Benefits of attending a WordCamp

Should You Attend A WordPress WordCamp?

Since Matt Mullenweg hosted the first WordCamp back in 2006, these locally sponsored WordPress based conferences have grown in popularity all over the world. With over three thousand being held since then, many in the WordPress community have made a habit of attending such meetups. However, some are – for one reason or another – hesitant to go.

If you’ve never been to a WordCamp, or similar conference, you may well wonder if they are worth attending.

A Bit On WordCamp

WordCamp is all about WordPress. Since it was the first of these types of WordPress conferences, it is often the one that many consider going to. The nice thing about WordCamp is that they are locally organized. This means that, if you live in the area where one will be held, you can have a direct hand in helping to plan things that will take place during the conference.

The other nice thing is that, if you’ve never attended one of these before, you can get a real feel for how things will be when you help the planning process.

You can visit WordPress.tv to get a clearer idea of how a WordCamp looks, and the topics that are discussed.

The Upsides To Attending A WordCamp

There are multiple advantages that come with attending a WordCamp conference.

Expanding Your Knowledge

Since everything is based around WordPress, you can be sure that your knowledge will expand on the points that are touched on. If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ll likely benefit the most from the conference since much of what is covered has to do with theme and plugin development

Marketing And Networking

One major reason to consider going to a WordCamp is the chance you will have to market yourself to people who are already keenly interested in the WordPress niche. You’re bound to meet other like minded individuals, or people in need of your services. Be sure to come ready with business cards because you’re sure to need them.

Meeting Amazing People

Some of the greatest minds behind WordPress and WordPress based services or products attend WordCamp conferences. This would be an opportunity to meet the people you likely already follow online.

Who Should Attend?

There is likely some confusion about who should go to a WordCamp conference. Since much of what is covered has to do with theme development, many have come to believe that the conference is best suited for WordPress developers. Although it is true that developers can gain quite a bit from attending, they’re not the only ones who can benefit.

Web Designers 

There is a difference between developing for WordPress and designing a WordPress site. If you’re a skilled web designer, WordCamp could be your marketing goldmine. Many developers will be on the look out for designers to work with, and you’ll have the chance to meet and mingle with others whom you could work with in the future.

Bloggers and Site Owners

WordCamp is one of the best places to network your site or your personal services. If you’re a blogger – no matter what you blog about – you are sure to find some prospective clients in need of a good writer or copywriter for their site. If you run WordPress site that could be of benefit to the WordPress community, spreading the word at a WordCamp could be your best shot to get the word out about it.

Whether you’re a developer, or just WordPress enthusiast, attending a WordPress WordCamp can be a wonderful experience that shouldn’t be missed.

To find a WordCamp in your area, check out their site today.

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