successful mobile marketing campaigns

Must-Knows of Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that the forecast for 2017 says that the number of mobile phone users will reach 4.77 billion? Mobile browsing is 64.7% more efficient than desktop browsing. More than half of the Google and Yahoo visitors are now from the mobile device and the average time spent by each mobile visitor is also more than the desktop visitors! 70% of mobile searches lead to some of the other activities within an hour! 

These statistics are enough for us to deduce that the popularity of mobile is not going to slow down shortly. It has not only revolutionalized the way we look at marketing but has also opened many doors for marketers all across the globe. You can ask anyone in the technology business about what’s hot and you’ll get the reply: Mobile.

That’s the sole reason why there’s a requirement for Mobile Marketing everywhere!!!! The various aspects of mobile marketing like SMS marketing, Email marketing are gaining momentum and have been real game changers for many companies in the world like Ikea with their Catalog App, Intel with its B2B mobile paid search campaign. Mobile marketing works with all kinds of businesses, and it helps them evolve (if used correctly!)

Mobile Marketing has become that tool that can either make or break you in this competitive world! Starting today, Marketers should get started on rethinking their marketing strategies and create mobile-centric marketing campaigns. Once your website/blog is mobile friendly, the visit durations might decrease but the number of visitors will increase tremendously.

Your fellow marketers have caught on, when are you planning to follow them?

We get you an infographic which will motivate you to start Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns right away.

Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns : All you need to know!

successful mobile marketing campaigns

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