100% data ownership and complete control over the data. 

Installation & Activation

Installing and activating Matomo is a seamless task. Since it is available in the official WordPress repository, follow the below-mentioned steps to download and activate this plugin:

  • Go to the WordPress admin dashboard 
  • On the left side, click on Plugins >> Add New
  • Search for Matomo Analytics plugin in the search bar
  • Now, click on the Install Now option and it will begin downloading
  • Once downloaded, click Activate
  • Then go into the Matomo Analytics plugin and click the Enable Tracking Now button

Plans of Matomo Analytics:

WordPress Plugin (free)

WordPress plugin is another easy option. Running on your WordPress server, it gives you free community and paid subscription support amid several other web statistics reporting features.

If you don’t have a WordPress website but would still like to use Matomo Analytics, there are two other hosting methods for you:

Cloud Hosting

Under cloud hosting, you have two different packages – such as Essential and Business. They are easy to set up and come with email support. Further, you can run them on 3-30 websites and retain data for up to 6-24 months, depending upon the package that you use. 

Matomo On-Premise (free)

On-premise hosting requires technical knowledge and a server. With unlimited website usage and data retention, you can either choose free community support or support subscriptions. 

This WordPress site analytics is completely free. You just need to pay for the premium features.

Is Matomo Analytics Right for You?

This open-source analytics plugin is an appropriate choice for those who are looking forward to having complete control over their site’s data and want to track individual visitors. 

If you have just started up your business and are receiving a limited amount of traffic, the free version would be enough for you as Matomo stores data in your website’s database itself. 

However, if your website is getting more traffic, you can either migrate to Matomo cloud or set up a customized storage server to keep the data safe and secure.

Our Verdict

From our experts, this WP analytics plugin has got an overall 4 out of 5 ratings. Check out the detailed ratings here: 

Ease of Use3/5Great for advanced users but could be a bit intimidating if you are a newbie
Value for Money5/5

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