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Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Top 11 WordPress Contact Form Plugins of 2022

Whether you’re planning to launch your new blog or website or you’ve had one for a while, your job doesn’t end once you launch it. In fact, that’s when it begins. 

You’ll have to develop a content strategy and optimize it for search engines to drive traffic

To make sure your efforts pay off, you’ll need contact form plugins to help you create forms and collect information from your web visitors — and this turns out to be a critical element of having and maintaining a website

What Are Contact Form Plugins?

Contact form plugins are pieces of software that allow you to create fields where your website visitors fill in their contact information and a message to contact you or stay in touch with you. 

However, it doesn’t stop there as you can also use them to create legal forms or onboarding forms directly on your website.

Here’s an example of the WP contact form:


A contact form plugin helps you create such a form before you publish it on your blog and in different parts of your website. 

What Features Should You Look for in Contact Form Plugins?

Not all contact form plugins are created equal. Plus, they need to be compatible with your WordPress theme. While it’s best to choose a plugin based on your needs, here are key features your contact form plugin should never lack. 

1. Conditional Logic

Long forms are tedious to fill, and most of your web visitors will abandon them halfway. 

While you want to get as much information as you can from them, you also need to create an illusion that they will be done in two minutes or less. 

Conditional logic in your forms reacts to their answers and asks a relevant question based on the conditions you’ve set in your way. (we’ll dive deeper into this in one of the plugin features.)

2. Spam Protection

Every website owner’s nightmare is having to deal with spam, which fills up their inbox and slows down their sites. A good plugin should help you prevent this by blocking spam submissions on your form. 

3. Email functionality

With close to 281.1 billion emails sent and received in 2018, email is a channel you can’t afford to ignore when choosing a contact form plugin. It needs to integrate with an email marketing software provider to help you automatically notify a web visitor that you’ve received their information. 

If, for instance, you’re collecting donations through your website, you want to make sure that each donor receives an email acknowledging their contribution without having to go in and do that manually. 

Be sure to check out this post for a comprehensive list of email list building plugins for your WordPress site. 

4. Drag and drop form builders

You don’t have to learn how to code, nor do you have to hire a developer to create a form for you. That means you need a form that helps you drag and drop elements to create forms fast.

5. Branding Tools

Consistent branding helps you earn and maintain your web visitors’ trust. Choose a plugin that allows you to use your brand colors, logo, and fonts to help you maintain this consistency. This way, your contact form won’t look like it’s out of place on your website and confuse your website visitors. 

If you haven’t already established your branding, check out my guide on the best graphic design software here to ensure your brand identity is on point. 

6. Mobile-Responsiveness

61% of Google search traffic comes from mobile devices meaning that every form you create should be mobile responsive. Some form apps like Forms on Fire are built for mobile to provide an optimal user experience and get more responses from web visitors:

Mobile Forms App & Data Collection Software | Forms on Fire

7. Ease of Use

Forms should be both easy to spin up fast, and easy for customers to fill out. Anything that causes hesitation or delay will cause users to drop out of the form. 

What Are the Best Contact Form Plugins?

In WordPress alone, you have more than 50,000 different plugins to choose from to help your website and web hosting run smoothly. And when you’re choosing the best WordPress contact form plugin, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins to compare.

All these plugins provide different features, capabilities, and come at different pricing, which makes it even harder to decide which one to pick. 

Let’s talk about the top ten contact form plugins you need to choose from that will help meet your needs.

Note: GDPR, ePrivacy, and CalOPPA require you to display your privacy policy at the point where you collect personal information. Use the WP Legal Pages plugin to automatically add a link to your site’s privacy policy next to your contact form’s consent field.

1. WPForms 

WP Forms is one of the most popular contact form plugins owing to its ease of use and flexibility.  


  • Has a drag-and-drop editor builder, ideal for beginners to create customized forms
  • Provides you with templates, so you don’t have to create forms from scratch 
  • Uses Google Recaptcha to help keep your submissions free from spam
  • It allows you to use conditional logic that helps you display different form fields depending on the answer a web visitor provides
  • Integrates with various business communication tools such as Zoho or Google 


  • You’ll need to upgrade and pay more to accept payments while you can still pay less and still accept payments using other plugins such as Ninja Forms. 

