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WooCart Review

WooCart: A better solution for your WooCommerce Store

When launching an online store, it becomes difficult to suppress the excitement you experience, isn’t it? Be it taking pride in the individuality or serving the target audience uniquely – there are a lot of things that can bring joy. 

However, when the initial exhilaration wears off, then comes the realization of responsibilities. After all, running a store is no child’s play. Thanks to WooCommerce, you definitely get some relief, keeping the extensive range of plugins in mind. 

However, as far as the hosting is concerned, it’s possible that you may end up scratching your head, unable to make a decision. After all, hosting is an integral part of an online store as it helps to organize the cluttered menu and puts forth only the essential WooCommerce options.

Not to forget – handling the inflow of visitors, keeping backups, and maintaining the speed of the site depend majorly on the hosting that you have selected for your online store.

Amidst this confusion, WooCart hosting turns out to be a perfect solution for those who are looking forward to managing their online store comprehensively.

Whether you’re starting the store just now or have already established it, WooCart can cater to a range of requirements quite easily. With this hosting, you can effortlessly wrap up a massive pile of tasks in a few clicks that would have taken several days for completion otherwise.

Here’s how WooCart compares to a popular WordPress host, like WP Engine-

  • Amazing performance

With dedicated resources available on Google Cloud, you get to have better control over your platform in comparison with WP Engine’s shared hosting. And then, the speed of your online store will be improved as well. 

  • No loss of data when merging staging with a live site

Unlike WP Engine’s staging feature that overwrites your lie store, the lossless staging feature of WooCart merges the staging with the live site and retains customer and order data that happened in the meantime. 

  • Built specifically for store owners

Everything that you’ll find, right from the tools to the appearance of the dashboard, everything has been built by keeping the requirements of store owners in mind. 

If that excites you enough, in this post, we are going to put forth a comprehensive WooCart review for you so that you can understand more about its aspects before investing your money. Here is what we’re going to cover explicitly:

So, without further ado, let’s begin with this WooCart plugin


What Is WooCart?

WooCart is a service that has been built specifically for hosting and the management of WooCommerce stores. Integrated with feature-rich and advanced features, WooCart makes sure that you don’t face any troubles while running your store.

 Moreover, what we liked the best is its ease of use. In case you haven’t started up with your store yet, WooCart helps you build a completely functional one just with 3 steps. 

This service also comes with a dedicated Google cloud server that has been comprehensively optimized for handling a WooCommerce store. 

Along with that, you can also rest assured of effortless maintenance of the store; saving you hours altogether. 

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Setting up a store on WooCart is a fairly simple process. What seems to be a plus point here is that you wouldn’t require a profound technical knowledge to do so. 

Features of WooCart

Store Wizard

This one feature helps you install a completely designed store, including demo products. All you’d have to do is alter the design colours, add in your logo and products. 

Installing WordPress with WooCommerce, Store Wizard also configures a variety of factors, such as currency, time, localized date, country’s tax settings, and adding language packs. You can read about everything it does on their help article

Lossless Staging

Nothing could be more dreadful than the fear of losing something while updating the site. WooCart’s lossless staging helps with that exact issue. 

With this one feature, you get to seamlessly update new changes on the staging site, review and publish it without losing anything happening on the live store.

This feature turns out to be an advantage when you want to test something, be it a software update, plugin or theme update, or anything else, without shutting down the entire store. 

This way, you can go on with your experiments without the fear of losing customers visiting the store. For better details, you can check out Lossless Staging in action here

Error Logs

With this error logs feature, WooCart helps to troubleshoot any issue arising in your store. For instance, whenever you come across an error on the site, WooCart shows a request ID and URL.

Simply copy that ID and paste the same in the error log tab. And then, you’d be able to see the exact cause behind that error. This is instead of blank WordPress errors that we’ve all encountered in the past. Helpful, isn’t it?

Speed & Performance

As far as the speed and performance of your WooCommerce hosting are concerned, WooCart brings dedicated Google Cloud Server, completely optimized for your WooCommerce site. 

This plugin helps you discover all those tools and plugins that are responsible for the slowness of your store. Not just that, you can also find such web pages that are loading slowly; thus, making it easier to optimize adequately.

Further, you get On-The-Fly Image Optimization that offers fast image loading. If that doesn’t seem enough, you get a premium CDN that makes the images load even faster. 

For further details, you can check out these comparisons-

Pricing Plans of WooCart

WooCart is available in four main plans and you should be able to find one that meets your requirements and budget:

WooCart Supermall

This package provides you with a dedicated server for WooCommerce hosting and estimates 300,000 visits to the store.

Apart from that, you also get store wizard, lossless staging, premium CDN, daily backups, and up to 80GB of disk space. To get this package, you’d have to shed €249/month. 

WooCart Mall

The mall package is much like the previous one. However, the only difference is that you get to have about 150,000 visitors and up to 60GB of disk space. This one can be purchased by paying €179/month.

WooCart Market

Available at the cost of €99/month, this market package provides up to 40GB of disk space and about 100,000 visits on a site. Apart from that, the features are the same as the other packages. 

WooCart Shop

Lastly, this one package is perfect for those who have just started their online business and don’t have a huge budget to run with. Keeping everything the same, this package estimates 50,000 visits and 20GB of disk space at a price of €49/month.

You can find the technical specifications of each of these plans in the FAQ section on the pricing page.

Is WooCart Right for You?

While the service may seem a bit on the pricey side; however, if you assess its features and benefits, it’s all very much worth it. If you wish to have your e-store up and running without much effort, WooCart is more than right for you. Not just that, it provides you easy development and effortless maintenance of the store. 

On top of that, WooCart ensures no-hack guarantee, which is quite unlikely and impressive. This way, you wouldn’t have to stress about the security as their service ensures that your store doesn’t get tangled in any sort of mess. 

And then, even this platform preconfigures WooCommerce for GDPR compliance; thus, adding an extra layer of security on your site. WooCart also handles errors amazingly while providing you with an ID for every issue that occurs on your site. 

Lastly, not to forget about 1-click login, daily backups, and no-hack guarantee. 

Our Verdict

From our experts, WooCart has managed to get an impressive 4.75 out of 5. Here is the detailed rating. 

Ease of use4/5Appropriate for advanced users but could be a bit difficult to comprehend for novices
Value for money5/5


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