A Step-by-step Guide to Build a WordPress Site Within 3 Hours for $27

So I woke up this morning determined to setup my website. Easier said than done I must say!! There are so many things to take care of when you are putting yourself out there (especially online!!!). There’s the domain name registration, hosting plans to choose, setting up the database, choosing a theme that could represent the overall genre of the site, then the plugins that would/could make my life easier & increase the productivity of my WordPress site.

Spending a few hours frantically shortlisting themes & plugins, I thought what if there was a package with a variety of themes & plugins that could meet my requirements & also not drill a hole in my pocket. That’s when I stumbled upon WPeka Club – A .

WPeka Club includes 110 WordPress products (42 impressive WordPress themes & 68 resourceful WordPress plugins) starting with a monthly plan of just $27. WPeka Club offers a 30-day refund policy so I ended up quickly buying their monthly plan.

Enough talk…Let me tell you how WPEka Club helped me build my website in less than 3 hours for just $27.

Time : 08 : 00 am

So my site is pretty empty to begin with so I setup WPLocalPlus (Local Business Directory WordPress Plugin) that automatically populates my site with local business listings from its over 18 million business listings.

Time : 08 : 15 am

I want to direct my site visitors to pertinent content on my site based on their requirements. I setup SurveyFunnel (WordPress survey plugin) which lets me create engaging surveys for user interaction & divert them to relevant content based on their replies, targeted my users to different mailing lists based on offers & created auto-responders.

Time : 09 : 00 am

Now I need outstanding landing pages that look completely different from the rest of my site. So I use ImpactPageBuilder (Ultimate WordPress Page Builder) that allows me to create customized landing pages that look magnificent & impress my site visitors too.

Time : 09 : 30 am

I thought earning from my site wouldn’t hurt so much; I used WPAdCenter (WordPress advertising plugin) to create ad spaces and sell them. Since the plugin is integrated with PayPal I didn’t have to worry about the payment issues.

Time : 10 : 00 am

I do want to save myself from all the legal hassles online hence I setup WPLegalPages (WordPress legal pages plugin). Using the 17 editable templates, it took me only 10 minutes to create the Terms of Use, Affiliate Disclaimer & Privacy Policy pages.

Time : 10 : 10 am

I created a few posts & pages but I cannot ditch SEO. I have to optimize my site without shelling out heaps of dollars for it. I am no expert on SEO but I know the keywords for my target audience; so I simply use SEOBreeze & make sure I get a green score for the SEO. That’s it!

Time : 10 : 40 am

Now that my site is almost ready I want to show it off using my social profiles. Ultimate Social Media (WordPress SEO plugin) helps me boost my social growth & recognition plus it prompts my visitors to share my content.

Time : 10 : 55 am

Knowing that things can go wrong even at the most unexpected times, it is always a good idea to have regular backups of your site. BackupBreeze (WordPress backup plugin) allowed me to backup my site in just a few clicks. I scheduled my site for weekly backups directly to my Dropbox just for the peace of mind.

Time : 11 : 00 am

All done. My site is up & running in just 3 hours for $27.

The support team was quick to respond to my queries throughtout the entire process of my site setup whenever I needed help with any of their premium WordPress products.

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