WP Forms in action

As we mentioned earlier, conditional logic helps you to create shorter forms allowing users to fill in and submit faster, helping you get more responses. Here’s how to set up conditional logic and use it in WP Forms:


For more on building contact forms with WPForms in a matter of minutes, check out this guide from WPeka. 

2. Ninja Forms

Since 2011, Ninja Forms has earned its place among the most popular contact form plugins through constant updates, allowing you to create both simple and advanced forms for your website easily. 


  • Allows you to use add-ons for more functionality 
  • The free version allows you to create unlimited forms
  • It has an intuitive user interface so you don’t need technical experience to create a form
  • Has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create multi-page forms faster
  • Integrates with popular project planning tools like Monday and Coschedule via Zapier integration 


  • You’ll have to buy add-ons to create customized forms, and you will end up spending more money on the plugin.

Ninja Forms in action

Don’t be limited by the fact that you have long forms that you need someone to fill in. Ninja Forms allows you to break up these forms into several pages so that users don’t feel overwhelmed and give up. Take a look:

Ninja Forms
Ninja Forms


Formsite also comes with an intuitive user interface helping you create forms fast. 

If you’re not familiar with creating a contact form, they have great tutorials to help you get started using their plugin. 


  • Provides you with 100+ templates to choose from when creating forms
  • Allows you to customize your for brand consistency 
  • Allows you to share forms quickly and in a secure manner
  • Allows you to use third-party integrations such as Slack and any Slack alternatives, Google Drive, and Salesforce 


  • You have to pay more to create more forms for your site. That kind of pricing isn’t friendly for bootstrapped businesses.  

Formsite in action

Take a look at how easy it is to create email notifications inside Formsite using their intuitive interface:


4. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is an excellent plugin that allows you to go beyond a simple contact form, and create quizzes to help you collect more leads at scale. It also integrates with other tools you’re already using for improved workflows. 


  • Allows you to include conditional logic in your contact forms 
  • Enables users to upload files through your form
  • Control the number of entries you get on your form
  • It is responsive on both mobile and desktop devices


  •  The basic license limits the number of add-ons you have access to, meaning that you might have to upgrade to get the add-ons you need.

Gravity Forms in action

Here’s how to create a quiz using Gravity Forms then send their results through the information they provide through a contact form:

Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms

5. Jetpack Forms

Jetpack Forms is a free plugin from WordPress, and while other plugins might slow down your site load speed, you can forget about that with this plugin. 


  • It integrates nicely with Akismet to help you block spam submissions
  • It has a drag and drop editor to help you create forms faster 
  • Has no limit on the number of contact forms you want to create
  • Allows you to use custom graphics or dynamic QR codes on your forms to improve conversion rates


  • Requires you to buy add-ons for improved functionality while you can get them on other plugins for free

Jetpack Forms in action

Here’s how your customized form looks like using Jetpack Forms;


6. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is best for enterprise-level businesses looking for a plugin that helps create advanced contact forms. It has a steep learning curve for those who lack technical expertise. 


  • Has an excellent support team and a vibrant community of users
  • It integrates with email tools to provide you with email notifications
  • Allows you to create multi-page forms with progress bars to encourage form completion and submission
  • Provides you with templates to choose from when designing your forms


  • It’s not the best solution for those who lack technical expertise. 

Formidable Forms in action

Take a look at different templates available for contact forms:

Formidable Forms
Formidable Forms

7. FormCraft

FormCraft helps you create great contact forms through its intuitive user interface at a fraction of the cost. 


  •  Allows you to create forms that accept payments using PayPal and Stripe
  •  It integrates with your email provider for a better email marketing strategy
  •  Allows you to create multi-page forms to break up large forms
  •  Has an analytics dashboard to help you track your conversion rate


  • The WordPress version has a limited number of form templates

FormCraft in action

Formcraft goes above and beyond by allowing you to create sliding and popup contact forms, which are effective at holding a web visitor’s attention. 


8. HappyForms

Happy Forms works well with any WordPress theme you’re using, giving you the flexibility you need to create great contact forms.  


  • It integrates with reCaptcha to block spam submissions 
  • Allows you to create a password that you can share with the people you want to fill in your forms
  • Allows you to schedule your forms to show up on your site on specific dates and time
  • Has an analytics dashboard that shows you your conversion rates and number of submissions


  • The plugin has limited third-party integrations 

Happy Forms in action

Here’s how your analytics dashboard looks like when using Happy Forms. It is clear and easy to understand to help you know what you need to do to optimize your form to get more submissions. 

Happy Forms
Happy Forms

9. Flo Forms

Flo Forms has an intuitive drag and drop builder that helps you create forms faster. You don’t need to hire a developer or have coding skills to create beautiful forms. 


  • Use the drag-and-drop builder to create forms faster
  •  Uses Google reCaptcha to protect against spam submissions
  •  It has conditional logic to help you create shorter forms
  •  It is mobile responsive and GDPR compliant


  • When you’re using the free plan, you need to buy add ons such as Mailerlite and Mailchimp to improve functionality

Flo Forms in action

Here’s how to make your contact forms GDPR compliant using Flo Forms: 

Flo Forms
Flo Forms

10. QuForm

QuForm plugin is flexible and comes with a ton of features that allow you to create stylish forms without coding experience. 


  • The plugin supports different languages
  • It allows you to preview as you build your form
  • It provides excellent support in case you get stuck
  • Provides you with ten different themes for your contact forms


  • The plugin has no free version 

QuForm in Action

Take a look at the different selection of themes you have to create beautiful contact forms:


11. Kali Forms

Building a contact form can be time-intensive, especially if you want to get done in a few minutes. Kali Forms comes in with pre-designed templates to help you create forms faster and stay productive.


  • Allows you to receive documents and files through your contact form
  • It has in-built integrations with reCaptcha to block spam submissions
  • Provides you with excellent support to help you solve the problems you have when using the plugin
  • Provides you with email notifications for every form submission


  • The free version has limited features so you can’t do much with the plugin 

Kaliforms in action

Here’s how to use Kali Forms to install reCaptcha in your contact forms and block spam submissions:

Kali Forms
Kali Forms

What Are the Best Strategies to Use Contact Forms? 

With all the features we’ve discussed in the plugins above, it’s easy to create a contact form, and when you think about it, there are a ton of benefits. 

For the best results, however, you need to go beyond sticking them on your site and actively use them to support your marketing campaigns. 

Here are some strategies on how to use contact forms:

1. Schedule sales call with leads

8 out of 10 of small businesses in the U.S are using a SaaS tool, so in addition to having a lead fill in their details, integrate your contact form with a calendar tool like Woven

It helps you schedule consultation and discovery calls to help you qualify your leads without having to engage in back and forth emails to find a day and time that works for both of you. 

2. Combine your contact forms with local citations

Local search has increased by 24% in the past three years. Given that 6 out of 10 searchers will reach out to a business that shows up in local search and citation results, you need to optimize your contact form for local search to improve your search rankings in local search results.

3. Use contact forms to generate leads

Before asking for the sale, you need to nurture the leads you get through your contact forms through compelling email sequences. Integrating your contact form into your marketing strategy helps you automate your marketing activities and generate sales at scale

Executive summary

There are a ton of WordPress contact form plugins in the market, and each plugin comes with its unique set of features and capabilities. 

For example, WP Forms is great for beginners, while Ninja Forms allows you to create both simple and advanced forms. On the other hand, Formidable Forms works well for enterprise-level business and those with technical skills. 

In other words, you understand your website’s goals better than anyone else, and it’s you who gets to make the call on what plugin you need to help meet your goals. 

Consider things like conditional logic, spam protection, ease of use, branding, mobile responsiveness, and pricing in each plugin before you decide which one to use.

Author Bio: Adam Enfroy writes about how to scale your blog like a startup to 300,000 monthly readers at He launched his blog in 2019 and started generating over $60,000/month in revenue within 15 months. He wants to teach new bloggers how to start a blog and do the same. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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